Crashing and Burning

By Almost Heaven

Rating K+ for mild language

Disclaimer: No, I don't own them but I would make a deal with the crossroad demon to borrow them for a wee bit. No really. I would. No? Sigh. Fine. So I'll have to pretend then

Summary: This fic is part missing scene and part tag for the pilot leaning more toward tag. Sam griefs for Jess and Dean struggles to help him.


"We have work to go."

The trunk closed with an ominous sound. Dean wanted to reach out to Sam but he wasn't sure how he would take the attempt at comfort. They had just started to get used to each other again. Sam started to go round to the passenger side of the car but paused, one hand grabbed at the trunk unsteadily. Dean didn't even think about it then he just caught Sam's other arm to help prevent a fall. Sam reached up and gripped Dean's forearm, still leaning on the car as well.

For a moment, Sam looked Dean in the eye. He could see his baby brother's emotions laid bare before him, all the pain, grief, and confusion standing out in his hazel eyes. Sam straightened up with a deep breath, then he headed for the passenger side again but as he looked away Dean could see something else in his grieving brother's eyes… guilt.

What? Why should Sammy feel guilty? He didn't do this, that son of bitch that killed Mom did. Dean reluctantly let go of his arm when Sam started moving around the car again. Frowning, Dean turned to see someone approaching the car, a cop by the look of him. Great, here we go.

Dean hurried to the front of the car to intercept the officer as Sam slowly folded into the impala. The officer raised an eyebrow at the obvious attempt to head him off from Sam but he didn't try to go around Dean.

"Mr. Winchester, I'm Officer Malcolm Bryant," he said going straight to the point. "I realize this is a difficult time for you and your brother but I do need a statement from the both of you."

Dean glances back at the car where Sam was sitting with his arm over his eyes, leaning his head back. Dean knew his brother had to be exhausted. Neither of them had gotten much sleep in the last few days and were unlikely to in the near future by the look of Sam right now. His baby brother needed rest, he needed room to breathe. He did not need this cop giving him a hard time. He looked back at the cop, determined to stall what was obviously going to be a painful time for Sam.

"Look, Officer Bryant is it. Sammy is exhausted, we were driving for a quite a while before we got back. Could we do this later? I'm not trying to ditch you but my brother just lost his girlfriend here. Cut us some slack, will ya?"

"Tell you what, Mr. Winchester. You and your brother show up at the station in the morning, bright and early…."Officer Bryant suggested.

Dean sighed with relief. "Absolutely." He holds out his hand to the officer. The man shakes his hand and gives him his card." Call me if you need anything." Dean takes the card. Not likely he thinks to himself although he was impressed with the gesture.

Dean climbed into the car, looking at his brother next to him. Sam didn't move and Dean didn't expect him to. He just started driving.