Author's note: Before I start I have to mention that I wrote this fic during February 2006 – yes, that's right, I wrote it during the Japanese version, not English. If you see any mistakes I might have missed please feel free to tell me.

If you haven't played Tales of the Abyss, well then you're out of luck. This is a very short fic...and by short, I mean short! Originally just a preliminary concept dealing with Abyss' osananajimi (childhood friends) topic for 10 Dist themes. There is also a little shounen ai at the end between Jade and Saphir.

Written in Saphir's point of view. On with it!

The weather was actually quite calm in Keterburg this afternoon. Fresh snow had settled down from the previous storm—snow perfect for playing in. Peony and the others decided to go outside.

I wish I could get Jade's attention like Peony can. I always secretly admired that. I have to admit, I am jealous… but more so lonely than jealous. I'm always left out.

I sat on a bench watching Peony and Nephry from afar. They shared innocent kisses and held hands. Peony is a jerk, I thought bitterly, hogging Jade AND Nephry all to himself!

Nephry is Jade's sister—speaking of which, where is Jade? I haven't seen him for a while.

As if on cue I then see Jade talking to Peony. Where was he? They exchange words, and I can see Peony's face twist into amusement. More importantly, I wonder what they're saying. I'm out of earshot.

Jade then walks to where I'm sitting. He leans over me, smirking as always. I can hear Peony's ridiculous laughter in the distance. "Jade?" I croak out the words with an uncertainty. Then it happens.

Jade was kissing me. I could feel my face heating up. Jade…! How dare he!!

He strolled away nonchalantly with that usual secretive look. Peony, through bouts of laughter managed to belt out, "I didn't think you'd do it!"

In tears I ran off toward Professor Nebilim's home.