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Here's chapter one of my new Gesea fiction, which will also be the first story in a short series of three!

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Warmth of Ice

A Gesea Fanfiction By Zefie Kirasagi

Genis Sage mumbled a bit in his sleep, rolling over. He really didn't want to get up now…he bumped into something soft. The soft object gave a short, tired sigh and rolled over itself.

And with a prompt squeak from one person and a gasp from another, Genis' lips met those of Presea Combatir, waking them both up almost instantly. There was a moment when the kiss remained, then they quickly broke apart, blushing like mad.

"I apologize Genis, I did not mean to-"

"I'm sorry Presea, I didn't mean to-"

Both of these sentences came out at once, and the two paused.

After a few moments, they both burst into quiet laughter. Presea, dressed in her pink sweats and a pink nightshirt, gave Genis a hug under the covers. Genis blushed, attempting to straighten his own nightshirt and at the same time keep his boxers from being accidentally pulled down by the hug, as well as trying to not to focus too much on Presea's B-cups pressing into his chest. Presea giggled, giving Genis a kiss on the lips.

"Happy Fifteenth Birthday Genis."

Genis smiled, the previous night's conversation coming back to him.

"Thank you Presea. For everything."

"Hehe…all I did was sleep next to you and give you a few kisses. You're the one who made it happen." Presea replied, sticking her tongue out. Genis smirked.

"Yeah…damn, imagine how bored I would have been this morning if I hadn't told you that last night."

Presea smiled.

"Say it again, Genis. Please?"

"I love you, Presea."

Presea hugged and kissed Genis again. After about a minute, she finally broke off, noticing Genis raising an eyebrow at the length of the kiss. Presea put on a look of mock indignation.

"If you can be fifteen and sleep with a girl, I can be fifteen and kiss a boy for a whole minute."

"Well, technically you're thirty-one."

Presea gave a mock gasp of horror.

"Oh my god, I'm a pedophile! I must lock myself away in a dark tower somewhere for the rest of my life!"

Genis laughed and ran his fingers through Presea's long hair.

"For all intensive purposes, you're fifteen, in love, and not a pedophile."

Presea grinned.

"Oh, I may yet be a pedophile."

With that, she ran a hand up one of Genis' legs. The leg twitched and Genis gasped. Presea giggled again. Genis grinned, and a second later, Presea gasped as Genis' hand squeezed her butt.

"Eek! Genis!"

"Happy birthday to me, heheh."

"You're evil!"

"Hey, you did that caressing-my-leg thing first!"

The two mock bickered back and forth for about a minute until Genis suddenly clamped his hand over Presea's mouth. Presea was about to protest, but she noticed Genis' long ears perk up and fell silent.

Footsteps could be heard outside the door, along with a feminine voice. Genis' eyes went wide.

"It's Raine! Hide quickly!" he whispered. Presea slipped out of the bed, tiptoeing across the room to the wardrobe and climbing inside, shutting the door behind her. Genis moved into a position like he was still sleeping and closed his eyes, regulating his breathing.

A second later, the door opened and Raine Sage stepped into the room.

"Genis Arabeus Sage, get up right now!"

Genis didn't move. Raine walked over to the bed and seized one of his long ears, gently pulling.

"Oww! Raine!"

"We had a missing person last night. Someone missing from their bed. Who do you think it was, Genis?"

Genis blinked, still wincing as Raine still had his ear. Literally.

"Umm…Colette? Sleepwalking maybe?"

"Ms. Combatir, as a matter of fact. And according to Zelos, there was an interesting chat between you two just before you retired to bed."

"Umm…you're believing Zelos?"

"Sheena confirmed the story too."

"Okay…so what's the story?"


"Ummm….yes…sort of…no wait, it's not what you think-owwowwowwowwRAINESTOPowwowwoww…"

Raine eventually let go of Genis' ear. Genis slumped back in the bed. Raine looked around the room.

"Where is she?"

"She…went out the window, up to the roof."

Raine rushed out of the room. Genis waited a few seconds, then slipped out of bed and headed for the wardrobe, opening the door.

He was swiftly knocked to the floor as Presea fell out into him, ending up on top of him on the floor. Genis tried to sit up slowly.

"Oww…it's my birthday, why are people falling into me or hitting me?"

"Sorry Genis…I was about to come out when you opened the door and I was kind of…umm…halfway out."

"Ok, ok…my fault. Come on, let's get downstairs so Lloyd and Colette will be between us and her."

The two stood, straightening their sleep clothes. Presea pulled two ribbons out of her pocket and tied her hair back into her two, signature pony tails-which now grew down a bit instead of just outwards. Presea glanced over at Genis.

"How will positioning ourselves opposite Raine with Lloyd and Colette in between prove beneficial to us?"

"You know them, if an accident can happen, it'll happen with them, and Raine'll be too focused on the accident to deal with us. Now I just have to figure out how to convince them we didn't do…you know."

"We could always say we did."

"And give Raine a heart attack? Besides, then I wouldn't be able to use the excuse 'we've never done it' in the future on that subject."

Presea gave Genis a playful shove as they headed downstairs to breakfast.

As the two entered the dining room, they were soundly surprised to be greeted by applause. Zelos, Sheena, and Lloyd were clapping, Zelos whistling a bit. Genis found himself nearly knocked over by a flying hug by Colette. Presea gently pried Colette of Genis.

"My man. You have one already."

There was some more laughter all around and Colette moved next to Lloyd. Genis spoke up.

"So to what do I owe this congratulations?"

Zelos answered.

"Not only are you now, fifteen, that wonderful age of love and magic, you, Brat, can now say with truth that you have slept with a girl!"

Zelos leaned in, as though about to consult in secret with Genis, but he kept speaking in his normal volume of voice.

"Sooooooo, what was she liiike?"

"I keep telling people: we didn't do that!"

Genis groaned as Sheena gave Zelos a whack upside his head. The five sat down to breakfast, which Regal brought into the room at about that moment. Consisting of bacon, sausage, scrambled and runny eggs, toast, fresh bananas, fresh squeezed orange juice, and corned beef hash, Genis had to admit that in this case, Regal had certainly cooked a better meal than Genis himself could have cooked.


"Ahhh…that was great…"

Lloyd slumped backwards in his chair, a content smile on his face as he finished his fourth helping of breakfast. Genis sighed.

"I hope you're not planning on fifths, Lloyd."

Lloyd looked up.

"Huh? Why?"

"Cause they're mine!"

Genis quickly gave himself another serving of food and began eating. Lloyd groaned.

"I was going to eat that!"

"Da birffdah boy ghets it ffirft." Genis replied around a mouthful of food. Lloyd frowned as the others laughed. Presea lifted her napkin.

"Genis, you have some food on your cheek. Let me get it."

Presea swiped the bit of hash off Genis' cheek, which was a bright cherry color as everyone else, including Lloyd this time, laughed.

"Presea…don't treat me like a kid."

"Okay, Genis can be a big boy today."

Genis blushed even more indignantly as the table collectively laughed again.

"So…anyways…shut up Lloyd…what were you guys planning for today?" he asked.

Colette answered him. "We're going to Altamira for the day! Regal managed to get day passes for us to use the park, for free!"

Regal smiled slightly. "It was no trouble. Running the park gives quite a bit of leverage in these areas."

"So," Genis continued, "When are we leaving?"

"Right after breakfast, once Raine gets back from her rampage, and after you and Presea have washed up for the day-you slept a lot later than us, so we're already set."

Genis glanced at a wall clock and grimaced at the clear "11:27 AM" it read. Zelos grinned at Genis.

"Perhaps your little rosebud can help you get 'washed up' for the day!" he exclaimed. Within a few seconds, Genis, Sheena, and Presea had all whumped the back of Zelos' head. Needless to say, Zelos protested greatly.

"Heeeeey…I didn't say anything bad, just thought rosebud could help the brat with a shower or something…"

And then Raine rushed into the room, her angry face making the room go silent.


Sheena, Lloyd, and Colette quickly held the professor back as Genis grabbed Presea's hand and the two rushed off, Genis yelling at Zelos as he ran.

"Damn you, Wilder!"


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