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Inuyasha and Sesshomaru are managing their father's company after their parents had passed on. As brothers, they have to face many things together in life. InuKag, SessRin & MirSan.

It was 8.30 am in the office and everyone was gathering their files to go into the meeting as it was announced at the last minute.

Inuyasha and Sesshomaru had already arrived in the boardroom and were waiting for their employees to enter.

"Remember tonight, Rin will be cooking dinner for us and don't you try to cancel on us." Sesshomaru reminded his brother.

"What is the occasion?" Inuyasha asked.

"Nothing, just want to have a nice dinner together." Sesshomaru gave his brother an innocent looking smile.

"You better don't have anything up your sleeves…" Inuyasha was starting to get a bad feeling about the dinner but he can't turn down Rin's invitation.

Before the conversation could continue any further, the door opened and their managers came in.

"Good morning, everyone" Sesshomaru and Inuyasha greeted their employees.

"Good morning sirs."

"Now the reason Inuyasha and I called for this last minute meeting with you all, was to inform you all about the new shareholder in the company that will be coming here next week." Sesshomaru started the meeting by informing them the reason for the last minute meeting.

"Before he comes, I want to see all the files for our company's performance." Each of the managers gave him and Inuyasha the files and they're set for the meeting.

During the meeting, a young lady in a black skirt and white blouse knocked on the door and was looking for Sesshomaru to pass him a file.


"Come in." Sesshomaru said and stopped the meeting for a short while.

"Good morning, Sesshomaru-san, here is the file that you wanted from my department this morning." The lady passed him the file.

"Thank you, Kagome. Sorry for the last minute meeting. Now everyone, let me introduce you, this is Kagome-san who had just joined us yesterday. She will be handling Hikaru-san's work while she is on maternity leave."

"Hello everyone, it is nice to see all of you and I hope we will be working well together and I will be able to learn from the seniors." Kagome said humbly and bowed to them before she took a seat.

While Sesshomaru was making the introductions, Inuyasha was staring at Kagome.

'It couldn't be.' He thought to himself, his heart was beating fast but he tried to control his composure before anyone noticed.

When he noticed that Kagome caught him staring, he quickly turned away. Unknown to them, Sesshomaru was watching and had a smirk on his face.

The meeting then continued for next 3 hours and after the meeting was over, Inuyasha just wanted to go to his office and be alone with his work.

"Hey Inu! Wait up!" Sesshomaru called out to his brother outside the boardroom.

"What?!" Inuyasha asked.

"Did you see the new executive in our company? She's kinda cute." Sesshomaru said trying to hint at something to his brother.

"Well, any girl looks cute to you, I wonder if you hired her just because she is cute and let me remind you that you're engaged to Rin…" Inuyasha said, obviously was a bit irritated whenever his brother tries to get him to know a girl but he knows that he do care for him.

"Oh come on! I'm not flirting with all the ladies besides I am only just admiring the beautiful surroundings. Plus you know I have always been faithful towards Rin."

"I know I know, it's just a friendly reminder, Rin is a great lady and you're lucky to have her. Besides, I already treated her like a part of the family and she knows about our family history."

"Well you can be lucky too if you have been looking around hard enough. It just take a couple of dates to know whether you will like someone or not." Sesshomaru is trying hard to get his brother to date again.

"I have no time for all these, you know about our responsibilities. I have to go now and meet up with one of our clients, so I will see Rin and you at dinner tonight ok." Inuyasha quickly walk away as he didn't wish to get into any further discussion.

"Always stubborn, Inu." Sesshomaru mumbled to himself as he watched Inuyasha walk away from him.

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