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At the library, Sango and Miroku were busy reading all kinds of books to find out anything about the rings. Sango had started to feel tired and Miroku noticed this. He decided to get her some coffee and left her alone in the library.

"This is the 20th book that we had read so far, I hope we will find something about these rings before I lose my cool." Sango said softly to herself. She was beginning to lose her patience after going though several thick books with Miroku.

She glanced through a few pages and stopped when she saw the matching pictures of the rings.

"Finally!" She shouted and immediately kept quiet when the school's librarian stared at her. She bowed at the librarian and read the pages before her.

Miroku arrived with 2 cups of coffees and put them at her side.

"You found them. Great!" The librarian glared at them and both of them bowed down to apologize.

"Let's make copies of these and head back to the mansion, I think we have enough of today." Miroku said to her and they put all things aside and left the library.

When they arrived at the mansion, it was already evening and the rest were gathered in the dining room.

"Hey, both of you are back! I hope there is some new findings." Sesshomaru greeted both of them.

"Yep, we got some new findings alright." Miroku said excitedly.

"Ok, let's talk over dinner, everyone." Inuyasha said to them and all of them sat at the long dining table.

Jaken came with all the food, bringing in the variety of sushi, sashimi and teas for them.

"Thanks, Jaken. Come and join us." Rin said to him. He bowed and joined the rest at the table.

"Let's eat everyone." Inuyasha told them. He was tired and hungry after spending the whole day pacifying Kagome. She just started to go easy on him that evening.

"So?" Kagome asked Sango who was sitting next to her. Sango was about to put a piece of salmon sushi into her mouth but she put it back on her plate. Everyone else already started eating.

"We found out what the rings are for. The purpose is to control whoever is wearing it." Sango informed Kagome and picked her food with her chopsticks. And again before she could open her mouth to eat, Kagome asked her again.

"How does the ring control the person?" Kagome asked her. By now, Sango's mouth was drooling a little because of the variety of food in front of her. Inuyasha who was sitting across Kagome, noticed Sango's expression.

"Let her eat, Kagome. We can discuss this later." Inuyasha told her and smiled at Sango.

"I'm sorry, Sango." Kagome apologized to her.

"It's ok, I know you're just stressed from what happened earlier." Sango smiled to comfort her. Kagome smiled back and was glad that her best friend forgave her.

By the time dinner was over, all of them gathered in the study room. Miroku took out the pictures that were found by Sango and laid them on the big desk. The rest were seated except for Sango who was standing before them to begin her explanation on her discovery.

"Now all of you must be curious on how these rings work." Sango started to explain to them.

"There is a small needle at the inner part of the ring where it connects to the skin and it pierced through. The one who controls whoever wears the ring, will chant a strong spell and take a blood sample from that person." Sango paused and saw everyone was listening to her. As she was about to continue, Inuyasha interrupted her.

"So can we say that whoever is in control right now… is a witch or a wizard?!!" Inuyasha asked her, feeling agitated and was scratching his head. He just wanted to know who dared to try to hurt his Kagome.

"Let me finish." Sango told him off and he nodded, feeling embarrassed suddenly. Kagome held his hand to calm him down.

"Not exactly, Inuyasha, it is either a sorcerer or a sorceress. For that, I'm not sure at the moment if it is a she/he… Well, at least we know now that this person must be very evil to use such strong evil spell to control his/her servants. A normal human will turn into a zombie and if a witch or a wizard wears it, he/she will just be controlled by the owner of the rings." Sango sat down after she finished.

"No wonder I saw those two guys differently today. They could have been humans turned into zombies." Inuyasha informed them. Kagome shivered when she thought about the earlier incident.

"Alright guys, we have some clues now. Now I want everyone to remain close to each other and make sure that you are available at all times just in case this evil thing strikes again." Sesshomaru advised them and all of them agreed with him.

They decided to plan the next day and all of them stayed overnight at the mansion. The moon was fully up but the occupants in the mansion couldn't sleep that night. They were all worried about the unseen enemy that all of them would be facing sooner or later.



Location: Cogent was in a café, using the laptop, reading some fanfic and drinking some iced mocha.

Cogent: What a bright and sunny day… Back to work from my long leave… Holiday season is over… Sigh…

Inuyasha happened to walk into the café. He saw Cogent and decided to joined in.

Inuyasha: Hey Author Baka! You're back. 'Cogent was shocked to see him'

Cogent: Ha ha… Hi, Inuyasha. How are you? Happy belated New Year!

Inuyasha: Oh well, since you wished me, I will let you go. 'An idea popped in his furry head.' By the way, I didn't see you during the holidays, here is a little something for you. 'He took out a small box and gave it to Cogent.'

Cogent: Erm, ok..Thanks. 'Opened it and saw a ring in it.' Did you buy the wrong gift for me?

Inuyasha: Baka! It's for friendship sake! I love Kagome!

Kagome happened to come by and saw both of them. She saw Cogent put the ring on.

Kagome: No!! 'She ran over to their table.'

Both Cogent and Inuyasha looked at her.

Inuyasha: Kagome, this is not what it looks like.

Kagome: Cogent, are you ok? 'Inuyasha sweat dropped'

Cogent: ……. 'Author is lost in translation'

Kagome: Cogent???

Cogent: ……. 'English Subtitles will be resumed once Author is back…'

Kagome: Inuyasha! Sit!


Inuyasha: Ooooww…

End of omake.

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