System Breakdown, a Naruto Story

Chapter1 Sasuke's POV (point of view):

It's the first day at my new school. It will be the 4th school I've been to. I'm Sasuke Uchiha. I have an older (and extremely annoying) brother named Itachi, a cat named Yoshomaru, and of course, my 2 parents. My dad's work has him move around a lot, so like I said, this is the 4th school. I've learned 1 important thing, though: Do Not Make Friends. The more friends, the more hurt when I have to move again.

When the bus arrives, I find a seat next to a blond haired kid with blue eyes. I learn that he is Naruto Uzumaki, age 16, and also that he's a Nerd in the school's social status. He tells me all about the school's social ranking system, set down by 'The Terrible Trio'.

"They're at the top, then the Populars, then the Commoners, then the Nerds, then the SOOS, Social Outcasts of School. 'The Terrible Trio' is led by Tenten. Flanking her are Sakura and Ino. Tenten will literally knock you back if you step out of line. Sakura will send you from a Popular to a SOOS if you mess with her, and Ino controls the gossip, so you don't want to get on her bad side."

A girl with startling pink hair laughs behind me, and I throw her a sidelong glance. Naruto leans close and whispers "That's Sakura. I'm lucky she didn't mind me telling you." He breaks off as she hands me a slip of red paper. Inside are the words

Your friend Naruto has apparently filled you in on the system here. You have taken your new place as a Commoner.

Sakura Haruno

I grin and write back

Naruto's not my friend. I don't make friends, I make allies.

Sasuke Uchiha

I pass it back and watch her read it. She raises an eyebrow and passes me her response. It has 2 words:

Smart Man

When we pull up to the school yard, Naruto starts introducing me to people. I meet Shikamaru, a lazy layabout that couldn't care less what rank he is, Rock Lee, or Lee, a guy who's really in love with Sakura, Hinata, a really shy girl, and Kiba, a cool looking kid with a dog named Akumaru with him. Then I notice a guy watching us from the shade of the tree.

"Who's that guy?" I ask.

"That's Neji. He's not only a Popular, he's Tenten's boyfriend."

A girl with jet-black hair pulled into 2 buns walks over to him.

"That's Tenten"

"So can anyone just ask out one of the Trio?" I ask him.

He responds "No, you have to be a Popular and have your name on the A-List if you want a chance. Commoners go on the C-List, Populars go onto the B-List, and only a few of them make it onto the A-List. Each of the trio has their own A-List."

Naruto and I both have first period together, so when the bell rings, I walk with him to it. The science teacher, Kakashi, has me stand up in front of everyone and say my name and where I'm from.

"I'm Sasuke Uchiha, and I'd tell you where I'm from, except now its 3 different

places, and I really don't think you want to be bored to death with the details."

Everyone laughs, including Kakashi.

"You can have a seat next to Naruto," he says.

When I'm settled in, I assume a relaxed position, and keep on a satisfied smile as class continues. A little while later, I feel a tap on my shoulder, and see, Hinata I think, handing me a slip of paper.

"It's from Tenten," she says, giving it to me. I open it, and inside it says

Just because you made a smart comment doesn't mean you can go around acting like you're hot stuff Commoner.

I write back

Ok, you got me. I may have gotten a bit of a big head, but rest assured it won't happen again.

I pass it back and watch her read it. She stares at it for a while, then puts it in her purse.

"Ok, Sasuke."

I snap my head back to the front. Kakashi is looking at me with an expectant face, but I can see the smug look in his eye that says that he knows he caught me not paying attention. I study the blackboard and say "It appears that instead of breaking it up, the Carbon would only fuel the reaction between the Hydrogen and the Helium, due to the circumstances of the reaction."

Kakashi's eyes bulge and his face registers pure shock.

"T…That's right!"

Naruto leans over and whispers "Did you pull that out of thin air?"

I smirk and respond "Why, could you tell?"

He just shakes his head in amazement, and I actually decide to start paying attention.