Guns of Death

A bullet whizzed by Private Masters and hit the person beside him right in the temple. Before he could move, blood flew all over him. Uttering a grossed-out cry he wiped the blood off his face.

One of the Manukins ran by him. Before it was out of sight, it turned around and pointed his gun at Private Masters.

"I am dead!" he thought but the Sergeant saw what was happening and took off half the guy's head with his shot gun.

"Watch yourself Maggot!" he cried before running off and firing his gun.

Masters looked down at his own gun. A nine millimeter. He could never shoot a man even if his life depended on it. Then why was he in this war? Because he had seen his wife flirting with another man and she was impressed by the way he was going to fight the Manukins. Jealousy had roared through him and he stepped up and said "I am going to fight too." The look in his wife's eye made him confirm his decision.

"Get your head out of the dream world, Maggot! You are in the middle of a battlefield!" cried Lt. Joe. Screaming like an Indian, he ran off, firing two handguns at a time. He missed twice but five foreheads had the proof of that he hit something.

All the sudden, a man to his left dropped dead. Private looked up at the half-broken tower behind him and saw a sniper at the roof top.

He aimed his gun and shot then man right in the face. Blood and teeth flew everywhere.


Private had not shot the man. It was his imagination making it seem like he was a man and not a wimp. The sniper was killed because one of his side had flew by in a jet and dropped two bombs onto the tower.

Private watched the tower crumble from three hundred meters away. As it collapsed, the sniper was seen firing his last bullets.

All of the sudden the shooting noises had stopped.

"We have cleared this area. Lets move back to base and rest for tonight," Sergeant commanded.