A gun in one hand and the other arm in a cast, Private looked around the battle field for some one to shoot.

But every where he looked, he saw dead bodies or other people fighting a Manukin.

"I have to kill one1" he vowed to himself.

Last night Private did not die. Instead, before he could warn the soldiers, he fled like a coward. But even before he made it out, the grenade exploded giving him a second degree burn on his arm and killing the soldiers in his tent.

One of the soldiers had been his friend and Private was still to much of a coward to warn him.

His friend probably would not have made it but he would die knowing the a true friend had tried to save him.

Private was disgusted with himself.

Spitting on the ground, he looked for some one to shoot but couldn't find any. Well, there was people to shoot but Private to tell himself that so he would not have to shoot some one.

" I have to though," he thought while grinding his teeth with frustration and guilt.

Finally he saw a Manukin all alone.

Apparently, it saw him too because it took out his swords and charged at him

Private pulled out the gun, embraced himself, and pointed it at the charging Manukin hoping it would stop but it didn't.

Finally when it was four feet away, it jumped in the air at him with his swords in a x position telling him the he would lose his head if he did not fire.

Squeezing the trigger, he closed his eyes.


He did it. He looked down and saw that he shot the Manukin in the neck.

Before he could celebrate he was shot in the head and killed.

Private was a good soldier that was not recognized. He fought cowardly, lived cowardly but died in a man's proud.