Sorry I was preoccupied and did not finish this sooner. Here it is. The last and final chapter.

Warning: language, sex situation, incest

Sometimes Sylar he fucked her he would grunt, "Does it feel like I love you."

Still Claire would swear to herself, when they finished and she began to weep, he felt remorseful. She believed he regretted having been so brutal.

That was her life for the next month until Mohinder accompanied with two Japanese men, Hiro and Ando, broke into the penthouse Claire and Sylar resided at the time. Hiro challenged Sylar as Mohinder held Claire back from interfering. If it had not been for Ando diverting Sylar's attention Hiro would not have been able to decapitate the demon.

Claire knew what had been done was right. Yet that didn't stop her from resenting the men for killing the man she loved, the man she believed she could save.

My arm wrapt protectively around her waist as we entered the restaurant. Claire and I seated the five-star restaurant awaiting to see my brother who would be joining us soon. I gave her a hopeful smile and she responded back. Her lips curved up without showing her teeth in what was suppose to be a smile. As I thumbed through the menu. I saw she was distant again. I had thought the nightmare would be over when she came home, but it never did.

I knew she was thinking of him. Now matter how hard I fought it didn't accomplish anything. He was always on her mind. It seemed she would never get over him.

I wished she hadn't fallen in love with a monster. I regretted that I had not been her hero. I was sorry that Claire would never be the Claire I had known. If only the love I had for her could make her feel the way she once had about me.

Sometimes I thought I almost saw a light in her eyes, like the light that burned long ago, but I was wrong. It was cruel to fool myself into thinking she could be who she had once been. Yet I deluded myself over and over again.

We were together. She mourning for a dead villain and I mourning for a past that had long passed. She had failed to save Sylar and I had failed to save her. Both fallen heroes it seemed we were destined to be together.

The End.

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