Suigetsu sat in his room thinking about the hell he was living in. God he hated that Orochimaru guy. So he spent almost every waking moment he had sitting in his room thinking of creative ways to make Orochimaru's life a living hell.

He had started to make a list, and so far he had 12 things listed.

He got up and stretched, then walked over to his bedroom door and opened it. He walked out, not bothering to close it, and headed downstairs to get something to drink. He stopped at the entry way to the kitchen when he saw Karin sluggishly spooning Coco Puffs into her mouth.

"Looks like I wasn't the only one who couldn't sleep." Suigetsu grinned.

He went to the refrigerator and picked up a bottle of water. He spun it in his hand a couple of times before twisting off the cap and taking a big gulp of water.

"I swear to God…what the hell are you? A water demon? You drink so much water every frikin' day. How much exactly?" Karin asked, chewing around the Coco Puffs.

"About 30 gallons."

Karin stared at him as if he had said that he eats kittens for breakfast.

"Pfft, figures." She said and then went back to eating her Coco Puffs.

Suigetsu took another swig of water. After a few gulps his eyes suddenly widened comically and spit some of the water out on Karin.

"What the hell was that for!? Huh!?" Karin screeched her face now dripping with water.

Suigetsu didn't answer. He wiped some of the remaining liquid off of his chin and then he dashed up stairs leaving a confused and wet Karin in the Kitchen.

"Grrr…Damn him." She growled.

Suigetsu flew into his room and grabbed the piece of paper laying on his bed. The paper had on it the 12 ways he thought of to annoy Orochimaru.

He sat down with a soft 'plop' on the bed and grabbed the pen on his bed side table. Within a few seconds had added 8 more ways to annoy Orochimaru.

Heh…its funny how inspiration comes to you at the weirdest times.

He looked over his sloppy hand writing and grinned. He'd show the others tomorrow. He needed their help with this and he was sure that they would have a blast with it.


The next day Suigetsu made sure that Orochimaru had left the breakfast table before getting out the list that he so dearly loved. He unfolded it and showed it to everyone who was sitting at the table.

As the paper was passed around there many giggles heard from various people.

"Ah man you made this up? Dude you're a genius, I can't wait to try this out!" Kidomaru said. His eyes flashed mischievously as he handed the paper to Tayuya.

"I know right? It's about time the Bastard got what was coming to him."

1. Tell Orochimaru that Sasuke said that he (Orochimaru) is a pedophile.

Kimimaro walked up to Orochimaru with his usual expression on his face (otherwise known as expressionless).

Orochimaru turned in his chair to face Kimimaro.

"What do you want Kimimaro? I'm kinda busy here." Orochimaru motioned to the half-way dissected arm in front of him.

"Yes, well then, I'll make this quick." Kimimaro then sighed. "Sasuke said that you are a pedophile."

Orochimaru blinked. It took a few moments for the words to sink in.

"He said what?" Orochimaru asked with unbelieving eyes.

"He said that you are a pedophile, nothing more, nothing less." With that Kimimaro turned around and headed out the door.

Orochimaru stared after him for a minute or so. He then huffed and crossed his arms like a child throwing a tantrum.

"I am not a pedophile!"

2. Cut his hair.

That night, when Orochimaru was fast asleep, two shadowy figures silently snuck into his bedroom. In one of the figures hands was something shiny, the light of the moon reflecting off of the metal surface.

The two figures moved into the moon light and you could now see that it was the faces of Tayuya and Suigetsu.

They crept over to Orochimaru's bedside as quietly as possible. Suigetsu raised the scissors and took the first snip. More snips followed soon after that. Suigetsu cut ever which way, trying to get the hair cut to look as bad as possible.

When he had his fill he let Tayuya scoop up all the cut off hair into a bag.

When the deed was done Tayuya and Suigetsu strode out the door and down the hallway and into Karin's room (It was the only one that was big enough to hold them all.)

They both entered the room and Tayuya held up the bag of hair as if showing off a trophy.

"Heh heh, got it."

"Oh, awesome! Now we just have to save the hair for a little later." Jirobou said looking up from the list in his hand.

"Why?" Kabuto questioned.

Jirobou simply handed him the list and pointed at number 5. Kabuto's eye twitched slightly when he looked up from the offending piece of paper.

"That's not true." Kabuto said, glaring at the wall on the opposite side of the room.

Suigetsu and Jirobou grinned.

"Oh come on, me, you, and everyone here knows it's true." Suigetsu said motioning to everyone in the room.

"Humph!" Kabuto grunted defiantly.

"Anyway, we'll do the next one tomorrow." Suigetsu said.

With that everyone in the room started making their way back to their own rooms, each fantasizing Orochimaru's expression with the next prank.

A/N: All right, I know this was short, but all the chapters are going to be short. And for those of you who actually read my work already know that everthing I write is short. (sigh)