Draco watched as the bludger came into come into contact with Harry's head. For a moment, he watched as the light left those green eyes and felt a part of himself leave him, too. Then as if in slow motion, Harry's body began to fall and it was then that Draco realised something.

Not didn't fancy Harry, he loved him.

And with that realisation Draco leant forward and urged his broom to go faster. Faster than it'd ever been. This was a whole new game, except that Harry was the snitch and this was a life or death situation.

He started to panic as Harry's body fell faster and faster to the floor.

"Hurry, dammit!"

Then his broom finally seemed to realise the situation, as started to speed up. Draco had barely grabbed his love's Quidditch robes and started to pull him when he realised it was too late; not only was Harry going down, but Draco was going, too.

He pulled the broom upwards, in the hope that the impact with the floor wouldn't be so hard. As they hit the ground, Draco screamed as he heard his bones break beneath him. Adrenaline kept him awake long enough to see that a crowd was quickly gathering. Then the pain seemed to fill him like water.

He almost welcomed the pain-free black.


"Draco," the voice hissed quietly. "Wake up, will you?"

He groaned as the pain filled him. "Uhmm," he mumbled climbing deeper into his covers. He was in pain, couldn't the damn medi-witch realise?

"Draco, It's me...Harry."

Draco shot up and immediately regretted it as he became dizzy. "You're awake?"

"Yeah. How long have I been out for?"

"M'dunno. Can't keep track of time in here."

"Oh." He crept onto Draco's bed silently, and he scuffled over to make room for Harry. "Why did you save me, Draco? And don't give me any crap this time. I want to hear the truth."

Argh. He was in too much pain already...


Draco sighed. "I guess...Well...I have this...I like you," he finished lamely, turning away from Harry. He was in too much pain to be rejected.

He felt Harry move slightly on the mattress, predicting he was about to get off. He wasn't expecting him to worm his way under the covers with Draco and snake arms around him delicately.

Draco turned back around at Harry, confused, only to wince in pain again.

Harry rubbed his side lightly. "It hurts?"

"Yes," he whispered.

He relaxed as Harry's fingers traced along his aching body, working wonders more than the potions Pomfrey gave him regularly.

"I hope you're not doing this because you feel you have to."

Harry froze for a moment. "I'm rubbing this stuff on you because you saved my ass out there, but-"

"What stuff?"

"Phoenix tears."

"But they're expensive! What the hell are you doing rubbing them on me?"

"Because you're worth it," Harry said simply, rubbing easing circles into his body.

"If this is just because I decided to fly after -"

"It's more than that."

Draco felt confused what again. "Then what?"

"This," Harry said quietly, his hands never stopping massaging, he leant forward a kissed Draco softly on the lips.

Draco's eyes fluttered closed, even after Harry's lips left his.

Draco laughed without real humour. If he have known that all what he'd needed to do all along was to wait for Harry to fall off his broomstick, he would've knocked him off his broom ages ago.

Harry smiled. "So what happens from here?"