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Rating: Going to go ahead and say T even though that won't be true 'til probably later on

Summary: Lindsay leaves with just a note to Danny, what will happen whem collide again two years later. And she's hiding more than one surprise… DL


Lindsay knocked on the door of her friend's house, looking around the small Miami suburb. When the door opened Lindsay smiled, "Hey Natalia."

"Hey Lindsay!" Natalia pulled her friend into the house and closed the door.

"Hello, Eric," Lindsay called as she entered and saw the other guest. He waved back and Natalia started talking.

"Where's Allie?" she questioned, walking over the couch and sitting by Eric as Lindsay sat in an arm chair.

"With Joe," she answered simply.

"WHAT!" Natalia screeched, her eyes wide with alarm.

"We've been through this, Nat. He is not harmful to anyone. None of the girls there are kidnapped; all are runaway's or people that need a place. We are free to come and go as we please," Lindsay answered.

"Then what about all the dead bodies that have been identified as having stayed there at one point," she questioned.

"I have left Allie with him at the house on multiple occasions. He is even refers to himself as Grandpa around her. The only reason I am still under cover there is because of the bodies that are showing up. I have been there for just shy of two years, and the only evidence I have is that he's innocent and cares for these girls like his daughters," she said.

"Fine, but if my favorite one year old gets hurt," she was half teasing and half serious.

"I just can't wait for this to be over, to go back to New York, back to Danny," she sighed.

"Hey, hey, hey," Natalia moved over to the arm of the chair and pulled her into a hug, "it's okay. You will see him again."

--Almost two years ago—

Lindsay woke up with her head on the bare chest of Danny Messer, just as she had so many other times. She shifted the blankets on his bed, so she can turn around. Once facing him, she kissed him gently. He opened his eyes slowly.

"When do have to work," he asked, sleep filling his voice.

"I don't work to day, remember?" she teased.

"Mm, it's time for me to get up isn't it?" he replied, kissing her the top of her head gently.

"Yup," she answered, crawling out of bed on throwing and a pair of his boxers and a shirt.

About fifteen minutes later, he followed, showered and dressed. She pointed to the cup of coffee and the counter and he picked it up. He drank his coffee and looked down at his watch.

"I have to go," he kissed her quickly.

She stood up as he was at the kitchen door, "I really do love you."

"I really do love you, too," he replied and smiled the smile that still made her go weak in the knees.

She ran over to him and kissed for all she was worth. She had tears that threatening to fall and she mumbled something that, to him, sounded like an 'I'm sorry.'

After he shut the door, she walked over to her desk and opened the first drawer; pulling out the note and airplane ticket to Miami she had received a week ago.

She walked back into her room and packed some of her clothes into a bag, wrote a note, and walked out and locked the door for the last time in no telling how long. She was about to break the heart of the man that meant everything and so much more to her.

She left for Miami to go undercover and some weird house, where some guy just let random girls stay if they needed. The bodies of some of the girls where turning up but not enough evidence to convict them. That's where Lindsay came in.

She spent a month and a half at the place where she would be undercover. She jumped right in fast and easily. Though, she still missed her New York. She had made friends in the house and in the Crime Lab; Natalia being her best friend and knowing the most about her, and two girls from the house, Shelley and Ollie, knew as much as Lindsay was allowing to tell them.

"Hey, Joe," Lindsay said walking into the large kitchen of the huge house—hell that thing can legitimately be called a castle—that she had been living in for her undercover mission for the last month and a half.

"Hey, Mali," Joe Anderson greeted her by the name that most of the people here knew her as.

"I have been feeling a little sick today. Do you think you could take me to the doctors?" she questioned, pulling out a pack of Saltine crackers.

"Of course, my dear. I will have the boys watch the other girls," he said referring to his two sons, Josh and John, and all the girls he had living in the house.

"Thanks," and with that she walked back up to her room.

"Hey, Mali," Shelley, a red head that also lived in the house, got her attention, "Ollie won't come out of her room again."

Ollie was only fourteen, the youngest girl in the house, and had come only a day after Lindsay. She had just showed up on the doorstep one day. She was Cuban and knew a little English when she had first gotten here. She had come from Cuba with her family, unfortunately, they hadn't made it.

Lindsay nodded and smiled, "Thanks, Shelley."

Lindsay walked over to the door and knocked gently, "Ollie it's me, Mali." She heard the lock click and then the door opened and she walked in. Ollie shut the door back and walked over to her bed and sat.

They sat in silence for a minute until Lindsay asked, "I am going to the doctors today, wanna come? I know its not the most exciting but it will get you out of this house."

One thing about living here, you never really got to go outside. For some reason, he favored Lindsay and let her go out by herself every now and again, so she used that time to check back into the Miami-Dade County Crime Lab and PD or hang out with her friends from the crime lab, mostly Natalia.

Four hours later, they were waiting on the results from Lindsay's results from all the blood tests. The doctor walked in and looked at Lindsay, Joe, and then Ollie.

He smiled, thinking they were a family and Lindsay and Joe had adopted Ollie because the couldn't have a child, "Congratulations, Mrs. Anderson, your pregnant."

Being called Anderson didn't surprise her; all the girls took Anderson as their last names. Being called MRS. Anderson really through her for a loop, but being pregnant just made her want to throw up, again.

"Oh, its Miss, I'm his daughter," Lindsay corrected blankly.

The doctor looked from Lindsay to Joe and back about five times before he replied, "My apologies."

The doctor finished and a nurse came in and Lindsay sat up another appointment and then they were out of the hospital.

"How are you PREGNANT?" Joe spat.

"I just arrived over a month ago, before that there was some guy," she snapped back, like one would to their father.

"Don't take that tone with me! I just wanted to make sure it wasn't with one of my sons," he said a little more calmly.

"No offence, sir, but gross," she made a face and he chuckled.

"I can't say I blame you," he joked. He really treated all the girls better than his own sons; that was one thing Lindsay had noticed. He treated his the boys like the were just helpers, making them watch the girls, clean a lot of the house, do the years, and of the such.

"Can I go out tonight?" she asked.

"Yes, of course, anything you need you get. Can't have anything happen to that baby, can we?" he smiled happily.

"Can I get out here?" she continued, it would be easier to get to Natalia from here.

"Sure," he pulled open and she got out.

"Can Ollie come?" she decided to chance it.

"Okay," she could tell he was a bit more skeptical about this.

Ollie jumped out of the car and they started on their way, Lindsay explaining that Ollie can't tell a sole about what happened when she was with Lindsay.

She knocked on the Natalia's door and she answered it with a squeal and throwing her arms around Lindsay's neck, "Lindsay! I have missed you. Who's this?" she suddenly caught site of Ollie.

"This is Ollie, she lives in the house, too. Joe let us come out. Ugh, Nat, I am so screwed," Lindsay ran through quickly following Natalia into the house.

"Why? Oh my god, what happened?" she looked very nervous.

"I'm pregnant. It's Danny's and he's in New York, and I can not blow this investigation," she fell into tears and both Ollie and Natalia rubbed her back.

--Back to the present—

"You'll see him soon, the sons are the ones it and just need a bit more evidence," Natalia tried to calm her.

"Natalia, Allison is one. One year old. No Daddy, no Danny. Ollie is now fifteen, almost sixteen, no legal way for me to adopt while doing this investigation. There's nothing that can be done for any of us," she broke down again.

"Hey, we made it this far, haven't we?" Natalia hugged her and threw a sad glance at Eric.

Danny sat at a bar back in New York. It had been almost two years since Lindsay left. He still remembered that day perfectly. The way Lindsay said the really did love him, the way he said he had loved her, too. The way she had kissed him, and the way he knew something had to be wrong but pushed off the thought.

He had come home to find most of her clothes missing and letter with his name on it. He glanced down and read it for what had to the four billionth time since she left. It was kind of hard to know what she meant since she skipped back and forth between stuff but her understood it perfectly.


I am sorry. So, so, so, sorry. I really shouldn't have done this, I know. I had to though. I will be back. I meant what I said earlier, I really do love you. So much. This wont be forever, I promise. I can't wait until I come back again and see you cocky smile.

I won't be rude, I won't do it. I won't tell you to wait on me. I don't know how long this will be and you have already waited so much for me. You waited until I was ready for everything. I can't ask that of you anymore, it's not right.

I feel so stupid for doing this. I mean, you went all the way to Montana for me. Even after that, you took it slow. We hung out and had fun, of course, it changed that night we played pool at your house. Then you took my shift and every time I tried to apologize you said you would rather it be you. I meant everything to you. And now, I am doing this to you.

I left and didn't tell you I was, until now that your reading this. I didn't tell you where, and I am sorry, but I am not going to. Just believe when I say that I do love and I will be back.

Give the team my love. Can't wait until this is all over. Don't hate me. I am still so sorry.

Love you forever,

Your Montana

He didn't date again. He's still not dating. Yeah, random women at their houses but he didn't date any longer. His type isn't out there. His type has beautiful brown hair and eyes. His type is from Montana and will argue with him over some of the stupidest stuff. His type is no where to be found anymore.

He spotted a blonde, Barbie doll type of girl and gave her smile. He knew she would be over in seconds, and she was.

They had gotten to her door when Danny's phone went off he growled, looked at it and snapped it open, "It's my night of, Mac!"

"Down boy," they reply came through the phone, "Miami-Dade county Crime Lab, needs someone."

"So I HAVE to do it?" he wasn't too happy.

"Your plane leaves in two days. Come get your ticket tomorrow and the rest of what you need," with that Mac hung up his phone and left a very unhappy Danny.

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