This is the sequel to Learning to Live, but if you haven't read that one this will still make sense. Basically, the important thing to know is that Derek and Addison had a little girl, Katherine, Addison died in childbirth, and Meredith helped him raise the baby. They got back together after a while and have been for about a year and a half when this starts.

Hey hot stuff, dinner 2nite?

Meredith rolled her eyes at Derek's text and quickly typed back, Make plans and Im there, before shoving the phone make in her pocket, and picking up a chart from the nurse's station.

Flipping it opened, she tried to refresh herself on the problems with this patient, when her phone vibrated insistently in her pocket.

Iz watching K, b ready at 7.

She slipped her phone back into her pocket. She loved it when he would surprise her like this. They hardly had time to breath with a two year old and intense careers, but somehow he would still find time to spontaneously take her on dates like this. It made the long days at the hospital so much easier to get through.

Frowning at the chart, Meredith paged Christina for a cardio consult on her patient. He had come in with seizures and a bleeding brain, but post op he was still much too weak.

Closing the chart, she was met with blue eyes staring at her adoringly. Startled, she took a step backwards.

"Don't sneak up on me like that."

Derek took a step forward, so they were once again standing far too close for coworkers. Not that anyone in this hospital thought they were just coworkers. Everyone had a different version of how she and Derek ended up together, but the underlying theme, that they were together, was consistent.

"You never answered my question. You looked at your phone, but you didn't answer me. I was a little hurt," Derek teased her.

"So you were spying on me too?" Her eyes smiled as she frowned at him.

"Sorry, I can't help but watch the most beautiful women in the hospital. But seriously, can you do dinner tonight?"

Meredith giggled. "I already told you."

"No you didn't," Derek argued.

"Yes I did," she countered. "I said that if you made the plans, I'd come. You made plans, so I'm coming."

Derek grinned and kissed her quickly.

"Derek!" Meredith exclaimed.

"Oh, you're too cute not to kiss at work," Derek laughed, leaning to do it again, but interrupted by his pager. He looked at it. "I've got to go." His lips barely brushed her own. "Izzie's coming at seven, and I'm off at 6:30, so I'll come home and then we'll leave, okay?"

"Sounds good. See you."

"Love you, Mer." He ran down the hallway before she could reply.

Christina came up beside her. "Date with McDreamy?"

Meredith grinned. "Apparently."

"Yeah he asked me to watch Katherine tonight, but I'm on call. Too bad because I think I'm still down a few hours from when Burke and I went away that weekend." Christina was surprisingly diligent about how their babysitting hours matched up.

Meredith waved it off. "It's no big deal, Chris. Riley's an angel, I'll watch him anytime."

"Yeah, an angel," Christina scoffed. "You should see what the angel did to my bathroom yesterday." Her affection for her son was evident even through her frustrated tone.

Laughing, Meredith asked, "Makeup or toilet paper?"

"Both. The kid is one and destroying my house. What will he do when he's 15?"

"Obviously he takes after his mother in that sense," Meredith teased.

Christina ignored the comment about her messy habits. "Who's got your kid tonight, then?"


"Oh, god," Christina groaned. "Barbie is going to ruin her. Last time she had Riley, they made cookies. My son made cookies."

Meredith giggled. "I know you think Riley's a genius, but I kind of doubt he made cookies."

"Okay, Barbie made cookies. Not the point. All I'm saying is that she needs her own kids before she turns ours into happy, cooking people. And Riley is a genius."

"I think Derek's doing that pretty well on his own. Katherine loves to help him make dinner."

"It's sick." Christina shook her head. "It's also sick that we're talking like this. We are not housewives, Mer. We do not talk about raising children."

"We're not housewives," Meredith agreed. "But we talk about our babies a lot."

Christina sighed. "Whatever. So what's wrong with this patient?"

"Oh, right." Meredith handed Christina the chart. "He's still too weak three days post-op and I need a consult to rule out any heart problems."

"Any other trauma?" Christina asked as they walked towards the room, medicine replacing the conversation involving their children.


"Mama, cream!" Katherine banged her spoon on the table. "Want cream!"

Meredith rolled her eyes. She was going to kill Derek for letting Katherine eat ice cream last night. Katherine hadn't stopped asking for it since.

"No, Katherine. There's not time. Mama has to get ready. Eat your yogurt." She muttered under her breath, "Izzie will give you plenty of junk anyways."

"Yes, Mama, cream!"

"Katherine, no. Just eat." Meredith sighed. Katherine was adorable when she did the stubborn two year act, but sometimes it was a little much. And right now she had twenty minutes before Izzie and Derek were getting here.

"Done." Katherine shoved her yogurt away.

Wetting a cloth, Meredith wiped Katherine's face and hands before lifting her up. "You ate okay before the yogurt," she observed, settling Katherine on her hip and carrying her up the stairs.

She set Katherine on the floor of her bedroom before going into her walk-in closet and digging through her clothes. Katherine followed her in, giggling hysterically as she hid in Derek's dress shirts.

"Seek, Mama!" Katherine exclaimed from her hiding spot.

"Oh where could Katherine be?" Meredith asked with mock enthusiasm as she pulled two dresses out.

Leaving the closet, she laid the dresses on the bed, before coming back in and pretending to look for Katherine. Soon, though, Meredith pulled the little girl out of the closet, and carried her to the bedroom, tickling her. Katherine's laughter intensified when Meredith flopped her onto the bed, and lifted her shirt to blow on her belly.

"Alright, pumpkin, which dress should Mama where?" Meredith asked, holding each one up to herself in front of the full length mirror.

"Red!" Katherine exclaimed.

"I don't have a red dress, silly. This one is blue, and this one is white," Meredith explained patiently. Katherine was no where near to mastering her clothes. She still thought everything was red.

"White," Katherine giggled, pointing to the blue dress.

"I think you're right," Meredith agreed, putting the white dress back in the closet. "This one is prettier. It matches your and daddy's eyes."

Meredith changed quickly into her new dress. It was the color of the Shepherd eyes; a halter cut low in the back that came down to her knees. Derek hadn't seen this one yet, and she had a feeling he would appreciate it.

"Pretty," Katherine observed when Meredith turned away from the mirror.

"Thanks." Meredith went into the bathroom, holding out her hand for Katherine to follow.

She fluffed her hair slightly, letting it hang in its natural waves. It looked full and for once nice enough not to have to fuss with. Touching up her makeup, she let Katherine feel helpful by handing her things to put away, and the doorbell rang just as Meredith was finishing up.

"Good timing." Meredith lifted Katherine down from the counter, and held her hand as they went back down stairs.

Getting to the front door just as Izzie was ringing the bell once again, Meredith unlocked the front door, letting Katherine open it.

"Hey, Iz."

"Oh, Meredith, you look gorgeous. Turn around," Izzie exclaimed. "I love that dress. Is it new?"

"Yeah, I bought it with Christina the other day."

"It's so pretty," Izzie gushed, before turning to Katherine who was hiding behind Meredith's leg. "Hi, Katherine."

Meredith untangled the little fingers from her leg, and drew Katherine forward by her hand. "Don't be shy, Katherine. It's Aunt Izzie."

Katherine looked at Izzie with big blue eyes for a moment before reaching her arms up for Meredith to pick her up.

"Katherine, your mommy has a pretty dress on," Izzie told her, crouching down so they were on the same level. "It will get wrinkled if she holds you."

Katherine bit on her lower lip, a habit she had acquired from Meredith, and looked questioningly up at Meredith.

"It's okay, sweetie," Meredith reassured her. "Izzie going to play with you tonight, remember? Say hi and give her a hug."

Katherine looked at Izzie cautiously. "Cookies?" she whispered.

Izzie laughed. "We did make cookies. Do you remember helping?"

Nodding slowly, Katherine allowed Izzie to pick her up, and they followed Meredith into the kitchen.

"I haven't seen you in a while, Katherine," Izzie said. "You've gotten bigger, baby."

"Not baby," Katherine said defiantly.

Meredith laughed. That was Katherine's newest idea. "Yeah, Izzie, no babies in this house, only big girls." She showed Izzie the note on the counter. "You know where everything is. Bedtime is about nine, but she had a long nap today so it's alright if it's more like nine thirty. She had dinner, feed her a mildly healthy snack before bed, read some stories, and she should go down easy."

"Okay." Izzie jiggled Katherine in her arms a little, making her laugh.

"That's about it, I think. Give her a bath whenever, pajamas are on the changing table. Cell numbers are here, call if you need anything."

The doorbell rang again.

"Ing-dong," Katherine exclaimed.

"Who in the world is that," Meredith wondered aloud. "We live in the middle of nowhere."

She pulled the door opened to find Derek standing there with a bouquet of summer flowers.

"Um, hi." She had no idea why he hadn't just opened the door himself.

"Hey, beautiful." He handed her the flowers. Seeing Izzie with Katherine over her shoulder, he asked, "Ready to go?"

Nodding, Meredith buried her nose in the sweet smelling flowers, as Katherine shouted, "Daddy," and wiggled down from Izzie's arms.

"Princess!" He swooped her up in his arms and kissed her nose. "You be a good girl tonight," he ordered, setting her back down. "Daddy is going to play with you all day tomorrow."

Katherine nodded seriously, and Meredith dropped a kiss to the top off her head, and steered her back towards Izzie, handing Izzie the flowers. "Take care of these?"

"The flowers or the kid?" Izzie joked.

"Both please."

Derek took Meredith's hand, leading her out the door. "We are going to have such a good time tonight," he promised in a low voice.

"Oh really?" She looked up at him with a huge smile.

"Really." He kissed her mouth.

"Cookies! Cookie!" They heard Katherine shout as Derek closed the door.

"She's going to have a good time too," Derek laughed.

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