The Horror of Harry's Horcrux

1. The Probable Problems Performed Perfectly under Polyjuice

En Route to the Burrow

The trip from King's Cross Station proved to be completely quiet. During the ride in the Ministry provided vehicle Ronald Bilius Weasley remained deep in thought while reflecting up the events that had transpired upon the platform. He reached up and gingerly brushed his palm across the still swollen jaw line that Hermione had so eagerly and with unbound rage let fly her white-knuckled fist.

He winced in, still, obvious pain as his finger tips just barely touched the bruised skin. He looked on at his sister to find her smirking at him with a knowing look that said that the things had been bloody well mucked up rather thoroughly by his actions, and more of a tribute to his complete and utter lack of tact. Ronald, he now thought introspectively, didn't know when to shut up.

He thought back to the conversation, if you can call it that that occurred before Hermione cried havoc and let fists fly in desperate search to land forcefully upon his person with a mission to simply cause damage. Those hands he saw coming towards him as if in slow motion. While not really the hero type at all, he could only manage to daintily brace for impact which unfortunately resulted in pain. A pain so encompassing that he inadvertently bit his tongue in the process.

"Bloody Hell, Hermione!" He screamed incoherently.

"Don't you dare come near me ever again, Ronald Weasley, without a proper apology that is both sincere and believable. WE ARE THROUGH WITHOUT IT!" She managed to scream at him for the first time and the decibels resonated in his ears causing them to ring for the next ten minutes. He walked away seeing the look of utter disappointment in what he could only assume to be his former best mate's eyes. He had really mucked it up, and there was no denying that. Once Ron decided to muck things up, he was all business. There was no fooling around about it.

An hour and a half later, without so much as a word to anyone else in the car, the quietly pulling up to the front of the Burrow. The four Weasley's quietly gathered the two trunks and trudged into the house. Molly Weasley had only just caught the sight of Hermione laying into her son and was on the verge of giving her a good verbal lashing when the gentle hand of her husband upon her shoulder drew her attention away.

The look of resolve that she found in his eyes told her at once that this was the children's issue not the parents and while she wanted to immediately protest she knew that look to be true. She swallowed hard, before giving Arthur a nod of affirmation that she both understood and would comply with his silent request. She said nothing and had said nothing at all until the entry door to the Burrow which divided those inside from the rest of the world had genuinely separated them.

"The two off you, off you go to your respective rooms and unload those trunks, now." Molly said with a resolve that would not be questioned, before heading off to the kitchen with her husband.

She sat heavily at the table, at her usual place before letting her head fall heavily into her hands. It was mucked. She knew that she had tried the best she could and that having seven children had been a task that she and Arthur had thoroughly enjoyed making, however found to be tasking in and of itself as each of those children came with their own personal trial and tribulations.

Ronald was proud and boisterous as any of her children had been. She had found out just three years prior that he was also flawed with jealousy towards his best mate and for whom she had considered to be the eighth Weasley, Harry James Potter. She resigned herself to know that he had inherited this character flaw from the Prewett line, her side of the family. That year she had been just as easily reactionary to the events that had transposed, but it had been because she could see how enamored her son had been with the young Granger girl.

Ginevra's Bedroom – Midnight

Ginny Weasley had not been coping very well at all at the break-up. She had quite enjoyed the time that she had spent with Harry Potter. He was everything that she thought a proper boyfriend should be with the exception of his bloody nobility. It had gotten in the way and now they were no longer together. It had been to save her of course, but in deeper thought and further reflection upon the subject of keeping her safe, how was she ever safe?

Ginny hadn't felt safe since she had left home that first year for Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Tom Riddle had seen to that. She sat her remembering all the promises and the sweet words that quickly turned to demands that she didn't quite feel comfortable completing. She hadn't been safe at all.

Ginny looked out her window at the crystal clear night sky which was illuminated by the almost full moon. She allowed her thoughts to drift towards Harry and that brought forth her shame.

Trembling, she allowed her hand to slip underneath the covers as if it had a mind of its own. Lightly her fingers broke underneath the elastic of her panties and trailed towards the folds of moist flesh. She gasps as her thoughts of Harry bring new purpose and quickening skill as her frantic fingers desperately search for release.

"Harry!!!" She manages to scream while bucking her hips frantically against her hand. She collapses into sobs and before long falls into restless sleep.

Ronald's Room – Shortly after Midnight

Ronald Weasley was having just as much trouble falling asleep. Unfortunately for him he had made the mistake of confessing his feeling to Hermione only moments after they had left the funeral, and just as unfortunate was the rather poor attempt to snog her, which she quickly brushed off and pushed him back rather forcefully.

"Ronald, I don't feel that way towards you. I thought that I might but after all the bickering that we seem to do…"

"Hermione that is just the sign of a good relationship."

"A good friendship maybe, but a relationship that is centered on being at constant odds is not healthy, and frankly is not something that I wish to pursue. Honestly Ron, you and I need to be on the same page if we're going to be helping Harry…"

"Harry Bloody Potter! It's always about him!" Ron screamed and started pacing back and forth. It was moments like this when he was pacing that it allowed Ronald actually think at the same rate that he did while sitting in front of the chess board. Ronald was not a stupid man whatsoever, but he was ill-applied. He took no effort into his studies and had to be pushed into doing his homework. He looked at Hermione now seeing the guilt in her eyes for just a moment before it immediately changed to a look of superior annoyance.

"RONALD BILIUS WEASLEY, YOU KNOW AS WELL AS I DO THAT HE NEEDS US AND NOW IS NOT THE TI-…" She was cut off as his lips crashed into hers for a second time. She felt the tip of his tongue push forcefully against her lips and that was it. Calculatingly she opened her mouth, however as his tongue went in search for hers she bit down, hard.

"BWOODY FUCKIN' HELL! OW!!!!" Ronald managed to scream as bloody spewed from his mouth at the same point.

"NO MEANS NO, YOU INSENSITIVE ARSE!" She managed to get out just before a resounding crack was heard throughout the Gryffindor common room and a rather red hand print could be clear seen on Ronald Weasley's left cheek. Before he could do anything, she darted towards the girl's staircase.

Running as quickly as he could to catch her, he swiped twice and missed as she hit the first step. He managed three steps before the alarm sound and slid down in misery.

"Harry!!!" He heard being screamed from down the hall.

The jealousy still fresh in his mind, Ronald closed his eyes and tried to think of the one person that he thought of at night that managed to calm him down, Hermione. He couldn't think and he needed the same release he heard his sister getting. In frustration Ronald reached his hand under the blanket and gripped his cock, hard. He winced slightly as he began to pull on it. He thought of Hermione's reactions when they kissed, before she bit him. Harder and harder he pulled on it until he managed a grunt and then release. As his sank into sleep his only thought before ignorant bliss was Harry Bloody Potter.

The Burrow – July 30, 1997 9:00 p.m.

"Ginny, is it ready or not?" Ron asked frustrated at all the work the two of them had put into the Polyjuice potion. It was a requirement of seventh years to be able to brew it successfully and Ronald had to be prepared. He hadn't heard from Hermione during the entire summer and even though both he and Ginny had sent numerous letters to their prospective love interests, the owls always returned without a reply.

"Yes Ronald, it's ready. Now do you remember the rules that we talked about?" She asked worriedly.

"Do not look at ourselves. No talking. Honestly it's only two rules. You'd think that I'd be daft not to remember."

"Alright. We'll meet up at midnight. Take the potion and then I'll meet you in your room shortly there after." Ginny said, finally shooing him out of the room.

The next three hours Ginny made sure that everything was cleaned and put away. She made sure the caldron was spotless and that all her potion ingredients were put up. Finally she thought that she would have a night of true release.

She looked at the clock seeing that it was finally midnight. She put the vial of potion to her lips, tipped her head back and swallowed. The changes were almost instantaneous. She felt her body shift. He small b-cup breasts swelled to a larger c-cup. She felt her hair change and reached up to feel the mass of curls, knowing full well whom she resembled. Finally she went shot up an additional five inches in height.

The Burrow – Ronald's room July 31, 1997 12:01 a.m.

Ronald had just taken the potion only a minute ago. The memory of the taste of Polyjuice potion proved to still be accurate, however the changes in his form had been more painful this go round. It was still quite horrid. He shrunk almost eight inches in height and two stones in weight. Momentarily, he was happier than a free for all at Honeydukes as he noticed his cock, both, thicken and nearly double in length. That was until he realized whose body it was that he currently inhabited. He sat there now, waiting patiently but didn't have to wait long before there was a brief knock at the door and the entry of a figure that he immediate recognized as that of his love, Hermione.

He watched in amazement as she dropped the robes and upon exposure to the cool night air he watched in utter fascination as her areolas tightened and grew in length without stimuli. The beams of moonlight that drifted in from his open window showed her completely. In kind, he let his robes fall and took in the look of approval that crept across Hermione's face. He beckoned her with his hand to come quickly, however this is where she decided to change the rules just a little.

She crossed the room placed her hand on his firm and toned chest and pushed him to the bed, until he was forced to sit. The obvious lust that was smoldering in his gaze was more than enough encouragement. She felt the stirring heat between her legs. She quickly knelt in front of him, taking Harry's growing member into her hands and caressing it, which caused a moan of approval to come from his throat.

He looked down at Hermione as she took his soft cock in her small hands and dropped her head until he could feel her hot breath against the spongy tip. She flicked her tongue across it, opened her mouth and pushed forward until he could feel the back of her throat. When he thought that there wasn't much else that she could do, she proved him wrong.

She felt him at the back of her throat and at that moment she opened her throat and took him all the way into her until his pubic hair was tickling her nose. She laughed slightly which cause him to jump a little. It intrigued her so much that she started humming the Hogwarts school song. She sucked hard on him, causing a brief whimper but he stuck to the rules and didn't say anything. Harry is such a good boy, she thought to herself.

He looked down at her now seeing the smile in her eyes, and she was torturing him. He was certain of that torture as she sucked harder and harder as she backed off of him until just the soft head remained between her lips. After a moment, she would plunge back, all the way, down, and repeated the process a couple of times before standing up long enough to sit on his lap.

Ginny was delirious with the overwhelming lust that she felt looking down at a naked and quite erect Harry below her. She kept to the deal mostly with not talking but when she saw Harry's lips close to her painfully erect nipple there wasn't much more that she could do. She looked down at what she knew was Hermione's breast and watched in delight as Harry's lips closed around it. She felt the warm and wet tongue circling her nipple before the pressure of suckling began. She reached down, taking his length in her hand and guiding it to her desired destination.

He felt her hands desperate grip and seconds later a heat that enfolded him tightly and completely. Still suckling her breast, he wrapped his arms around her and thrust into her as much as he could, however she was in complete control of the situation in regards to how much of him was permitted entrance and for how long. He felt her muscled contracting around his cock which was driving him closer and closer to his point of release.

The throbbing between her legs as she plowed down harder and harder on Harry's firm cock filled an aching hole that had been in her for far too long, until she could hear his voice in her head once again. She smiled brilliantly at the long forgotten voice hissed symphonies to her awakening. She wrapped her legs around him, now, and felt the weight shift. Suddenly she was on her back and her Harry was thrusting into her violently. She wrapped her arms around him now and her fingernails dug trenches in this sexual combat which caused him to gasp as they climaxed together.

As they lay together shuddering violently in post-orgasmic bliss, the door burst open and to Ron's shock and horror they locked eyes with their duplicates at the sound of Harry Potter's voice.

"We found all the Horcruxes!" He said eagerly which was immediately followed by, "BLOODY HELL!" from Hermione.

Ginny found herself trapped in the darkness. She felt him there in the darkness with her and that is when her eyes opened. The room was bathed in a red light and she couldn't recognize the source. She tried to scream to say anything and found that she couldn't.

"NOT ALL OF THEM!" An eerily familiar serpentine voice screamed from the lips of Ginevra Molly Weasley.