Week in Review Part III

Ottery St Catchpole, UK

"The Nargles and Wrackspurts are converging against you Harry, surely you must see that what you want to… no… wish to happen will never come to pass. You can't bet against the fates, Harry Potter and expect to come out on top. They will never let that easily happen. It's not in the cards. It's not in the tea leaves. It didn't happen then, and it will not happen now." Luna Lovegood said with an undertone that he hadn't heard since he came back into this time, and then those words echoed within him mind for millennia.

Luna Lovegood stood above the prone body of Harry James Potter, whom had just Apparated to her home in Ottery St Catchpole for the nefarious act of outfitting her home with wards that would certainly keep out the most clever death eaters. She knew this. It was in the heavens above, written in the stars, and it had happened over and over in the various and numerous realities that she knew as fact, existed.

There was nothing that could be done to stop this plan from happening again, and for Luna this was a sad fact. Harry wouldn't listen to her, she knew. He wouldn't listen to advice be it valid, based solidly in the real world. She looked at him now, and he was taken aback by what he found in her usually dreamy eyes. There was pain. There was sorrow. There was a deep longing in her eyes to make things right which was so clearly wrong, he knew she thought. There weren't words that he could convey that would change her mind about his actions that he knew should transpire.

Harry took a deep breath, because he knew that dealing with Luna Lovegood would probably be one of the hardest things that he would have to face. There was no lying to the girl, not that he was particularly good in the area. He was the farthest thing from an expert in misdirection, but he knew that he could pull it off, when required. Unfortunately, he also knew that he couldn't pull it off when it came to this audience of one.

She saw right through him. She knew him better than he knew himself. There was... history. There was a history that he had found within the binding and pages of a day planner that carried part of a soul piece that just so happened to belong to him. There was nothing that he could do that he could fathom, that would be possible for him to convey that everything would be alright. He had already seen it even as he brought the thought to the front of his mind. Before making that thought an action and uttering the words, he could already see her counter poised and ready upon her unmoving lips.. He had seen it in her eyes, and with the sorrow that took home and root and waited patiently for his arrival. She knew him. She had been that other her that had lurked in the waiting time where he felt alone in his misery.

Harry Potter tried desperately to push pass the pain that he found, now, rested firmed in his testes. There was no pain that was quite so incapacitating as a high velocity limb passing unblocked through the uprights. The pain hurt at first, like a dull ache that reverberated and with the echoes against phantom walls only built again and again against the hollow until it left the male without the ability of rational thought. The only thought that was left was of the pain, the pain that she had caused with an initial action.

He looked at her, now, through eyes which had become blurred with tears. An automatic reaction caused by the trajectory of force. He wiped his eyes in the only way that he knew how. Of course, it looked childish, but that couldn't be helped because there was no saving face when testicles suffered.

Once his vision had cleared, he found her there, sitting calmly, looking at him. The look in her eyes was something that he had come to become accustom to. She was patient, and usually fair, but at the same time the look in her eyes could be construed as anything but understanding. Her eyes, now, held an intensity that he had not seen in anyone else that he had ever met, not even Tom Riddle.

Luna Lovegood looked completely and utterly pissed off. She wasn't happy and that was apparent. What's more, she wasn't happy with the course of action that was currently in the works and orchestrated by one, Harry James Potter. The outcome that he hoped for was a noble one and one that she would have condoned if she hadn't already foreseen the outcome. There was tragedy and the worst part was that Harry didn't see that the tragedy was her picking up the pieces of his shattered life. She had done it before. She had always been the one in the realities that she knew of to help him, even if he didn't particularly care for the help. The fact of the matter was that he did thank her after the fact, more often than not, and she didn't want it to happen again.

Unfortunately for Harry there was one thing that was clear for her that he just didn't see. He was trapped. He was trapped with his perspective of what Luna had ultimately hoped for because the Luna that he knew, and in his reality, had a thing for his best friend, Ronald Weasley. What he didn't know was that she had gotten over this quite a long time ago with what Harry had accomplished and taught her.

"How?" Harry managed to ask her in a high pitched voice that wasn't quite his out.

"How?" Luna repeated in a distant voice that Harry immediately recognized as an aged voice that was all too familiar.

"How did you get back, Luna?" Harry said, now, getting a bit more irritable now that the fog of pain began to subside.

"Manners!" Luna screamed, and immediately re-doubled her efforts to inflict pain, sending her foot again in a place that it just shouldn't be in at that velocity. Smack, it crashed into its intended target and once again Harry whimpered with negative reinforcement. "What would dear old Tom Riddle say if you forgot your manners? Manners are essential Harry to the simplest of coexistence. We must coexist for we are all minor parts in the universe, even if you cannot see the Nargles. Do they not exist? Do they not serve a purpose and even if that purpose is unclear to you it is only that way because you lack the sight to see what is in front of you very own eyes."

"Luna…" Harry started but almost immediately regretted it. He knew something about her and knew that it was fruitless to argue with her because she was right. She was always right, to his eternal shame. No matter what his plans were to be, without her, he was lost and he knew it. He needed Luna to help here. Unfortunately, in this situation, he knew that his expected outcome wasn't something that she would particularly like.

"WHAT!!" Luna practically screamed, which scared him. There wasn't much that ever scared him, however, in the end it had always been the women in his life which always had such unexpected results and Luna was, by far, the leader in this area.

"May I speak?" Harry simply asked and stopped. He didn't dare say an additional word because he knew that it would only lead to pain. He sat. He waited and looked at her, waiting for another blow to lay waste to his manhood. He was surprised to see her rationalize his question and, again, simply waited for her reply.

Luna looked at him with a critical eye. She knew that he was up to something but at this point her anger had gotten the better of her and she knew it. She also knew that letting her anger get the better of her would be a loss in the realm of this argument. She needed Harry on her side. She needed him to see. However, she doubted that he would and with that doubt came the anger. The anger, when that happened, generally won.

Luna knew that he was there with a purpose and had a notion of what that purpose was. Unfortunately, she also had a knack for consequences. She knew the reaction of each and every action and reaction, and knew, most of the time, how to misdirect actions so that certain events didn't create a paradox in time.

The problem that she was faced with at this time was that Harry, himself, was a paradox. He had deviated from the timeline in sending himself back, and she had knew that this would have been a possibility. She had hoped that it wouldn't because it could have insured nearly ten thousand years of friendship. Something that she knew she needed. She needed him. She knew that. He knew that on a level as well. She just needed to show him.

Harry silently watched Luna give the smallest of nods acknowledging his earlier question, before she stepped away from him and turned her back to him. Taking a deep breath, he stood and slowly walked the distance between them.

Luna's silence unnerved him. Her normal playful personality was gone. Standing there beside him was the Luna that he had left all those many years ago. His only friend, his confidant and his partner in everything that mattered were all titles that the girl had rightfully claimed for herself. She had been there when there was nobody else.

"I'm sorry." He said, looking at her and noticing the twin trails of tears streaking slowly down her cheeks. He turned to face her, and wiped the tears from her eyes. "I have to do this, and I know your argument against it very well. You could have Ronald and the way that you wanted him…"

"Wanted…" she whispered and let that trail off. "Harry, you cannot trick the fates. You will never win against them. What you did. What we had done for millennia will catch up. They're only silent now because they're enjoying the show that we are providing. They will never stop manipulating and you had been be prepared for what happens. You've already been warned by William Weasley of Ronald's intentions toward your girlfriend," She said girlfriend as if it were something of distaste.

"Girlfriend, Luna. Is that the problem? That I chose her? That I mourned her for so long…" Harry said, but was immediately cut off by Luna whom immediate pushed him back onto the ground.

"YOUR GIRLFRIEND IS DEAD! RONALD KILLED HER, YOU KNOW THIS. THIS ISN'T THE SAME HERMIONE!" Luna screamed at him, looming over him once again as if ready to attack.

"You're wrong." Harry said silently, as if almost pleading.

"Biologically, you are correct, but you've meddled with time, Harry Potter. It's life experience that shape us into the people that we are meant to become. You've altered those experiences and she is becoming someone else entirely. Butterfly wings, Harry. Your actions have consequences and you're not at all prepared."

"I am trying to save lives. I'm trying to stop Death Eaters." Harry said seeming to find himself incredulous against this argument. He stood up , brushed himself off, and once again approached Luna. He wasn't prepared for her next argument.

"Don't you love me anymore, Harry?" Luna asked, quietly, looking him directly in the eye.

Harry looked at her. He really looked at her and immediately regretted doing so. His regret came from one simple fact that he had forgotten about the young girl standing in front of him and that fact was that she had the ability to read him like an open book, and that he couldn't lie to her. Faced with that, him sunk his head in shame.

"Luna it isn't like that and you know it. If I didn't have feelings for you I wouldn't be here in the first place. You are one of my top priorities with this protection so please let me get this done." Harry said, feeling a wave un anxiety wash over him. He had for the first time, since establishing his relationship with Hermione, thoughts of another enter his heart. The problem was that while he did have very strong feelings for Hermione, Luna had been his life companion for a very long time.

"Go on then, get it done." Luna said with a small slight smile on her face. That smile only lasted the fraction of a second that it took for Harry to take his eyes off of her. She was still very upset, but now she was rational.

Harry reached into his pocket, retrieving his trunk where he kept his crystals stored. Quickly taking out the portion that had been divided and set aside for the Lovegood residence, re-shrinking the trunk and pocketing it he prepared to start his work never seeing Luna retrieving her wand which had been tucked behind her left ear. The brief smile that had previous adorn her face now gone.

Now, there are many things that Luna Lovegood had been called during her time at Hogwarts, as most of her fellow students thought her to be barking mad. Mad, meaning to be insane, loony Luna Lovegood. Harry, had never treated her as such and the way that he had talked to her, just now, bordered on her receiving the faintest echo of a whisper of a thought that alluded her to believe that he would question her sanity if she didn't do this.

Without incantation Luna began flinging stinging hexes towards Harry. This put the boy on edge where for the briefest of moments he hesitated and received a nasty sting on his bum. Not to be dissuaded nor detoured from his course of action he continued to fling the warding crystals in the air whilst also attempting, rather poorly, to evade contact with another assured stinging hex.

Harry's pattern around the parameter of the Lovegood home became erratic, or so he had hoped. Unfortunately, Luna Lovegood was brilliant in just about all things, especially when it came to patterns. She adapted to his courses, and soon enough Harry was yelping again as he sent another crystal sailing into the ground.

Luna's anger was not a blind rage at this point, she was calculating each and every maneuver that she made, all the while shrugging of articles of the various clothing that she was wearing. Her butterbeer necklace had been the first to go while marking it landing quickly and carefully, and then sending another stinging hex which hit its mark on Harry's left buttocks.

Her left turnip earring soon followed however the hex that accompanied it just missed Harry's right thigh, and he was on the move. Removing the right earring, she clipped his shoulder which Harry followed up with a diving role. This was something new to the mix and demanded immediate attention. Not being swayed from her course she immediate flung three more stinging hexes and made adjustments based on his evasion.

When she ripped her dress in to two separate pieces although those same two pieces fall to the grass top of her front lawn, Harry began to take notice. Harry was, after all, a hormonal teenage male, however upon seeing the lace of her bra and panty set fought against it with an effort that he didn't previously possess.

Harry did try to desperately distract himself. He knew Luna. He knew her well. He knew her in the classical sense. He knew her in the carnal sense as well. He felt the caged beast within himself lurch forward with a speed and grace he had only dully remembered that he had. It would be there, of course, he tried to rationalize. It would claim her as his own, by rite. It was his, but he fought against it desperately. His effort to fight against it was something that he had hoped wouldn't be futile but there she was. She was there within the confines of her knickers and with those knickers he had hope.

She wasn't bare. She hadn't managed that. He sighed with relief that he didn't have to bare it. He knew that if she had been then he would have to test the resolve that he didn't think that he had possessed at the time. Sighing, he felt his head lurch forward with relief but with that relief bore despair.

He heard it. He didn't want to. He prayed that he had heard it but his ears and memory betrayed him, the cowards that they were. He knew the female undergarment that hid her secret treasures. He knew that they were metal clamps that hooked upon them self and when she pulled. Those metal clamps held firm for all that they could. They put up a fight but in the end he heard them screaming as only the could bring but the mutiny that came with their relent was overwhelming.

He looked down at her in his horror and saw that her hand had plucked hard between the double under-wire. She pulled and she pulled and Harry heard her scream from within her breath hoping again hope that no one had. He had, to her dismay, and with her efforts and with her pulling the hooks moaned in defeat and gave forth the fruits of her labor.

Luna had been many a thing. Loony? Sometime, but that was only because it was something that she had pushed forward with much effort and with the hopes that it would mask what and who she really was. It was with that effort that she had bore the weight of one Hermione Jane Granger.

She hadn't bore that weight quite yet, and thankfully to Harry Potter's meddling in things that he should have well and kept out of, she probably wouldn't have to, but that didn't keep the memories of what her future self would have had to have witnessed. She was rude, spiteful, jealous; at times, and not a very nice person, to boot. She was jealous of Luna at a party that would happen this year and solely for the simple pleasure of Harry's ear.

Luna had been Harry's date and that would be her lone accomplishment of her social life for some time to come. He had been nice. He had been the perfect date and for that she had given him a simple chaste kiss as a good night.

She had hoped. Well, she had hoped for a great many things but like with her life and the ups and downs that accompanied it, there had been a long down time as nothing did come from it for a while. That had been truly disappointing. But what had been more disappointing was the betrayal from her best friend Ginny Weasley.

Ginny had a full out snog session with her man and that just pissed her off more than anything else. But t hat wasn't the only thing. There were plenty more. She had forced her way into his life and in the end cost the light side so much. Dumbledore. Ginny couldn't be honest. She couldn't. Her dishonesty was as natural for her as playing chess had been for her brother.

Luna was atop Harry now, straddling his waste as her bare c-cup breasted pressed hard against his face. She watched the inner turmoil within him. She knew that she could push things further but this was really only a test of his resolve and commitment to the relationship Hermione Granger.

"TELL ME YOU DO NOT LOVE ME!" She said with a forcefulness that had scared him.

Harry was not exactly expecting this to be a long trip, and now it had been longer than he cared to stay. Being beneath Luna wasn't something that he could say he ever thought would have been a bad thing. They had a history, but at the same time that history; which she also remembered as well, was something that he was in the process of attempting to re-write.

He could understand her frustration, having the knowledge of that history in her head. They meant a great deal to one another. Now, she was naked, on top of him. She was grinding into his pelvis whilst attempting to smother him with her bosoms. He was a fourteen nearly fifteen year old boy with a very overly developed and slightly younger attractive girl on top of him demanding to be told that he did not love her.

It was the oddest thing that call his resolve back to him. He felt her erect nipple brush against his lips, begging entrance for him to suckle. He pushed with all of his force toppling her from him before rolling back, swinging his legs over his head while pushing up with his hands to flip himself from being horizontal to vertical.

She looked up at him, truly startled that he would do this to her for a moment, but noticed that he still hadn't said the words. Sighing deeping, she pushed herself up off of the ground to find herself standing in front of him in all of her naked glory without a hint of embarrassment.

"Harry…" She started but with the raising of his hand, she immediately understood he meant for her to be silent.

"I can't, OK?" He asked in an almost pleading voice, and upon her recognition of what he was saying, he continued. "I've loved you longer than anyone really ought to do, but you have to know that she was really and truly important to me and had been the one true love of my life. That didn't make my love for you any less important but, you cannot do this to me and expect my already confused and mixed and jumbled emotions to side with you. I'm with her Luna, and I love her. Understand that or don't but do not ever put me into the position that you just put me through."

With a wave of his exhausted hand, Luna's shredded clothing knitted themselves back together. The oddly bent hooks set themselves to right and her clothes dressed Luna Lovegood with a will of her own. She smiled at him as her turnip earrings gently placed themselves into her ears. She laughed gaily as butterbeer cork necklace lassoed lightly back into place around her neck.

Harry reached into his pocket, completely done in from this experience with Luna, taking the small mirror into his grasp before taking it from his pocket and instinctively handing it to her. She took it without question, watching him take unsteadily step towards her. He didn't know why he was doing this, considering all the trouble that she had just put him through. The sound thrashing he received in and of itself spoke these actions to be barking mad. He leaned in a gave her a quick and chaste kiss on the cheek.

Harry proceeded to turn and limp down the path leading back towards the road, never noticing that Luna silently followed along with him with silent tears brimming in her eyes. Once he got to the road, he turned to her, reached up and gently wiped her tears from her eyes and offered her a honest smile that reached his eyes.

"If you need to reach me…" He started, but she raised her hand to his lips, silencing him and telling him she already knew how to use the mirror.

Neville Longbottom was getting nervous. He had been expecting his friend Harry Potter well over two hours ago to arrive. Harry was late. That wasn't something that he was expecting. He sat in a chair which adorned the porch at Longbottom Manor. He had been here that entire time.

Periodically, Neville's grandmother, whom he referred to simply as Gran, would come and check on him. She, herself, hadn't seen Harry Potter since just prior to the loss of both of his parents and had even been present for the birth of both Harry and Neville at St. Mungo's Hospital.

"When were we expecting Harry, Neville?"

"Two hours ago. He said he'd be here around Four in the afternoon. I'm beginning…" He stopped at the tell-tale sound of apparition.

Neville looked up to see a figure that he knew at once to be Harry Potter standing just on the outside of the gates surrounding the manor. Neville immediately stood up when he noticing a very wobbly Harry Potter whom appeared to have recently had the crap kicked out of him wobble even further before falling face first into their unrelenting front gate.


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