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I can't see the face of the man being hauled in front of me; two bald men were on both sides of him. His long legs were limply scrapping the ground behind him. Both had solemn expressions on their faces.

They stop and haul the man to his feet, his face is covered in shadows. I can feel myself squinting. I take a slow step towards the three some hoping to catch a glimpse of the man.

The two bald men raise short, sharp daggers on either side of him aiming for his shoulders, neither looking all that eager to kill him.

My breath catches in my throat, one word leaves my mouth "NO!" My eyes close tightly my hands flying outwards as I race towards the two men. Everything freezes my legs feel as if they are running threw water. I open my eyes my hands are still flying threw the air; moving much to slowly.

Then the light came, it surrounded the captive man I tried to shield my eyes, and felt my body collapse against the cave floor. The entire cave was filled with its blinding whiteness; when it cleared both the men where trembling on the ground. But the man they had tried to kill was gone...

My eyes fly open and I sit bolt upright my arms flailing about uselessly. I am panting desperately. I press my hand against my chest feeling my heart thumping in my chest wildly. Laying both my hands on my lap I look down and see that they are trembling. It was just a dream, I tell myself. But I can't lay back down. So I stand up stripping out of my sweat coated clothes and find a new sleeping gown before laying carefully back down. My hands are still trembling.

I wonder who that person was in my dream…and why those two bald men tried to kill him. My head begins to throb and I clamp my eyes shut trying to calm myself. My breathing steadies and I feel myself falling into unconsciousness.

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