Staying Alive 'til Dawn

By: Nemarra

Prologue: The Dream

A terrified scream echoed through the dark of the night. A young teenage girl sat awake in her bed terrified of the nightmare that had over taken her mind. She looked about her dark room with it's many books and artefacts. There was an unmistakable aura of magic, incantations, and something all around other worldly. Taking comfort in the safety of her room, Raven laid back down. She looked at her alarm clock… 3:48 am. She growled to herself with frustration and turned away from the clock. "I swear, if they come out with a Wicked Scary 3, I'm not watching it," she vowed to the night. As her mind began to ease the dream returned to the front of her mind.

It was dark to the point she could barely see her hand in front of her face. She was walking, but where? The soft sound of dripping water echoed in the darkness. Raven reached out into the darkness trying not to bump into anything. Such a thing was not to be worried about… there was nothing there. Unsure of what to do, Raven continued to walk. It felt like she was not traveling anywhere; but she continued to walk. A growl suddenly came from the darkness. It was quickly followed by screams and cries for help. The voices, they were so familiar. Raven gasped as she realized they were the voices of her fellow titans; her closest friends.

Raven ran forth in the darkness trying to find them. All she had to lead her where their voices. There voices grew louder and louder until finally a light arrived and she found herself standing in the main room. Robin and Starfire sat at the table talking about who knows what. Cyborg and Beastboy were playing video games… again. Everything was normal. It seemed odd that only a moment ago Raven could have sworn her friends were in danger. Had she been sleep walking? That did seem logical. If she had been sleep walking then the screams she had heard were from the remainder of her nightmare.

Raven was brought out of her thoughts as she was suddenly tackled with a hug. Seeing who her 'attacker' had been, Raven was suddenly speechless. "Hi Raven!" greeted Melvin.

"Melvin?" Raven finally spoke. She looked to see that Melvin's companions were present as well. "Timmy? Teether? When did you get here?"

"They have been here all day," answered Starfire. "Do you not remember?" Raven looked outside the enormous window an noticed the sun was not rising, but setting. "Odd," Raven spoke out loud.

"What's odd?" asked Robin.

"It's nearly morning… the sun should be rising," Raven answered. She picked up Melvin and set her aside. With the young child off her, Raven was able to stand. The other Titans were looking at her as though she was unwell. "Never mind, I must have gone to far into meditation, or reading, or something." The other titans seamed to accept her answer. Feeling somewhat awkward Raven sat down at the end of the couch.

She came to find the children had followed her. "What?" she asked in her normal tone.

"Will you play with us?" asked Timmy. Raven thought for a moment. "Please, we wanna play hide and seek," added Melvin. Teether merely nodded with his pacifier in his mouth. Why me? Raven wondered. "Fine," she sighed. The children cheered. "You count first!" cheered Melvin. Raven put up her hood and started counting. The three children cheered as they raced off through out the tower. As she closed her eyes all sound suddenly stop. She did not even hear herself counting anymore.

Opening her eyes, Raven found an entirely different scene. First of all, it was night time. She was no longer sitting on the couch; there was not even a couch left. The main room lay in shreds. The window was shattered and claw marks covered every inch of the steal walls. There were no light's; not even the stars or moon outside. Raven could barely tell she was still in the main room of titans tower. She looked about the silence for her friends. Through the darkness she could barely see the four figures that made up her friends. No one was moving. Raven tried standing to get to her friends but pain brought her back down. "Raven, don't move, you'll make it worse," a small voice spoke. A small pressure formed on her arm. She looked to find Timmy was wrapping her arm in his blanket. Behind him was a terrified Teether, and a very still Melvin. Raven noticed Timmy and Melvin were covered in blood.

"What happened?" she asked. It appeared no one had heard her. Her eyes returned to Melvin. The poor girl's body was so mangled, the rise and fall of her chest was the only sign she was still alive. Teether looked to be physically unharmed. Raven tried to see her friends, but could not for they were to far away in the dark room. Finally she looked at the young boy next to her. Timmy did not look injured, but what about the blood? Raven gasped as she realized the blood was her own. Enormous fang and claw marks covered her. As she noticed each one, the pain of that scare would hit her with a feeling far worse than anything she had received in other battles. "What happened?" Raven asked again, more forcefully. Out of the darkness came a growl similar to earlier. She looked up to find her self face to face with two large eyes. The left eye was blue and the right was brown. The two eyes suddenly turned blood shot red. The eyes suddenly doubled, then tripled. Soon there were pairs of blood shot eyes surrounding the titans… it didn't want them to escape. Then sharp fangs appeared under each pair of eyes. The creatures lunged forward until fangs met flesh.

Raven jumped from her sleep for the second time that evening. Sweat dripped from her forehead as she tried to calm herself once again. Looking at her clock she sighed. It was only 4 o'clock in the morning. Realizing she was not going to go back to sleep Raven got up. As she walked towards her door a small light caught her eye. She looked over to her dresser to find the light source, but there was none. There was no light either. Still feeling a little shaken, Raven left her room and made her way to the main room.

However, after she left, the light came again. From her mirror of Nevermore emerged a glowing white sphere. It floated a small distance from the mirror and the dresser it sat upon. The sphere turned into the form of a young woman. She had pale white skin with long violet hair and dressed in a pure white robe. Her gentle eyes stared at where Raven had gone only moments before. "I really hope you got the message," the woman whispered. "Please be safe my child." With that, she vanished.