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Haruhi and Mori were heading down the Main Corridor to Mori's classroom, one of her contacts had slipped out of her eye and she had no replacements in the Third Music Room, so somebody had to go for Mori's spare glasses in his classroom.

Just a few minutes ago...

- Itai...

- Haru-chan!, Daijobu deshou?

- Haruhi!?- Mori and Hunny ran to Haruhi while the Host Club took the girls outside. She was pressing a hand against her left eye, grunting. Mori took her near the window for light and carefully took her hand away from her eye.- What happened?

- One of my contacts, it fell... and hurts...

- Let me check your eye.

While Mori helping Haruhi with her contact, Hunny gave the situation a thought, he had known for some time now that Takashi was in love with Haruhi and that she loved him as well, but something happened all the time, so none of them could grasp the other's feelings. He thought quickly, and decided to help his friends just a little bit. So he said with his most innocent voice.

- Takashi, I have your old pair of glasses in my seat, why don't you go for them, ka ne? Haruhi can use them while we find a new pair of contacts for her, I can't take her, but you could carry her all the way down, ne? I could wait here meanwhile, and tell the others where you are.

- Hai!- said Mori inmediatly, he was so worried about her that he just took her in his arms and hurried outside the Third Music Room through a secondary door, he never saw the huge smile in Hunny's face, or his evil look while he was turning around to seat on the couch, waiting for the others to see that they were not in sight anymore, while thinking: "Tanoshi, desu ne?"

Mori was carrying Haruhi bridal style, he could feel her warmth and her heart beating really fast. He thought at first that Haruhi would somehow be reluctant to let him take her, specially like this, but, to his secret dismay, she snuggled on his chest and sighed. She was acting really unusual since the day before, but he didn't mind at all to have her acting a little helpless, he was sure it wouldn't last, anyway.

When they reached the door of Takashi's classroom, Haruhi stirred in Mori's arms to get down, he tighten the embrace for a second and then let her stand up, holding her really close to him. She remained in his arms for a second, lifting her head up to look him straight to his eyes, blushed, her breathing just a point faster, her vanilla lotion all over his senses. Watching her like that made him want desperately to kiss her, and a little vanilla memory stirred as well in his brain. He leaned down slowly to kiss her, closing his eyes, one arm around her waist and one taking her chin soflty to lift her head. His heart was beating really fast. There was no one else in the classroom but them, and he was somehow embarrased and nervous and excited to be there all alone with her. She was just for him, finally.

Haruhi closed her eyes and waited for him to kiss her just as he had done under the sakura tree, just as nervous as he was, but not as conscient about being all alone with him, all she could be aware of was that HE was about to kiss HER and there was nothing else outside that matter. It was not going to be her first kiss, or even the first with Takashi (maybe the first conscious one), but it felt exactly as if it was. This was going to be another of her best memories, and this was going to remain in her beloved person's memory.

Mori opened his eyes for a moment to see her in his arms, and when he did, when a beautiful closed eyes, blushed vision appeared in front of him, something clicked in his mind. A sweet vanilla afternoon finally found it's way trough his memories, and he finally realized that everything was not a dream, but a real thing. He had kiss her and told her he love her and hold her tight... and she had tell him she loved him back.

Meanwhile, in the Third Music Room, the Host Club was going ballistic, where the hell were those two??!! Hunny was just smiling and looking at them, partially in a Dark Honey mood.

- Would you all let them be, bakas? They are not doing anything wrong.

- Bu-bu-bu-bu-but my precious daughter has been acting strange today, and if she's hurt, Da-da-da-daddy has to be with her for she could be scared and...

- Baka-o-sama, do you really think she's going to need your help right now? What she needs is that you leave her alone for a moment. You DO understand this, right, Kyouya?

The reflection of Kyouya's glasses avoided someone to look at his eyes, his mouth twitched for a moment before he lifted his face with a stern expression and look around for the rest.

- Tamaki, behave. Hikaru, Kaoru, find the contact Haruhi lost in the floor. I'll check out in my file to see wich are the powers she use on those contacts and then we will all go to pick up the lenses as a gift. Understood?

Mother's orders where undeniable. And so, after finding the powers and called the optometrist, they went to pick up the contacts, and to receive a nice cozy chat from Kuoya in the limo about two of the other Host Club members along with a wide evil grin in Hunny's face.

Haruhi opened her eyes slowly, still dreaming, the world spinning around her. She felt her legs weak, but also felt Takashi's arms holding her close so she wouldn't fall, he was looking deeply into her eyes, asking her silently the confirmation of what had happen with a light smile and waiting for the answer. She lowered her gaze for a second, hiding her eyes from his and Takashi felt his heart sinking to his feet, just to then feel her jumping to put her arms around his neck and kiss him really hard. He was so surprised that he lost balance and fall back with her on top, Haruhi still kissing him (he was not going to disdain her kiss, was he?)

When she stopped kissing him she just sighed and looked him into the eyes, still on top of him, with a big smile.

- Have I told you already that I love you, Takashi.?

- Haruhi, I...- she was really surprised to see him blushed, he was standing up and taking her with him, he was a hunk, her hunk; once they were up he started speaking again, whispering, his voice seemed to be even deeper- ... I... I... ai shiteru, Haruhi. I wanted to tell you this for a long time, but I always thought you were best suited for someone else, I can't believe you choose me.

- And how do you know I chose you?- he looked truly terrified but then she just smiled and kiss him again.- -baka, I did chose you, I couldn't choose anyone else, I love you.

- I... I'm sorry, Haruhi.

- Sorry?

- Yes, sorry, I don't know how, but I forgot about yesterday, I thought I had dream about it, about the kiss and the sunset... But then I saw you, and when I did, my dream came true, you are everything I ever dreamed of, everything I always wished for, and I love you - he hugged her- Listen, I can't promess you I'm the best man for you, but I will do anything I can to make you happy if you accept me, I'll embrace you when you're cold and wipe away your spilling tears, I'll always be by your side, at anytime, and I'll listen to you when you need to be listen. I know I'm not the best expressing things, but if you close your eyes, and entrust me I'll embrace you when you need it, it has been some time now since I realize what I feel for you but now there is one certain thing inside of my chest, that no matter what happens, I will always love you.

Haruhi had tears in her eyes, she had never felt so loved by someone apart from her family, and she couldn't do anything else than sob in Takashi's arms, she felt really lucky to found someone like him, to found someone who loved her so much. She stand on tiptoes to kiss him sweetly, falling more in love with him each minute.

- I do, Takashi. I accept you, I'd accept even if you never loved me back, but you do, and I love you too. Forever as well. No matter what happens, I'll always love you.- she finished with a little smile.

He was radiant, she loved him, forever. He would protect her forever and love her forever. Forget the world, she was his, and that would be every day on. He felt so happy that he almost crushed his lips against hers, starting with that kiss, the rest of their lives, smiling before giving her the sweetest kiss she could be given in dreams or reality.


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