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Courage of the heart

I watch him go at it once again, his heart on his sleeves, ever on his sleeves, ever exposed. He strides cocky into yet another immanent disaster. And yet when it comes, as was obvious it would, he isn't hurt. He laughs at the situation, laughs at him self. And its a true laugh if ever I hear one. And he doesn't give up.

A few months ago I'd have thought him a fool. Not caring enough. A few months ago he may have been one. But a lot has changed since. He's proven himself in more ways than one. He's clever, brave, caring... Even wise. If it is true that sages are childish, he's our own laughing Buddha. Our rock. And yet, here he goes again. Even if it was foolishness once, it can't be that any more. This, this is courage.

Me, I' was never a fool. But I'm still a coward.

The End