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Oneshot: I want Love.

Gaara and Sakura have been dating for about 1year and 3 months. Everything went really great for about 10 months. That's when all the mojo finish. Everything went wrong. Like no more sex, only kissing but not that passionate. Sakura felt that Gaara didn't want her and also thinks that he cheating on her. So sad isn't? Well everything is gonna change but she doesn't know that.


She packing all her things like clothing, make-up, girls' materials, etc. That until she heard a door open and shut closed.

"Gaara" she whispered, knowing it was he.

"Sakura, I'm home." Said Gaara walking around the house.

As soon as Gaara went to their room, he saw Sakura packing all her belongings. He was surprise that some drawers were open with nothing in it.

Her back was facing him, Gaara was sad at the moment seeing it she was ignoring him.

"Sakura what are you doing?" Ask Gaara

"Can't you see I'm packing all my stuff!" Screamed Sakura, " I'm leaving"

"But why, I didn't do anything"

"Gaara just be quiet, don't you see I'm very sad" At the moment Sakura was crying.

Gaara walk towards her, her back touching his chest. He can feel her body shaking from the crying. He hugged her, to make her go stiff.

"Please Sakura don't leave me"

"Gaara, please don't"

"Sakura I love you," He said as his other hand went down to her inner thighs.


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