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Close To Midnight

Lying in bed gazing up at the glow-in-the-dark stars on my ceiling, I'm thinking of you. Lying in bed gazing at your ceiling, maybe thinking of me at this very same moment. I'm thinking that you've never seemed my stars glow in the dark, and wondering if you ever will.


All right. I admit it. When you aren't here, I kiss my knee and pretend it's you. I know it's dumb. But I do.

(lmfao that was the funniest thing I ever wrote. Lolz man thank god I don't do that!!!)

The Naked Truth

I can't even remember whose idea it was, but we decided we were going to do it.

So a few minutes ago, Hinata and Temari and me put on out raincoats and walked over to Harrell's for ice cream. We couldn't stop giggling the whole way over. Now we're just sitting here, eating our sundaes nonchalantly, Zak and Shino just came in and –on no! They're walking over to us! We're nudging each other in the ribs, trying hard not to crack up.

They want to know if they can sit with us! I feel my face catching fire. Hinata says we're having a very private girl talk. And Temari adds, "Besides. This booth is too small. There's barely enough room."

The three of us burst into hysterics at this, and Zak and Shino look at us like they think we're nuts. That because they don't know our secret:

This afternoon before we put on our raincoats, we took everything every else off!

Left Out

Hinata and Temari are sitting there on the bed, laughing and chatting away, taking turns popping the zits on each other backs, and I'm sitting here on the rug, watching them, feeling so left out that im actually wishing I ahd some zits on my back, too.

Sick. Aren't I?


Chapter 4: Boyfriend & Girlfriend Moment Plus Craziness!

Naruto Buzz's Cut

I wish he hadn't gone out and cut his hair. He looks about eight years old. His ears have tripled in size. Everyone's started calling him Dumbo. Which wouldn't be so bad, except they're calling me Mrs. Dumbo.

You can't even tell he's got curly hair anymore. There's nothing left to run my fingers through. Just this weird blond, Astroturf, sprouting out of his skull.

Friday Night Fight

Naruto says he doesn't have to ask for my permission to get his hair cut. I say I know but maybe he could at least warn me next time he's planning on getting scalped.

And then he say's it'll grow back and I say it'll take forever and then he says he guesses I'll just gave to get used too it and I say not if I don't have to look at it anymore and he say you don't!

Then he stomps out of the house and slams the door. Loud. And I kick it sp hard that my dad has to get me some ice to put on my big toe.

Long Weekend

Forty-eight hours of silence go by. Forty-eight hours alone. Forty-eight hours is such a long time to sit and stare at the phone

I Didn't See Him At School Today

Not in the hall. Not in the cafeteria. Not in the library. Not anywhere. Not even once.

Not that I wanted to see him. Not that I would have said anything if I had. Not that I would have run up to him or flung my arms around him or begged for forgiveness or anything.


Probably not.

I Yanked Open The Door

And there he is. But before he even has a chance to say one word I blurt out how sorry I am, so sorry I wish I could go on national TV and tell the whole word.

And he says he's so sorry he wishes he could fill up my entire house with roses. And then I said I'm so sorry I want to have printed on all the billboards in Massachusetts.

And then he says he's going to have "I'M SORRY SAPPHIRE" tattooed onto his chest. And then I'm going to hire a thousand airplanes to write it all over the sky.

And then he kisses me and his I'm-sorry kisses are so sweet that for a second I find myself thinking it was almost worth having a fight.

I Wish

I wish I could drink a magic potion and

Shrink way down till I was small

Enough to fit right into his

Shirt pocket and live

There tucked near to

His heart listening

To it beating in

Rhythm with

Mine every

Minute of



I Loved Watching It Happen

The way his eyelids got heavier and heavier. The way his chin drifted to his chest and his history book slipped into his lap. I know I should be studying right now but I can't resist sketching him.

So until he wakes up, I'm going to let my pencil trace the contours of his perfect cheekbones, the shadows of his golden lashes, the sift curve of his neck. This is definitely bliss.

When Naruto Wakes Up

I show him his portrait. He glances at it for a second, and then all he says is "Cool." The truth is, Naruto doesn't get art. But I guess he doesn't have to. He is art.

The Meaning Of Shabaku

Sometimes I ever wonder how Shabaku feel like alone all the time. Like he hasn't got anyone to love him, to talk to him, or even to be his partner at any of the class.

Sometimes I just imagine me and him kissing so passionately, being alone in a quiet dark but silence room. But I just crack myself up.

Shabaku is just a kid who is kind of scary looking and sometimes mean to other kids. I always see the sad and lonely things in his eyes. Ohh I just wish I could hug him right now.

Art Class Exercise

Mr. Asuma say today we've got to sit face to face with someone in class and draw their portrait while they draw ours. I glance over at Shabku and know that if I don't choose him, no one will. So I do.

Drawing Each Other

He's drawing my nose. I'm drawing his mouth. He's drawing my mouth. I'm drawing his eyes, and suddenly I notice that they're smiling into mine. So I let my eyes smile black at his, and no one sees but us.

I Show My Drawing To The Girls

Hinata just kind of gaped at it and says, "Eeeeooooo. You drew Shabaku, scary." I say "no, duh." Temari ((She isnt related to Gaara in this story)) says, "you've captured the utter Sabakuness of Shabaku, you Shabaku."

Hinata says, "Take one to draw one."

And I clonk them both over their heads with my sketchbook.


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