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"Oliver, Stop!" Lilly cried out as Oliver chased her down the beach with a clump of smelly seaweed in his hand. He was quickly catching up to her. However, Oliver tripped and went tumbling in the sand, losing the seaweed in the tumble. Lilly stopped and turned around, concerned for her friend. "Are you ok Oliver?" Oliver propped himself up on his elbows.

"Uh...I think so...my leg hurts a bit," He answered. Lilly kneeled down next to him.

"Look, you've got sand all in your hair," Lilly said with a giggle. She leaned in a bit and reached up to brush it out of his hair but froze when she realized how close they were. Their faces were hardly inches apart. They were both frozen, staring at each other...


5 year old Lilly and Oliver were playing in the sandbox at the park. Their mothers were sitting on a near by bench, talking and laughing while keeping a close eye on their children.

Oliver was trying to build a sand castle but every time he tried the dry sand would fall away. He pouted.

"Wassa matter Oliver?" Little Lilly asked noticeing her friend's frown.

"Everytime I try to make the castle it falls down!" Oliver exclaimed, throwing his little hands in the air. He tried again to make a tower but the sand slipped, leaving a small cone shape. "See?!" Oliver said as he slapped the sand angrily. Lilly looked deep in thought.

"I know!" She said suddenly. Oliver looked at her. "You need water! Like at the beach! Sand's not wet so we need water!" Oliver smiled.

"Yeah!" He said excitedly, "but where are gonna get water Lilly?" He asked.

"My mommy brought some with her! C'mon!" Lilly said as she grabbed his hand and dragged him over to the bench. Lilly tugged on her mom's pant leg.

"Yes Lilly?" Her mom asked looking down. Lilly put on her innocent face.

"Mommy, can I have the water?" She asked. Her mom smiled.

"Sure, are you thirtsy?" She sad as she grabbed the water bottle she had brought along. Oliver shook his head.

"No we're gonna use it to make a castle!" He said excitedly.

"Hmm...I don't think you should be using the water for that. What if you get thirtsy later? Then there won't be water," Lilly's mom said. Lilly and Oliver pouted.

"Please Mommy?" Lilly begged. Oliver's mom smiled.

"Just give it to them Rose. I have some water too. Let them have their fun." Lilly's mom smiled as she noticed the two children's interlaced fingers.

"Ok then but try not to get wet," She said as she handed the kids the water. They smiled.

"Thanks Mommy!"

"Thanks Mrs. Lilly's Mom!" Oliver said. Lilly took the water and both ran back to the sand. On the run Oliver fell. He sat up and Lilly could see tears forming in his brown eyes. He started crying. He wasn't really hurt but still. Lilly stood by him not know what to do.

"Oliver, you ok?" She asked nervously. He sat there crying.

"My leg hurts!" Oliver said between the crying. Lilly kneeled down and gave him a kiss on the cheek. He stopped crying and looked at Lilly. He blinked.

"What was that for?" He asked.

"To make things better," Lilly said with a smile. Oliver blinked up at her with wet lashes then smiled.

"Thanks, it's all better now."


"Does you leg still hurt?" Lilly asked, her and Oliver still very close together.

"Yeah..." Oliver said. Lilly closed the space between them and gently kissed Oliver.

"How about now?" She asked with a smile.

"Not any more. Thanks, it's all better," He replied with a grin. Lilly helped him up.

"C'mon, let's go get something to eat at Rico's," Lilly said. As they were walking over Lilly reached out and grabbed Oliver's hand. Oliver looked down and smiled at Lilly.

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