Three Makes a Sandwich part 2

"M-more?" Jack swallowed nervously having the door locked didn't make him feel better.

"Yeah more my wild stud."

Jack felt Ennis' hands frame his face and he stared into the cinnamon brown eyes. "So beautiful, your eyes are like two blue pools I could drown in." he could feel Ennis' breath on his ear, the hot breath made him shudder.

"Easy, beautiful."

Jack felt Ennis' fingers stroking his hair, his voice gentling him like a wild stallion.

"What are you doing?' Jack was still trembling but his cock was twitching in anticipation.

"I'm taking what I want." Ennis was so close he breathed the words into his mouth before Ennis' hand clenched the back of his head and pulled his mouth close until their lips met. Jack felt Ennis' tongue push forcefully inside his. A couple of rubs on his belly from Ennis and he opened his mouth wide and let Ennis explore his mouth.

A touch on his back and a hand on his rump made him disengage the kiss. Atticus had disrobed and was touching him from behind.

"I can't resist you. I think you cast a spell on me." Atticus whispered in his right ear, then Jack felt his tongue press into his ear. "Oh, uh I…" he opened his mouth only to have Ennis' tongue fill it again. Ennis pulled off his shirt, took off his shoes and pulled his pants off so he was naked. Ennis and Atticus stared at each other over Jack's shoulder, a silent understanding passed between them.

"You're my wild stallion," Ennis whispered as he kissed Jack's shoulder. Jack felt Ennis' hand cup his cock which was swelling in the confines of the G-string. Atticus' hands were on the waistband of the G-string and he slowly pulled it down, peeling the fabric away to reveal his manhood to the two men who were anxious to ravage this wild animal.

Jack felt Ennis' hand return to his straining cock. Ennis was licking his Adam's apple. Atticus' hand ran down his butt crack and between his legs until he touched his balls. "Mighty stallion." He purred into Jack's ear. A gentle squeeze of his balls drove Jack forward, his cock pressing hard against Ennis' hard member. Ennis wrapped his hand around both cocks. "Easy boy, we're goin ridin my beautiful stallion." Jack felt Ennis licking and sucking on his nipples, his hand tightening its' hold on their cocks. His thumb spreading the pre-cum leaking from both cocks coating the plumb heads. His hand moved up and down on the twin shafts, the foreskin on Ennis' was pulled far back.

Atticus was kissing and licking his back gently biting his shoulder blades. He was on his hands and knees kissing and licking Jack's buttocks, his face pushed between them and Jack felt his tongue licking his balls.

"Oh gawd, uh!" jack felt Atticus' tongue drawing a very wet line up from his balls all the way up his crack.

'Oh no he's not." Jack thought as the tongue rimmed his tight opening then pressed inside. Jack bucked forward rubbing his cock harder against Ennis' again.

"You like that boy don't you?"

"Uh, oh, yeah, yeah!" he felt like his senses were on fire.

"Okay, Atticus, we don't want our boy to go off right now." Atticus drew back and smacked Jack's buttocks. He got up and went over to the couch. Jack looked over and watched Atticus pull the pillows off the couch and pull out the queen size bed that was underneath, perfect for three people to fit very comfortably.

He looked back at Ennis who was stroking his face real gentle. "I feel like goin ridin, how's that sound?" he kissed Jack's lips and then sucked on his earlobe.

"Saddle up, cowboy." Jack whispered.

Ennis smiled at him and led Jack over to the bed. Ennis lay down on his back, his arms held wide-open beckoning Jack to him. Jack hesitated for some reason he didn't want to go easy and like a wild stallion that needed coaxing he stood his ground.

Ennis looked over at Atticus knowingly and Atticus came in front of Jack and slowly ran his hands through Jack's hair then across his shoulders and down his arms. He linked his fingers with Jack's and gently kissed his face, one hand came up to rub his nubs slowly. "You're so good, such a good boy." He was trying to calm Jack's fears, gentling his wild spirit. "So beautiful." KISS he kissed and licked Jack's throat again, a hand was rubbing circles on his chest then his stomach and he felt himself being slowly led to the bed. Atticus had a hand on his arm, his lips pressed to Jack's Jack wanted more contact with his tongue and Atticus used that to lure Jack closer to Ennis, pulling his face further away making Jack follow him. Atticus knelt on the bed and Jack was on his knees, before he knew it he was straddling Ennis' hips. Jack locked his lips on Atticus as Ennis ran his hand up and down Jack's back and rubbed his buttocks, patting the cheeks. "Good boy." Ennis whispered.

Atticus pulled his lips away and licked the tip of Jack's nose. Jack felt Ennis pull him down and wrapped his arms around him and claimed his lips. He heard Atticus moving around and tried to look to see what he was doing but Ennis wouldn't let him. He closed his eyes when Ennis plunged his tongue into his mouth. Ennis' hands moved back to his buttocks and Jack felt him pull them wide apart. A finger poked his opening, he stopped kissing Ennis and saw Atticus behind him. "Just getting you ready for your ride."

Jack held Ennis' arms as the lube-covered finger broke through his protected sheath and poked inside him. A second finger joined in then scissored his opening slowly working him wider. "So beautiful," Jack felt Ennis' hands rubbing his belly and Atticus' free hand was rubbing his buttocks again. A third finger stretched him till he thought he would break.

"Are ya ready, you beauty?" Ennis asked him looking into those amber colored eyes and Jack could refuse him nothing. His body was already on fire and having two men lavishing such attention on him he could not say no.

Jack couldn't help smiling and nodded. "If you want to stop just say so." Ennis said firmly.

Atticus kept Jack's hole wide open and grabbed Ennis' cock lubed it and put the tip against Jack's opening. Jack bucked a little at the unfamiliar invader. His anal muscles tried to close but Atticus kept him open and slowly slid Ennis' large cock inside.

Jack felt both Atticus' fingers and Ennis' cock in his sheath. Atticus could feel Jack clench, trying to expel them both. He kept his fingers inside Jack, pulling him open while Ennis pushed himself in to the root. Then Atticus pulled his fingers slowly out. He came up along side Jack and licked his fingers. "Oh Ennis he tastes so GOOD." He offered the fingers to Ennis and Ennis licked them. Ennis started to move inside him and he started to move back into those thrusts, his hips gyrating.

Atticus kissed him and was sucking on his tongue, like he was sucking a cock. As if Atticus heard Jack's thought he backed away from Jack's tongue and laid his head on Ennis' stomach and grabbed his cock. He started sucking on the tip of Jack's cock.

"Oh gawd! Oh yeah." The tongue flicked the wet tip. Atticus was sucking on his cock and Jack pushed back onto Ennis' member. He thought he would come right in Atticus' mouth right there and then. Atticus gave his cock a squeeze before he sat up. Jack felt Ennis hand on the back of his head and pulled his face down to kiss him. He felt Atticus' body press against his, arms fold around his waist and felt his hips pulled back and his buttocks rested against Atticus groin.

"What! What are you doing?" Jack felt the head of Atticus' cock press against his already filled opening.

"I am feeling left out I want to take a ride too." Before Jack could say anything he felt Atticus' cock push in along side Ennis, stretching him wider than he had ever been.

Atticus didn't move he just let Jack get used to two cocks being inside his opening. Ennis had stopped thrusting too but he couldn't stay that way for long, not with Atticus' cock pressed against his. Before Jack knew it both cocks were moving into him, one sliding in while the other sliding out.

"Oh, yeah, oh gawd, mmmm oh shit, oh shit OH OH!" Jack bucked against both men's cocks. Ennis grabbed Jack's cock and rubbed his thumb over the head in time to the thrusts.

"Oh you beauty, oh yes, YES cum for us baby. Cum!" Ennis kissed him again and stroked his cock harder and faster. Jack felt both cocks squirting into him at the same time as they all came. Jack wet Ennis' fist and stomach. He collapsed onto Ennis' chest. The sated cocks stayed inside him for a few moments then Atticus slid his out then Ennis, you could hear Jack's hole make a popping noise as it stayed open for several moments, skin stretched like it had never been. Jack shuddered when he felt Atticus lick his soaked hole, eating the cum out of him.

"Oh so good, what a good boy." Atticus rubbed his buttocks again and then laid down beside the other men. Jack rolled onto his back between the two men.

"You broke me good with that ride."

"OH baby I'd never try to tame you, you never tame a wild animal, you will always be a wild stallion. And you were so good." Ennis kissed him and stroked his face. Atticus rubbed his chest and kissed his cheek then his lips. Ennis and Atticus kissed each other then they laid down and both men held Jack tight, sandwiched between them. Jack never wanted to leave.

"Does this mean I got the job?"

"Oh you got the job alright. Only I think I want you for private shows only." Ennis smiled at him. "I mean WE want you only for a private show" he winked at Atticus.

Just before he fell asleep Jack could almost swear he heard Atticus whisper into his ear. "Love you my master."