Summary: It all started with Gabriella's letter, the letter that exposed her true feelings for her best friend who's graduating and moving to California for college in one week. This letter to the one and only Troy Bolton is hiding in his diploma. A diploma he has recently received. The letter wasn't supposed to be in there anymore. She sent the text message; unfortunately her partner in crime didn't read this aborting message. Never trust Sharpay Evans with your love letter to your best friend who happens to have a girlfriend. A complicated tale, but what's important is Gabriella taking back that secret letter before all chaos breaks lose. Troyella!

Who knew my life could change in an instant? Not just any instant, the instant my best friend opened his stupid diploma after receiving it from Principal Matsui. Alright maybe I'm getting ahead of myself but I'm serious. I can't believe I even wrote that letter, the letter that has been harboring my feelings for my best friend of 17 years. Of course he's 18 but he's a year older.

I'm babbling. I'm a loser babbling in my head about hiding a deep heart felt letter in my best friend's diploma. Maybe I should blame Sharpay for that, I didn't even want to give him that letter but what do you know she does because she didn't get my stupid text message. Come on its Sharpay Evans! The girl lives for phone calls, shopping, and text messages. All she had to do was read the message that read "Abort plan repeat abort plan!"

But no, the dumb-witted, can't answer to text messages because she's checking out Zeke Baylor blonde hides the purple envelope revealing all the feelings I've kept from him. Yes him. The guy I've referred to as my "best friend" for seventeen years. This is horrible! He's probably laughing himself to death or shocked from my teenage feelings. This is so lame! I can't believe I did that. See he hasn't exactly opened the letter yet or he didn't when I was around earlier. To take in consideration I wasn't there for too long.

That's because, I think he believes it's a love line from his girlfriend. Yes I said girlfriend. Katrina Murphy, the hot blonde senior, prom queen, head cheerleader he's been "in love" with for four years. Yes you heard right they've been dating for four fanfreakentastic years. Four years she's "loved him" while I've been watching him from afar for as far I can remember and I've been remembering stuff ever since I was two!

He's always referred to me as "my little sister" or "my best bud!" I mean what does a girl have to do around here for him to get the message? I know! Tell Sharpay Evans to stick a secret love note in his diploma. That stupid diploma! That hard dark covered blue love folder is seriously making me crumble.

I can picture the scenario as I speak; Katrina has her small fragile body sitting upon his lap, drinking apple cider listening to their song "Stick Wit U" by Pussycat Dolls. How perfect right? And he's probably leading her to the dance floor he made his parent's put in for his graduation party.

While this is going on I'm in the old tree house in the back of my yard listening to the song play. That's how I know this is all happening. I need to retrieve that letter and fast. My life, my friendship, my relationship with this guy can break at any moment.

This moment didn't have to come if I just didn't write that letter Sharpay persuaded and pushed onto me last week. That week, I remember it so well, it's like it was yesterday.

One Week Ahead

Tuesday, June 5th 2007, the last official Tuesday of my Junior Year, not too exciting but a milestone nonetheless. I sit here in homeroom watching Miss Darbus take attendance of my twenty-seven student class. Not very large but Albuquerque isn't that big as it appears to the untrained eye.

I tap my pencil watching the seconds go by, "Montez, Gabriella?"

"Here!" I raise my hand sharply and return to my full scheduled life. NOT! "Gabi? Gabi?" I turn to my right and Sharpay Evans hands me a note. Sharpay, the actress/ice queen, I've gone to school with her for all my years of education. She's an overall pleasant person if you know her personally. If not, don't even bother try stepping in the limelight with her. That's her property and hers alone.

I open the medium sized piece of scarlet paper and read the purple words,

Are you ever going to talk to him? –S.

I take out my standard blue writing implement and reply a short response.

I regret ever telling you about my secret at our seventh grade sleepover. –G.

I fold up the familiar note and casually send it back to her while Miss Darbus confiscates one of the students cell phones in the front of the classroom. I see at the corner of my eye Sharpay replying quickly. Miss Darbus returns to her chair with the cell phone filled bucket smiling an accomplished smirk. A note appears on my desk,

Too bad, you answered truth! You should have gone with dare. Anyway stop ignoring the question at hand. – S.

I pick up my pen and write down another response. Miss Darbus excuses herself after receiving a note of her own to report to the office. Once she leaves the class breaks out into conversations and paper ball fights. We see the door open and Miss Darbus sticks her head back in. The class quickly settles down while Miss Darbus leaves us with some bone chilling words about "Punishment."

We are forced into an individual study session and the room goes quiet. Notes are being passed around including mine to Sharpay.

You and I both know that I'll never tell him. – G.

I know she has just read the letter because of her large dramatic sigh. I hear a large jotting noise from her desk and the letter reappears in a few seconds.

The boy is graduating in a week, and then moving all the way to California! If you tell him, at least it's out there instead of yourself asking "What if?" for the rest of your life – S.

It's my turn to sigh largely. Miss Darbus returns with 15 minutes left of homeroom. She has "business to attend to" so we are to keep quiet. I return to writing and rapidly send it back over to my accomplice.

I know. I know, but honestly what's the point? Him and Katrina are and will STILL be together. There's no point in telling him. – G.

Sharpay picks up the letter and reads. I glance at the clock; there are no windows to admire the pretty Albuquerque scenery in here. Although it is filled with props and posters from past musicals that Sharpay and her twin brother have starred in. I'm caught off guard when the scarlet letter reappears. Miss Darbus looks over the entire room and I pretend to read a book. Once she returns to her duties I read the memo carefully,

YOU ARE SO STUBBORN! I guess you'll just have to always ask yourself what could have been. I mean contemplate this when you're living here in Albuquerque with your mom and your cat while he's on ESPN greeting his beloved fans. – S.

That girl does have a vivid imagination. Maybe she's just been in too many plays to know what's fact or fiction. The bell rings and Sharpay and I both have Chemistry class with Mrs. Devald. I stick the letter in my front messenger bag pocket and walk off with an annoyed Sharpay Evans.

"So you're seriously telling me you aren't the least bit curious?" Sharpay and I make a quick stop at her locker.

"I don't know Shar. It's just that he's been my best friend for…"

"Seventeen years." We say in unison.

"Why ruin that kind of friendship?" She opens her pink locker door and fixes her hair in the mirror she has placed on the back side of her door.

"Gabi! As your best girl friend of seventeen years it is my duty to push you to tell…"

"Hi Troy!" My best friend walks over to us. Troy Bolton, the man I admire from afar who I also refer to as my best friend. It doesn't help when he's been your next door neighbor for those seventeen years. I basically admire him every second I get alone and that's a lot of alone time when you have no siblings.

"Hi Gabi!" Sharpay crosses her arms and looks over at me with darting eyes.

"So are you ready for graduation, only a week away!" He smiles brightly and that's all it takes for me to faint!

"Yeah, I can't believe in a week and one day I'll be on a plane to California. Crazy huh?" And that's all it takes to break my heart.

"I know. I can't believe we won't be neighbors anymore." I really can't.

"Aww come on Gabs, don't make me feel guilty. I'll be here every chance I get to visit you. We'll see each other a lot during vacations and when my family brings your family along to visit me!" I smile because that's all I can do to stop from crying.

"I'm just really… I'm just really." The bell rings and it's a signal to get to class.

"Oh.. second bell. We got five minutes to get to class. How about we finish this during lunch, at the spot?" I nod softly and Sharpay grabs me to go the other way for Chemistry class. I can't help but turn around and see his figure flash away. In about one week, the boy I've been in love with forever will be gone—forever.

Author's Note:

This isn't going to be very long. The idea just popped into my head and I wrote it down. I'm working on the second chapter, hopefully I'll keep the story under 10 chapters but we'll see how it goes. Tell me what you think and yes it is a Troyella. :D Please read and review!