Of Love

Cass knew how to read body language. She knew what people would do before even they themselves did.

Knowing that made it difficult to understand why Cass didn't automatically excel at kissing as she did at everything else; everything else involving any type of physical activity. Steph didn't say anything to her about it, of course; they all had to start somewhere, and Cass wasn't bad at it.

She didn't say anything, but her body…her body decided to tell on her. Stupid body.

Cass blushed and turned away. "I…I can't read what I can't see," she said, fiddling with the edge of her cape, and Steph felt a momentary surge of pride that her lessons in reading had improved Cass' diction.

Then she struggled to parse what Cass had said. It hit her like a brick to the head; Cass had observed her closing her eyes when they leaned in to kiss, and had copied that. Unable to see Steph while they kissed, Cass couldn't read her body. So she had to rely on her own 'words' as it were when she kissed back.

Steph pulled her into a hug. "It's okay. I'll teach you how to read this language, too."

Cass' grin was hesitant and wobbly at first, but, seeing the sincerity in the set of Steph's jaw, it widened. Then, reading the invitation in her arms, Cass closed her eyes and leaned in to kiss Steph.

Steph accepted the kiss and started her first lesson: kissing, a la the French.