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Recap:Sakura's eyes shot open at the feel of cold metal at her neck.Sasuke was hovering over her, expression emotionless.Sakura's eyes widened."Sasuke...?"She whispered to the youngest Uchiha, who was holding a kunai to her throat.


'W-what?Is he going to kill me?'Sakura wondered.Sasuke's eyes were the color of blood.They looked into hers, which were bright with the color of emerald.He added some pressure on the kunai, drawing a little amount of blood.Sakura's eyes were welled up with tears.

"Please...don't..."She whispered.He wouldn't stop."I'm sorry, Sakura.I must do this."He said, no emotion what-so-ever in his voice.How could you do this to her!?You love her!'I don't.'You do!'I don't!'YOU ARE IN LOVE WITH HER!"I AM NOT IN LOVE WITH HER!"He screamed.Sakura's eyes widened.

Blood was slowly stream down her neck, he has already cut half an inch into it.Her tears mixed with her blood.She started to shake her head, which only led to the kunai going deeper into her throat."SASUKE!DON'T!PLEASE, I LOVE YOU!"She screamed."I LOVE YOU, AND I STILL WILL EVEN IF YOU KILL ME!"

Sasuke jerked back the kunai and embraced her.Her blood stained his shirt, but he only hugged her harder."I'm sorrry."His voice was shaky.Sakura felt a hot stream of tears run down her neck, it wasn't hers, though."S-Sasuke..."She whispered."I love you, Sakura..."He whispered into her neck.

"I love you too, Sasuke."She said and returned the hug.It's...so...beautiful!Inner Sakura started to sob.Sasuke pulled back and wiped the tears away with his fist.Sakura put her hand on her wound and healed it."Sasuke..."She started he looked at her, his eyes now the color of onyx.

"Who...are you?"She asked.He sighed and sat down on her bed."I'm Uchiha Sasuke.I am the little brother of Uchiha Itachi."He started.Her eyes widened.'So he is related to Itachi...'She thought."He killed my whole clan, except me, at the age of 13.I was only a little boy, then."He continued.

"Why didn't you stay in Konoha?!"She asked."Have we met, before?"She asked.Sasuke sighed."No.I never left the Uchiha compound.I wanted to become a ninja, but I didn't go to the Ninja Acadamy.Orochimaru, my mentor, bit me before that, though.And when Itachi killed my clan, I went to train with Orochimaru to become strong enough to kill my brother."He said.

She nodded, waiting for him to continue."He wants my body, so he can have the Sharingan.I'm not going to let him do that, though.I plan on killing him when I'm strong enough.But I'm not, yet.So I go on missions like these so he will keep teaching me."

"What is the mission.To kill me?Why?"Sakura asked."Orochimaru wants to destroy Konohagature.He already killed the 3rd, right?"He said.Sakura nodded."He wanted me to gain your trust, so when I would kill you, you wouldn't have your gaurd up.He doesn't take any chances if it involves me getting even a scratch.I'm not sure what killing you would do to help bring down this village, though.It might be because you are the Hokage's apprentice."

Sakura stayed silent for a moment."So..."She started."You did all those things...just to trick me?The flirting, the kiss, the apoligy?"She said, her voice growing louder."Am I just part of one of your missions!?"She screamed and stood up."No.Not anymore."Sasuke said calmly.

"Why should I trust you?!"She asked.She turned, her back facing him."Why should I trust a stranger?"She asked in a mere whisper.Sasuke stood."Because,"He said and wrapped his arms around her waist.She didn't resist."I'm not a stranger, anymore..."He said, and kissed her neck.

"O.k...I trust you."She whispered and smiled.He smirked and pulled back."But...what are you going to do?Are you strong enough to kill Orochimaru?"She asked, still turned around."No."He replied."I can help you!"She said, about to turn around, but Sasuke put his hands on her arms and made her stay.

"It's too dangerous."He said."But..."She started.His lips moved to her ear."I love you Sakura, and I wont forget you."He said."You will not remember me after this.I will only be another patient to you, and you wont remember anything about me.I'm only doing this because I love you."He said and turned her around.

He kept his eyes closed and gave her sweet kiss on the lips before he pulled back."Sasuke, I love you.So whatever you're going to-"She was cut off."I love you, too, Sakura.But I'm afraid-"He opened his eyes.They were red again, but there was something different about them.

"That you must forget me, and our love."He said before she went unconsious and fell into his arms.He laid her on her bed and gave her one last kiss on the forehead."Goodbye, Sakura."He said and disappeared.


Soooo, you didn't kill her!Inner Sasuke said.'I thought you were never going to talk to me again?'Sasuke thought.Well, I changed my mind!Inner Sasuke said.Sasuke hopped through the trees at top speed, back to Orochimaru's castle.'Once I'm strong enough, I'll kill Orochimaru and Itachi.Until then, I'll keep training to get stronger.'He looked up at the sky.'I didn't think anyone could make me feel again.But Sakura proved me wrong.I didn't think I was gonna fall in love.But I did.Over all, I'm gald she made this cold heart into something more.'He smiled.'Take care, Sakura.'


Sakura awoke with a headache.She groaned and rubbed her head.Shr looked at the clock.7:00 a.m.She gasped."I'm gonna be late!"She thought as she ran out of bed, took a quick shower, got dressed, and headed out the door."Hey, Sakura!"Naruto waved as she came into view.

She slowed down and took a moment to talk with him."Tsunade-no-baccaan told me about how that jerk ran away.'He said and laughed."Oh, umm, are you o.k.?"He asked."Yeah, Naruto.Did you mean my patient?"She asked."Well, yeah!Who else would I be calling a jerk!?"Naruto asked.

Sakura shrugged."Maybe I hit my head or something, because I can't remember athing about him.Except that he was my patient."She said.Naruto raised his eyebrow, then smiled."Well, I guess it's best that you forgot him.He was soooo arrogant!"He said.Sakura laughed."Well, even if he was a jerk, I hope he's o.k."She said."Yeah, me too, I guess."Naruto said and started laughing.Sakura joined in.

'Where ever you are, old patient, I hope you're safe.'She smiled.Somewhere in the forest of Otogature, a raven-haired teen smiled.


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