Looking Out, Looking In

By: Insanity-Hime

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto.

Summary: AU! Tenten Inuzuka, sister to Kiba Inuzuka, part time worker at Ichiruka's Ramen, new in town, no boyfriend. Don't you think that just spells trouble?

WARNINGS: Everyone is OOC! YAOI! Possible YURI! Modern world!

Pairings: TentenNeji KibaShino ChoujiIno ShikamaruTemari GaaraNarutoSasuke IrukaKakashi AsumaKurenai HinataTayuya KimimaroKankuro


Of all the stupid possible weathers, it just had to be raining. Stupid jackass who decided it would be fun to steal my car. I narrowed my brown eyes angrily and continued to drive my motorcycle. It wasn't like I was poor or something, hell, I was filthy rich, but I had liked that car! I scowled and drove faster, weaving in and out of cars, ignoring the multiple honks. I had lived with my mom when my parents divorced, along with my older sister and older brother. Some things happened at my old school and I decided to move back in with my dad and twin.

I swerved into the lane heading for Konoha and drove faster. The tires squeled to a stop in a parking space behind Ichiraku's ramen, my dad owns it. I lifted my helmet off and quickly put mu hood up. I sighed and puffed my cheeks a little as I entered the shop, "Tou-san! I'm here!"

"I'm in the back!" my dad answered. I pulled my hood back down and stauntered into the back where my dad was sorting ramen flavors.

I cocked my head to the side and watched for a second before helping. When we finished, we headed to the kitchen and I started to make ramen. "Ne, Tou-san?"


"Can I get a part-time job here?" I didn't turn around, even when I heard him spit his tea out.


"Can I?" I asked again, calmly.

"Will you be able to handle the job, school and schoolwork?" I could tell he was worried that I would drop out of school or fail because I was working part-time. I scowled at the cooking noodles and held myself back from snapping at him.

"I'm a big girl, tou-san, I can look after myself." I stirred the noodles once and turned the burner off. I turned to the cooked vegtables and dumped them into the noodle pan. I heard him sigh and waited for his final answer while I mixed the noodles and vegatables together. I added the flavoring and waited patiently. Finally, he answered.

"Alright. I'm opening the shop in aminute so you can take orders and cook. Here's your apron, now eat your noodles while I open the shop." I nodded my head as I tied the white aperon around my hips loosely. I ate my ramen quickly and exited the kitchen, a smile plastered on my face.


I haven't introduced myself have I? Well my name is Inuzuka, Tenten. My twin's name is Inuzuka, Kiba. My oldest sister's name is Inuzuka, Hana, my other sister's name is Umino, Ayame, and my older brother's name is Inuzuka, Ikuto. Ayame is married to Umino, Iruka, he's a nice guy; he and Ayame adopted a guy named Naruto. Naruto didn't take the Umino's name he kept his own, Namikaze.

Naruto is the heir to Namikaze Corps. Namikaze Corps is a corporation that makes movies, I've been in a couple of them, but I've never met Naruto. I'll meet him sooner or later, but I'm getting off topic.

I'm 17, a junior in High School, and I do not have a boyfriend. I've dated once and the guy that I dated had made a bet with his buddies to see how long I would stay with him. His name? Yakushi, Kabuto. His friends were, Hakata, Jirobo, Takame, Sakon and Ukon, and Kashna, Kidomaru. Kaguya, Kimimaro and Koshi, Tayuya tipped me off about it and they've helped me out of some tight places ever since. They're good friends, if the only ones I have.

I flopped down on the bar counter, having just closed the shop up. My cheeks hurt from all that damn smiling, I have no idea how the hell Ayame can smile like that non stop. I looked up from examining my nails and stared at the guy who had just walked in. I had to admit he was good-looking. His hair was a golden color and had an 'I just got laid' look to it. His skin was a nice tan and he had a lean build. He had muscles but they weren't bruly and buff. On his cheeks were three whisker-like marks that were black, jagged and defined. His eyes were a sparkling cerulean blue color and screamed mischeivious.

He wore black, baggy cargo pants that dragged on the floor slightly. Silver chains dangled from belt loops and pockets. A blood red muscle tank covered his upper half with a dark orange jacket, unzipped and sleeves ripped off. On his feet were black skater shoes with red and orange flames, no show socks not showing and a spiked, leather braclet were on both wrists. On his forehead, and keeping his bangs out of his eyes, was a deep blue cloth. His style was much like mine, intresting.

I myself was wearing a dark purple camisole with an apple on it and the words 'Apples make the world go round'. Over it was a black jacket, the sleeves reached to the tips of my black painted nails and on the back was a blood red apple with 'Shinigami' written eeirely in white underneath. Low on my hips, letting a strip of my skin show, were black, baggy, cargo capris, they actually reached just below my knees, so they could be considered shorts too. Like blondie, silver chains dangled from belt loops and pockets. On my feet were purple skater shoes with red apples on the sides, no show socks not showing.

My hair was pulled into a high ponytail, my bangs framing my face. I had a light brown shade of eyeshadow and eyeliner, and a light layer of lipgloss, other then that I left my face alone. I watched him with my eyes, following his every movement. When he stopped in front of me, we stared at each other. Then at the same time we smirked and hit our fists together. He spoke first, "Hullo! Namikaze, Naruto, is the name, playing is my game!"

I laughed slightly, "Yo, Inuzuka, Tenten at your service." This was my sister's brat? He was hot that's for sure. We both looked over when the door opened. I blinked, my brother hadn't changed at all.

His hair was wild and untamed, a muddy brown in color, his brown eyes still held a beastily look to them, and the red triangle markings on his cheeks were still there. He wore baggy, brown cargo pants, tucked into black combat boots. His shirt was a black T-shirt with a dark brown sleeveless jacket. The jacket was left unzipped, a deep blue cloth was around his forehead and around his neck was a black chocker. We gave the same wolfish grin and hit out fists.

"Would you be the twin Kiba won't stop talking gibberish about?"

I looked over at Naruto, "More likely then not."


Naruto ignored him and continued, "M'kay. The guys said they would be here in a few minutes and the girls said twenty minutes, depends on their parents apparently."

"Alright, thanks man," Kiba replied, slinging an arm around my shoulders. I rolled my eyes and pushed his arm off.

"Get off, moron."

Kiba gasped in mock hurt and hit his chest with his fist, "That hurt sis. That hurt right here."

I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms, "You'll get over it."

Naruto grinned and added, "Sooner or later."

I turned to him in slight surprise, then smirked. "We'll get along quite well." Before he could answer the door opened and admitted seven guys.

The first was a bored looking guy with brown hair pulled into a pineapple shaped ponytail and sharp brown eyes. He wore a dark brown unzipped jacket, a chain mesh shirt underneath, baggy, but not to baggy, dark, army green jeans, black skater shoes, and had small silver hoop earrings. Around his arm was a deep blue cloth. His stance was lazy, but alert, and had a slight slouch. He was staring off into space and looked like he wanted to be anywhere but here. It was kind of amusing actually.

Next to him was a big boned male with wild brown hair that reached to about his neck, cinnimon colored eyes, and red swirls on his cheeks. He wore baggy red knee length shorts, a grey T-shirt, with a black long sleeved shirt underneath, on his feet were grey skater shoes with no show socks, and a red beanie was over his head. In his hands was a bag of potato chips, and as he took a chip out and put it in his mouth I saw he had one small, gold hoop earring in his left ear. Around the edge of his beanie was a deep blue cloth.

On the other side of the lazy looking one was a tall male staring at a DS, his fingers expertly pressing buttons down. He wore an overly large, wide collared, grayish-blue jacket with a hood that was currently covering his dark brown hair, dark brown knee length shorts, black skater shoes, black sunglasses covered his eyes, but with my eyes I could tell they were brown, and a dark blue cloth covered his forehead.

Standing next to game boy was another tall one. He had black hair with blue highlights and was spiking out in the back, bangs framing his face. His eyes were a dark blue, almost black color and around his forehead was the deep blue cloth. He was wearing white cargo pants that dragged along the ground slightly, causing the ends to be dirty and frayed slightly. Hanging from the belt loops and pockets were golden chains. His shirt was tight, dark blue and long sleeved, a tight black jacket on top of it. His hands were in his pockets and he was staring intently at an oblivious Naruto.

The other side of big boned dude was a male I recgonized. It was Gaara, my old bandmate. His hair was still a blood red color and in the whole 'I just got laid' style and his aquamarine colored eyes were surrounded by black rings. He wore black skinny jeans, silver chains hanging from belt loops and pockets and the blue cloth was used as a belt. He had red skater shoes, no show socks, and a red T-shirt. On the shirt was a chibi racoon, hiding a trashcan and in block letters underneath it read, 'what trashcan?'

Next to Gaara was another of my old bandmates, Kankuro. His hair was still dark brown and spiky, but now held purple highlights, his eyes were beastily like Kiba but dark blue. He wore dark purple skinny jeans, chains dangling from belt loops, and like Gaara the blue cloth was used as a belt. His feet were covered with black and purple striped skater shoes, no show socks, and a black hoodie. Knowing him he probably wasn't wearing a shirt underneath.

The last guy had startling white eyes, but I could tell he wasn't blind, hip length chocolate brown hair tied into a horse tail and the blue cloth was tied around his forehead. He wore a white polo shirt with the first three buttons undone showing the white undershirt, the sleeves were rolled up to his elbows and the collar wasn't folded; he had baggy cargo, grey colored army pants, white skater shoes, no show socks, and a thin black cloth was tied around his neck.

I raised an eyebrow, this was a pretty intresting group of friends my twin had. Speaking of my twin I turned to look at him. He was looking at me expectantly. I closed my eyes and smacked him upside the head, earning myself a sastifactory yell of pain. "I don't have to give the okay to every person you happen to befriend, but..."

Kiba looked at me, rubbing the spot I smacked him, "But?"

"But…from what I can see, they're fine by me. Though, I won't give the final till I get to know every…single…thing…about…them…," I drawled out.

Naruto snorted, "You can just ask my parents about me, they'll tell you everything about me."

I grinned ferally, "Ah…but little nephew, that is where you are wrong."

Naruto stared at me incredulously, "Little…Nephew? The hell that all about?"

I smirked, "I'm my Aneki's little sister and since you're their son, that makes me an aunt, and you're born on October 10 and I July 6, therefore I am older."

The lazy looking male spoke up, "If you're Kiba's twin why is your birthday July 6, when Kiba's is July 7?"

"Ah, this is where it confuses people, Lazy. You see, I was born at exactly 11:59 p.m. on July 6 and Kiba was born at 12:05 a.m. So I am technally born on July 6 and him July 7, making me older. Now would you care to grace me with your name and age?"

"Nara, Shikamaru, 17 years old," Lazy, Shikamaru, I reminded myself, drawled out, I chuckled at his tone and pointed to Big-Boned.

"Akimichi, Chouji, 17 years old," Chouji mumbled through his mouth full of chips.

"Aburame, Shino, 17 years old." Jeez, couldn't the dude look up from the DS just once to acknowledge me?

"Uchiha, Sasuke, 17 years old," Sasuke answered, his gaze flickering over to me then back to Naruto. Wow, he had it bad.

Gaara looked at me with a raised eyebrow, not that he had any, "Sabaku, Gaara, 17. Nice to see you again, Tenten."

I smirked and nodded at him, "Same."

Kankuro shared a smirk with me and we gave each other a high five then hit our fists together. "Sabaku, Kankuro, 17. Good to finally see you again, Tenten."

"Ditto, Kankuro-kun." I then turned to the last person.

"Hyuuga, Neji, 17 years old." I glared right back at him, making his eyes widen slightly, tch, idiot. Hyuuga, Hyuuga, now where have I heard that before? As I pondered over it, the door slammed open and three girls ran in, panting.

The first girl had long, platinum blonde hair pulled into a high ponytail, side swept bangs covering her left eye, and bright baby blue colored eyes. She was wearing a mid-thigh length jean skirt with purple tights underneath. Her feet were covered in knee-length, black platform boots. Her shirt was a purple maternity shirt that had short sleeves. The blue cloth was tying her hair and a simple chain hung from her neck.

The next girl had startling white eyes, like Neji, but had black hair with blue highlights cut into a pixie cut. If it weren't for the eyes I would have though she and Sasuke were siblings. I knew this girl. She was wearing a tight, white jacket that was zipped up half way and revealed the powder blue camisole underneath. Her feet were covered in white Uggs, black skinny jeans were tucked in the boots and the blue cloth was tied around her neck.

The last girl I knew quite well, she had sandy blond hair pulled into four spiky pigtails, and her eyes were a darker shade of aquamarine then Gaara's. She was wearing a mid-thigh cream colored jean skirt, and white skater shoes. Her top was a teal colored short sleeved shirt with a cream colored long sleeved shirt underneath. A teal colored jacket was tied around her waist and her shoes were black skaters. The blue cloth was also tied around her neck.

I raised an eyebrow at them, "Names and ages?"

The platinum blonde answered first, "Yamanaka, Ino, 17."

The brunette answered next, a bit shyly, "Hyuuga, Hinata, 17." Hinata, Hinata, Hinata...why the hell did that sound so familiar?

The other blonde answered last, "Nice to see you again. Sabaku, Temari, 17." That was when it clicked. I hit a fist in my palm. Everyone turned to look at me.

I gave a crooked grin, "Gomen, I just remembered something. Name's Inuzuka, Tenten, 17."

Kiba clapped his hands and everyone sat around the shop. I remained in my original spot and gazed on as everyone went to different spots but were close enough to listen to Kiba. "Alright! Everyone's here, now we can start out meeting. Hinata!" The girl looked up. "How's the group party going?"

Hinata grimaced, "Not good. My father and sister are going to be home since their trip got canceled, so its a no go at my place."

Kiba cursed and I raised an eyebrow, "Damnit! We can't use anyone else's place because of varying reasons."

My other eyebrow rose, "Why exactly are the other's places no go?"

Naruto answered for everyone, "I can't because my parents would never allow it, Neji lives alone in an apartment, Sasuke's brother hogs the house for his group's stuff, Gaara, Kankuro, and Temari's dad also would never allow it, Shino's family is always home and it's too small, same with Chouji and Shikamaru, and Ino's dad won't allow the male spices into his house."

My eyebrows lifted further, "And Kiba?"

Kiba answered, "Dad doesn't allow crazy parties, and Hana hates it when I have parties, small or not."

I smirked and my eyebrows returned to normal, "Then I guess its a good thing mom doesn't want me living with dad."

Kiba looked at me funny, "Nani?"

I gave him a blank stare, "Our parents are loaded, ototo. I have my own house and I live in it alone. Of course, I probably shouldn't call it a house."


Insanity-Hime: Well, there's the first chapter rewritten. Okay, explaining a couple of things! Yes, I know most of the pairings have changed drastically, but my intrests have changed over the last couple years. The Yaoi and Yuri will be slight and not too major, but kissing will more then likely be explained in detail. This will now have more of a plot, more then before since before there was no plot what so ever. I think that's all for now! Expect the next chapter soon!