Chapter 1: Hell Begins

A/N: Story has been completely reedited, Dec 2010

"What the ..." He gasped as he was accosted by four beefy thugs who'd jumped him before he could climb into his hummer which was parked next to an electronics store he'd just left. He managed to elbow one behind him and send a fist into another thug's face.

"Crud, grab him you louts. He's strong...pull him down...quick before we're spotted!" One of the thugs wheezed from the elbowing to his gut.

Two more thugs appeared and finally overwhelmed the Chief Enforcer, knocking him unconscious. They loaded him aboard a mud covered van and tore off down the street.

He awoke with a throbbing head, his body suspended in the air by leather restraints on his wrists with chains attached which were hung from rings in the ceiling. He blinked in the dim light and looked around. The surroundings looked to be a basement and he could hear faintly the sounds of voices and music overhead.

Moments later, a door opened. Bright light and loud noises spilled down the staircase as four large males entered, the door snapping shut behind them, muffling the sound again.

"Well, I see you're with us again, Commander." One of the males spoke, his voice cultured and flavored with a faintly foreign accent. Feral couldn't see their faces because they stayed in the shadows.

"Who are you? What do you want with me?" he asked angrily, shaking the chains that held him.

"To the point I see. I like that! Here's the deal, Commander. My boss wants to establish a little business here in this great city of yours. We're willing to cut you in on a little of the profits if you keep your enforcers out of our business dealings, its to our benefit to keep things peaceable between us," the voice explained, persuasively.

"I don't make deals with criminals," Feral spat.

"Hmm, too bad. We did hear that about you but...well...we thought we'd ask and give you the option of changing your mind. So since you are unwilling to bargain, we'll just have to be rude and show you how serious my boss is about this," the stranger's voice hardened. He turned to the thugs with him and coldly ordered, "alright guys, let's show the Commander, here, what interfering in our business will mean and what will happen if he doesn't keep his nose out of it!"

Rough paws reached forward from the shadows and began pulling Feral's clothes off until he was completely nude. They weren't particularly careful about the removal of his underwear as the spots of blood attested, from the tears they'd made with their claws when they tore it from his body.

Those same paws began to caress and stroke him, handling his cock roughly and touching him obscenely in his most intimate areas. He tried hard not to flinch and to keep his face stoic but when one of them passed a paw between his legs despite his efforts to keep them closed, panic reared up to choke him with fear.

"Hey, what's this now?" the thug mused as he poked and prodded something that shouldn't be there. "Someone got a flashlight handy?"

"Yeah, here..." one of his companions tossed him a flashlight. "What's up?"

"I feel something wrong here...just a sec..." the first thug muttered, distractedly, as he crouched down and looked up between Feral's legs. Suddenly a lascivious grin spread across his face as he announced, "well, well lookee here..." .

"Well, don't keep us in suspense...what do you see?" the leader demanded, curious and annoyed but not willing to come into the light to satisfy it.

"Hehheh...we've got a hermaphrodite here," the thug crowed, delightedly.

Feral heard snickers from the watching males and shuddered, knowing exactly what was going to happen next.

"Excellent! The lesson will be even stronger then. You all know what to do!" the leader chuckled, darkly.

"Yes sir. This is going to be a pleasure!" the first thug smirked as his paws went back to their obscene caressing. Another came close and deliberately began to caress the female sex organ. "Yeah, this is going to be fun," he said hoarsely, already getting excited.

Terror struck Feral as they handled his body roughly. He kicked wildly and managed to land a few blows, but they stopped that by holding each leg firmly while one of them made his first move. Despite every desperate wriggle and tightening of his thighs, Feral failed to keep them from ruthlessly raping and sodomizing him over the next couple of hours. Though he tried not to show his fear or pain, he was soon screaming in agony as he was viciously torn into.

By the time the leader called a halt, Feral was hanging limply, blood dripping to the floor beneath him. His wrists were numb and his two orifices screamed with pain, his mind had retreated from the treatment so he didn't hear the leader speak to him.

The leader came close, though kept his face in the dark as he reached out and lifted Feral's chin. He clucked his tongue when he saw the glazed look in the tom's eyes. "Hmm, seems we've been a bit too rough. Get water!"

One of the thugs handed him a bottle of water and the leader used this to splash the Commander's face. Feral gasped and blinked aware again.

"Now that I have your attention, I just wanted to relay one last thing before we release you. I think you now realize how serious we are about having your cooperation in our little venture and to ensure you don't try to turn on us, this little episode starring you has been taped. We will send it to your superiors and the news media if you interfere. Your choice!"

In answer, Feral spit in the tom's face. Cursing angrily, the leader pulled out a handkerchief and wiped his face. "I would make you pay for that but we've wasted enough time on you." Turning to his thugs, he ordered, "Get him down, put his clothes on and drop him a distance from here." He turned away and headed up the stairs. The sound of the door opening was brief then silence fell again.

Rough paws, unchained the limp tom from his restraints. They cursed as Feral couldn't stand at first. Two held him while the third dressed him awkwardly. As they finished up with pulling his coat on and shoving his boots on his feet, Feral fought to stay conscious as his body roared with pain, his wrists were screaming with returning circulation and he still couldn't stand well.

They ended up having to nearly carry him up the stairs after blindfolding him. Though in agony, Feral forced himself to concentrate for more clues to where he might be as they entered the upper floors. His ears picked up the sounds of glassware clinking and a vacuum cleaner being used somewhere nearby as he was hustled down a short, carpeted hallway and out a side door into the cold dawn of morning.

He was tossed to the floor of what he guessed was a utility van of some kind, no seats around, his two guards sat on the floor on either side of him and the third took the driver's seat. The drive only took about twenty minutes but it might as well have been forever as the bouncing around made him hiss and moan from the pain of his abused body. When it halted, one guard pulled the side door open and cold air blew in. The two then lifted Feral's body and dumped him to the hard pavement. The door slid shut and the vehicle roared off.

It took him far too long to reach up and rip the blindfold off and when he finally succeeded, all he saw was the tail lights of a mud covered brown van turning the far corner and disappearing from view. He couldn't even get the license plate number due to the grim.

Hurt, bleeding and in shock, it took Feral more than ten minutes to finally stagger to his feet. Slowly, he checked his pockets, sighing in relief when he found they hadn't taken his wallet or keys but his phone was gone. Hissing at that, he looked around to see where he was.

After a long moment of bleary study, he realized he was about a mile from where his vehicle was parked. Realizing he was in no shape to walk anywhere, he looked for some way to make a call and found a phone booth a few feet down near a closed grocery store. Using the buildings as a crutch, he worked his way to it.

As he stood holding the receiver, it took him some moments to decide who to call then settled on calling for a taxi. His head pounded, limbs trembled and his eyes blurred as he waited some fifteen minutes for the taxi to arrive, no surprise there as it was rather early in the morning. It had been early evening when he'd been taken but it was now dawn.

When the taxi halted beside him, Feral pushed off the building he was leaning against and managed the few steps to climb into the taxi. The driver eyed him suspiciously. Feral didn't blame him as he was sure he didn't look real good.

The driver apparently decided not to ask any questions, safer that way. "Where to?"

"Jupetor's Electronics," Feral managed to say before slumping into the seat and trying to recover as best he could, the heat in the cab a blessing after the cold wait.

The trip was less than ten minutes long. The cabbie pulled up to the front of the store and waited. Feral paid him then practically crawled out of the cab which took off as soon as its door was closed. That was alright as Feral didn't want the tom to see how hard it was for him to try and walk to his car.

His vehicle, thankfully, had not been touched so he climbed in stiffly and drove home. It took his last meager strength to walk the distance to the elevator then down the hall to his apartment.

Inside its safe walls, he staggered toward his bedroom. He desperately wanted to rest but also to clean all trace of his rape away. He made for the bathroom and leaned his weight on his sink, reached over and turned on the shower then stared at his image in the mirror. What he saw there was a pair of haunted gold eyes.

He should report this but the manner in which he'd been raped...no one but his enforcer doctor and family knew he was an hermaphrodite. He'd guarded that secret fiercely for years but it hardly mattered now, he grimly realized, as those thugs knew and it was on tape...that made him furious. As he stood there fuming and hurting too much to move, the shower continued to run, filling the room with steam.

'Kat's Alive! Despite the risk of being revealed to more people, I can't let that piece of filth get away with their threat and no way do I want another crime lord in this city. With his decision made, he pushed away from the sink, turned off the shower and made his way carefully to his bedroom to use the phone.