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Chapter 1 "Alex Comes Home"

After spending the last ten years in New York, Alex P. Keaton, along with his wife

Jackie and their 2 children, Hannah and Alex Jr., are ready to head on home for

a Thanksgiving holiday. After finishing up work, Alex, Jackie and the kids head

to the airport and fly home.

After a lengthy flight, they arrive at the old family home. Steven Keaton, is now

retired from the public access TV station he spent so much time at. Elise Keaton,

is also retired, but still does some work on the side now and then. Mallory and

Jennifer are out of the house, Mallory recently married and about 8 months

pregnant, and Jennifer attending medical school. And Andy is away at school

and will not be able to attend Thanksgiving this year.

Alex is the last of the children to arrive at home, being greeted by his very

pregnant sister, Mallory and her husband Jack Larson. Jackie feels slightly

left out since she is very familiar with Alex's family, since they spend most of

their holidays in New York. This is the first time Jackie is seeing his family

since they got married 6 years ago.

Alex winds up spening most of his time with his parents and with Skippy who

still lives in the neighborhood with his fiance Holly. Leaving Jackie to talk with

Mallory about her pregnancy and about the mall. Jackie is starting to wonder

if Alex is having too much fun at home and worries that he will want to return

for good.