( At Angel and Collins house)

Mark could not sleep. He felt so guilty about what he had done. But Roger did over react... the next morning when he woke up there was a loud thump on the door... "Who is it?" mark called. He didn't want to open up for an angry Roger.

" Mark, its Mimi let me in." Mark shifted his eyes.

"Are you alone?"

Mimi sighed, "Mark, stop being ridiculous and just let me in!" Mark slid the door open and let her in. " He is really mad at me isn't he..."

"Mark, he's being ridiculous. He asked Joanne if he had any legal rights! I needed to get away from him for awhile. Where is Angel?" Mimi asked

"Making out in her room with Collins, sick." Mimi scoffed.

"Its not sick!"

"all making out is sick , Mimi!"

"no its not... your just lonely!"

There was another knock at the door.

"its Reen, let me in!"

Mark slid the door open. He blushed.

"don't think making out is sick not don't ya!"

"shut up Mimi"

"whats going on here?" Maureen practically yelled.

"Roger told me to come down here to tell Mark that he is dead." Maureen said matter of factly.

"I know im dead Reen, I know that already." At that moment, Angel and Collins stepped out of their room. "whoa, what are you all doing here?" said Collins

"Were all trying to get away from Roger."

Roger had just the plan to get back at Mark. As he sat in his room pretending to cry and moan he was devising just how to do it. He was going to steal Mark's camera.

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