Temp And The Wealthy Son Song

By: MusicIsMySoul

Summary: Kagome is a temp; she works five different jobs at least in one week just to get by paying for her apartment and studio time. Inuyasha is the son of a wealthy record label owner. What happened when fate brings them together…

Disclaimer: I do NOT own any Inuyasha characters…sadly yes I have tried…but the dogs and the lazers and the high security vaults but I failed and now I don't own it…-sigh-

Chapter One: her life

The alarm clock beeped loudly in her ears knocking loudly on her headache and burning her ears. She buried her face deeper into her flat pillow and groaned loudly. It was supposed to be her day off but the hospital her worked at needed a receptionist, the grocery store needed a cashier. All she wanted was to stay in bed. The sun tucked on her eyelids and shouted at her to get out of her rock hard bed. Her apartment was small, no not small, as the ad has told her four and a half years ago, it said cozy…it was anything but cozy. Kagome rose from her warm blankets and trudged over to the tiny bathroom she had just pulled the old wallpaper from. The now bare walls reminded her of how broke she really was.

24 and just out of New York community collage and got her applied music degree and flat broke from it. After her father died just after high school she ended up paying her fathers funeral bills since her mother had been diagnosed with lung cancer and the doctors told her she had about a year to live. I had been four years since then and Kagome's mom was still in the hospital with cancer and wasn't looking good at all. Kagome had also been following her dream of being a singer just like her mother had then she made that dream move to New York City. Although she had a degree in applied music no one would hire her for a vocal teacher, not even as a guitar player as backup for anything they just brushed her off like a no talent Joe, so she resorted to looking for a easy job that would put her in an apartment for a while till she got her career up and going which resulted in many small temp jobs and still not enough money for studio time that she wanted so badly. Kagome had moved from her ranch just outside or Calgary, Canada to the big city United States of America to find nothing but to many jobs to count and debt that was a mile high.

Everything was crisp that morning, it had rained the night before and the buckets that littered her floor were filled with the rainwater that had fallen through the roofing of her "pent house", as she called it, apartment. The broken down apartment complex was on the edge of the city line that they called "the danger zone" where maybe of the drug dealers did there business, most of the hoes worked late at night, where fires erupted in buildings across the street but she knew it would be temporary 'yeah temporary for the last four and a half years, who knows when I could get out of here'that's what she told herself when she woke up every morning. She went about her daily routine brushing her long midnight hair, putting her contacts into her chocolate brown eyes, putting on her blue scrubs that somehow she didn't mind while other receptionist complained about then grabbing her backpack and putting a second set of clothes and her other uniform in then taking her keys and walking out the door and down the seven flights of stairs, just like any other day. The cool spring breeze filled her lungs, it wasn't clean as it would be back on her home ranch but it was welcomed to her everyday for four and a half years. The bus rolled up to the bus stop and she played her one dollar and fifty cents then gripped onto the bar that kept people steady when the bus braked and excelled. She knew many of the people that were on the bus were either not staying in the neighborhood or were drug dealers going somewhere, she never talked to anyone on the bus. Once they got into a small residential area of the city that's when her eyes looked across the street to a little girl and her father and memories of her own father flooded back to her. The bus braked suddenly and Kagome still in her daze flew forward and hit a tall man in front of her as she fell. Many of the people didn't pay any mind to her klutziness but the man quickly leaned down and reached his hand down "Hey you okay?"

Kagome felt the bus return to move and looked up at the man. His eyes were bright golden and the long hair that had fallen over his broad shoulders of his black business suit, which was still odd for the area of the city they were in, was silver "um…" she shook off the embarrassment and took his hand, it was warm and soft "yeah thanks"

He nodded and turned back around after pulling Kagome to her feet "no problem, umm do you know if this bus goes down to the arts district?" his question was shot over his shoulder

Kagome nodded "yeah just wait for three more stops and you'll be close to the Lincoln center and the arts district is around that area"

The man nodded again as a thank-you and his silver hair shone in the light as he moved it. Kagome almost felt compelled to run her fingers through it but instead shrugged and watched the road signs to make sure she was not going to be late for her temp job '134th street, 135th street…wait!! OH SHIT!!'

She pulled on the stop string multiple times all showing she was going crazy inside. People yelled at her to stop the annoying dinging that filled the silent bus. The driver yelled back "stop fuckin' with the bell lady the next stop is in 5 minuets you can wait until then!"

Kagome dropped her head "great…just fucking great"

The man she had fallen into rolled his eyes grabbed Kagome's hand and yanked her through the other people that groaned and gave her the odd cursing under their breath "hey you stop the bus right now that's what the stop sting is for isn't" the man almost growled at the driver

"Yeah but I got a bus full of people that are going to be late" the driver stopped at a red light

"Here I'll give you a hundred bucks if you stop this bus now" the silver haired man pulled his wallet out of his pants and grabbed a few bills adding up to hundred dollars

The driver instantly stopped the bus and opened the door "good doing business with you sir"

The silver haired man pulled Kagome out of the bus and onto the busy street "where do you work wench?"

"That's not my name dick wad" Kagome snapped

"And that's not mine either wench now where do you work?" he rolled his eyes

Kagome placed her hands on her hips "first of all I didn't ask you to help me second my name is Kagome"

The man 'keh'ed and spoke again "I paid a hundred bucks just to get you off that bus now tell me where you work so I can get a cab to take you there"

"I work at New York children's hospital okay happy now dick wad" she crossed her arms in front of her

"Inuyasha" he said as he hailed a cab

"What?" Kagome watched the man as a cab pulled up to them and the man pulled her into the taxi

"My name is Inuyasha Takahashi" he told Kagome then he turned to the driver "New York Children's hospital and I'll throw in an extra fifty if you can get us there in less than 3 minuets"

Kagome almost fell into a puddle, how could this guy just throw away money here and there, he had just spent roughly about one hundred and eighty six dollars and thirty-four cents in a matter of five minuets "ahh thanks?" she managed to get out

"You owe me Kagome…" he trailed off

"Higurashi" she plugged in

"Kagome Higurashi" he nodded a smile played on his lips

They sat in the cab for the last remaining seconds for the trip and when the cab stopped Kagome said her last good byes and basically ran toward the entrance of the hospital showing her I.D card to the Hojo the security guard, she never knew why he was there he looked to meek and scared for the job. The elevator ride to the CCU was long and she rushed to get her breath back, the same annoying music played in the small space and Kagome hummed the melody she could have turned it into before the doors once again opened and Kagome rushed out into the floor to get to her station at the reception desk where her friend Songo sat smiling as she reclined back into the comfortable computer chair "hey" she smiled "some is almost late never seen you like that Kags, what happen you miss the bus?"

Kagome set her backpack down on the floor beside her then took a break "nope I actually rode the bus to long and some guy helped me get here"

"Oooo a guy do tell" Songo smiled and leaned forward

"Nothing to tell he just got me off the bus and hailed a cab to get here" Kagome shrugged and went to work booting up the sick workers computer "so how's Miroku and you missy"

Songo threw her hands up in the air "I give up on that lecher! I try and get all dressed up for him when we go out and what does he do goes and gropes some other girl and if he blames his hand one more time…I swear I'll rip it off"

Kagome laughed. Songo and Miroku had been dating a little over three months and every time they went out it was the same story, Songo gets dressed up, they go out for dinner or a movie or dancing and every single time Miroku gropes someone else other thank Songo, not that Songo liked it but it was always someone else then he would blame it on his cured hand. "Come on Songo you wish just once he would feel you up don't you" she poked Songo's shoulder

"Poke me one more time and you won't have a finger, and I do NOT wish he would grope me…It's just I feel so insignificant when he touches someone else, I feel like I don't matter" her eye cast downward

"You know that's not true, Miro cares so much about you, maybe he's just getting his fantasies over with before he settled down with you" Kagome said before Songo's phone rang and she turned back to her ready computer…today was going to be a long day and the night wouldn't be better either

The grocery store was not much different than the hospital was "hey Kagome your not working cash today Ayame got her so can you please clean up the disaster in isle nine, the Johnson kids were playing in here again…" her boss, Koga said as she walked into the workers lounge where her locker was.

"Yeah Koga I will" she sighed loudly and grabbed her uniform ball cap that was stuffed into her locker then she made her way to isle nine…

It was a mess, no more than a mess a massacre, a milk and ice cream mixed with yogurt and song waffles that looked soggy and almost like chocolate chips in a pile of cookie dough…well maybe not. Kagome sighed again and pulled out a mop and bucket and started on the mess that lay before her. Ayame walked out of the workers lounge giggling as she held Koga's hand and making their way toward the storage room probably thinking about things that Kagome knew she wouldn't do…god she hated New York. Love was one thing Kagome couldn't get when it came to life; she was too busy to meet any guys save for Hojo that wasn't her type at all. She was alone in the busiest city she had ever known, her family told her not to move out here but Kagome being the stubborn one did what she wasn't told and moved, she had no money, no one to get help from, no place to stay, nothing she was completely alone. The mop was full of the mess so she put it in the ringer and the mixture seeped into the empty bucket right beside the clean water bucket then her mind went back to the man, Inuyasha…why did he help her? Why did he spend roughly about one hundred and eighty six dollars and thirty-four cents on her? The sliding doors to the store opened and there he was…Inuyasha standing in the door way his hands in his pockets as if he was looking for something. Kagome went back to work as if she had never seen him, he was probably just getting something for his girlfriend, or family, or something. Two pokes on her shoulder woke her from her thought and she spun around mop in hand hitting something on her way, Inuyasha was standing right there "oh I'm so sorry" she realized that the mixture had splashed all over his neatly pressed pants she went to clean as if it was her job to but Inuyasha stopped her

"You dropped this when you got out of the cab" he reached into his pocket and pulled out a few picture that she remembered were loosely tucked in her backpack.

She took the pictures from him and looked at them…her graduation with her father's arm around her smiling, her when she was little at the beach with her parent laying on a towel, her brother must have taken that one…then her eyes met her favorite picture…Kagome at her high school graduation concert, it was her and her mother on stage singing and her father in the back playing guitar…how could she be so careless with the best picture she had ever had "thank you so much…you have no idea how much this means to me"

"You're a singer?" he asked looking down at her smaller form

Kagome looked up at him "you looked at them?" she asked almost offended someone who look at her stuff like it was on display

"Well they were in the cab wench" he crossed his arms

"Didn't I tell you my name is Kagome? Ka-go-me!" she snapped going back to work

"Keh whatever Kagome" he walked out of the store as if he wasn't yelled at "See you later!"

Kagome just rolled her eyes and went back to work…god she hated New York

After a long shift from 5pm to 1 am Kagome rode the bus home and tossed all her stuff back into their original place "ahh home at last" she never believed the word but they were better so say then not say at all. After Emptying the buckets filled with water that still sat on the hardwood floor she picked up her backpack and pulled out the pictures Inuyasha had brought back to her. Her eyes scanned the front and back till she got to her favorite one and on the back was printed 'Call me 555-3424…Inuyasha'

Kagome rolled into her bed and looked at the picture as if the words were printed in gold…god how she loved New York…

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