1Temp And The Wealthy Son Song

By: MusicIsMySoul

Summary: Kagome is a temp; she works five different jobs at least in one week just to get by paying for her apartment and studio time. Inuyasha is the son of a wealthy record label owner. What happened when fate brings them together…

Disclaimer: I do NOT own any Inuyasha characters…sadly yes I have tried…but the dogs and the lazers and the high security vaults but I failed and now I don't own it…-sigh-

Chapter sixteen: Epilogue


Monday, December 14th

Dear Journal,

Kagome gave me this stupid journal for some baby box thing-a-ma-jig. After months of waking up in the middle of the night and having Kagome ask me to go to the store and get her something so obscure the months have led up to this. Only a few more weeks and the doctors said this kid is coming out, and if it doesn't I'll make it come out! Kagome is always tired and after our last CD promotional tour I think that's enough for a while. The press can't get enough of this coming kid, they say it's going to be the most talented and beautiful kid in all of the entertainment business today. I think they're full of shit, I just want to try and make a normal life for my kid. If it's a boy I'll teach him everything I know...and keep him away from Miroku that lecher but then again Songo did get married to him so it's her problem now. If my kid is a girl well then she will be locked up in her room until she goes to college! No late night parties, no boys, she's going to be a model child. Well Kagome is calling me again...more ice cream on the way honey.


Friday, January 1st

Dear Journal,

Okay this kid has been a hassle, born only three hours ago and she's already crying her eyes out, I guess that's what babies do. My mother though to name the baby after her grandmother but Kagome already had a name picked out. I don't think she looks like a Mizuki, or a Riku but that's just me. After a while we decided that if we put our names together it sounded perfect...Inaome...just perfect. She's a beautiful little girl...oh yes a girl she won't be seeing daylight till she's nineteen. Almost a full head a hair that girl has, Dark like Kagome's and even some silver streaks like mine, and of chores the families golden eyes...well not really golden now there more of a dark gold colour but she'll grow into the gold when she's older. The press wanted to get some photo's of her so we had to use hospital security to keep they away, even coving the windows was what Kagome though was extreme but she doesn't know the press like I do. They would probably kill for a few good pictures of our baby girl. Don't worry I'll protect them.

okay so that's the real end I just kept reading the original ending over and over and it just didn't fit

Kagome: you could say that again...

Lee: okay so that's the real end I just kept reading the original ending over and over and it just didn't fit...

Inuyasha: (sigh) it's an expression she really didn't want you to say it again

Lee: well anyways check out the sequel to this awesome story "The New Life Past Song Story" anyways I love this writting style, my one teacher told me about journal style (sounds funny) anyways it's short but it premotes the sequel

ZEE END!!!!!!!