"Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me."

"Didja know that she spends EVERY DAY up there with them? Her being the only girl and all!

"Scandalous, really. I even heard that they all went on vacations together, during the summer."

"What kinds of things she must do, to make them take her with them..."

"I never figured hi-her as that sort of person... All by herself with a large group of boys..."

"Though I suppose that it's in her commoner blood. You KNOW how they have such filthy habits."

These sorts of rumors had spread around Ouran High School like wildfire. Now, only a week after the Ouran Festival, and already, many of Haruhi's classmates refused to talk to her.

Of course, they had no qualms talking ABOUT her. They made no attempt to hide it, either. That's why Haruhi had rapidly learned that it was best to just ignore the speakers. Last time that she had confronted a group of them, Hikaru had ended up in a fistfight with a second-year, disregarding Haruhi's, and Kaoru's, pleas to leave it alone.

Granted, there were several classmates who didn't pay attention to these rumors. Renge had taken in all in stride (after fainting away), saying that it explained a lot, and had become Haruhi's best female supporter. Kanako and Tohru had shown up at the Host Cub four days ago with a set of new tea cups, asking if the Host club would like to try them out; Kasanoda promised to Haruhi that he'd beat up anyone who laid a hand on her; and Tamaki had mysteriously tripped over a box yesterday that was filled with curse dolls and a letter that said 'To curse the Gossipers with'.

And of course, the Host Club stood with Haruhi.

But that did not stop the vicious rumors that girls like Ayanokouji and Ayame spread mercilessly. Haruhi had taken to eating lunch in the girls bathroom, before the twins had threatened to break down the door if she "didn't come out right now and eat with your FRIENDS!!!"

All in all, life for one Fujioka Haruhi had, for the moment, taken a downward spiral.

"Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but words can ALSO hurt me."
A/N: Because I was always curious as to what the reactions were at the end of the anime when everyone discovered that Haruhi was a girl.
And I know that some people are mean and narrow-minded, and would just love to humiliate and degrade you.

I've only seen the anime, but I know some extra manga-exclusive characters, so I'll try to include them as well.

Also, this is my first Ouran High story and my first on-going story, so please be patient!