The Host Club was worried.

Very, very worried.

Life had changed very quickly for their female friend.

For once, the six guys were all completely serious. Tamaki had called an emergency meeting before school, knowing that Haruhi wouldn't be there yet, and they had all come. Now, in what was more or less a circle, they began discussing how they could help her without making destroying more of her reputation.

"It doesn't matter what we do, if we disregard the rumors any longer, there could be serious damage to Haruhi's psyche." Tamaki stated, "I know that she can't be shrugging it off inwardly, even though she isn't reacting to the point where anyone else can notice."

"You're right about that to an extent, Tono." Kaoru told him, "You don't have any classes with her, but we do." "She'd been getting paler, we've noticed." Hikaru put in, still supporting a brilliant blue eye, "Quieter too. And she DID try to stand up for herself a few days ago. The students she confronted just shrugged what she said off... and... and.." "They laughed, Tono." Kaoru finished what his brother could not bring himself to spit out, "And that's also how Hikaru here got the sunrise in his face." He patted his brother on the back, while Hikaru glared at the wall.

"Look. It's HER."
"And she's with the twins."
"I wonder if she did them separately... or together."

Haruhi stopped, turned, and faced the gossipers. "I'm sorry, I couldn't help but overhear: You think I slept with Kaoru and Hikaru?"

Snickers answered her. "And what if we do?" asked a bulky second-year boy.

Before she could reply, Haruhi felt two pairs of hands on her shoulders. "Hey Haruhi, are these people bothering you?" asked Kaoru.

Someone whispered to their neighbor, "Why else would they defend her, if not because she sleeps with them?"

Hikaru stiffened. "Take that back!"

The second-year smirked. "Or what?"

The next few moments happened in a blur.

"Hikaru! HIKARU, NO!!"

"Well, what do you plan to do? The other students will just say that we're defending her because she's seduced us."

"I'll beat them up!" Hunny exclaimed emphatically, "Takahashi-kun and I can make sure all the guys don't do anything to Haru-chan!"

Kyoya pushed back his glasses. "The males will be taken care of that way, but what the largest problem is the girls. With the way they talk, it can hurt worse than being beaten up. And Haruhi has noticed how many of our clients are refusing to come to the Host Club now. She approached me yesterday about quitting the Host Club, so that we don't lose our customers."

Hikaru's head whipped around. "I sure hope you didn't tell her to leave!" he growled, "So that your precious customers don't take themselves and their money away from your avaricious hands."

Kyoya returned Hikaru's glare with his own cold stare. "I did no such thing. The ladies who no longer come were, without a doubt, unfit for such company as ours anyway. "

"Kyoya-sempai. I think, that with my current reputation the Host Club is losing many of its clients. I want to quit, so that I don't have you lose anymore of your customers' income."

"Well, since it is partially your fault, you lost us money. You can't leave, because you once again owe us a debt." In a rare gesture of affection, Kyoya patted Haruhi's head, telling her, "We'll find someway to make this all right."

Mori spoke up. "That girl, Ayanokouji, is making the most trouble."

"Ah yes! The lady who disliked our Haruhi even before her true gender was known." Tamaki cried out, "I wonder why she wants to hurt Haruhi."

"It is for revenge." Kyoya told him, "She has found the perfect way to get back at Haruhi. And she must enjoy that Tamaki and all of us are powerless to do very much."

The bell rang.

"I suggest we collect ourselves again after school. Until this issue with our princess is resolved, the Host Club will be on hiatus." Tamaki's eyes glinted like ice.

The six of them collected their things and trudged off their separate classes.

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