Summery: When two interns have a string of painful events in their lives, they help each other through it. A Meredith and Alex fanfc. This comes in about two weeks after season 3 ended. There was no Gizzie (Sorry Gizzie lovers). George and Callie are not married.

Disclaimer: I do not own any character from Grey's Anatomy. I wish I did... but I don't.

She slammed another one down. Her sixth in a row. The empty shot glass now neatly lined up in front of her. Yet, she did not falter. As if, tonight it was impossible to get drunk. It seemed that the last year's event seemed to hit her all in one swish. If anyone were to look at the events that happened over her first year at Seattle Grace, then write them down in a book. You would have a book as thick as the dictionary. She shifted her butt around in the seat trying to stay comfortable and still didn't remove her eyes from the row of glasses. Her eyes were cloudy, but she didn't feel drunk. She waved over Joe, who looked at her like she was nuts.

"Another one, please," She mumbled without even looking up.

"Are you sure you should?" Joe asked, unsure if it was a good idea.

She nodded and he sighed defeated as he poured another shot of tequila and set it in front of her. She grasped the sides of the glass and swirled around the brownish liquid. She sighed and threw her head back. The liquid burned the back of her throat. She slammed the glass down again and looked out it hoping to ease the pain. It didn't seem to help.

"Mere?" A hand reached out and touched her causing her to jump. She spun around on the bar stool.

"What are you doing here? Aren't you on-call?" She said and turned back to the bar sighing.

"No, Bailey let me off the hook. Whoa, Mere, Seven shots. Seriously?"

"Yep. Why isn't the tequila working tonight?"

"Come on, I'll drive you home"

"NO," She snapped back. "No, Alex, I don't want to go home. The tequila has to work before I can go. I need MORE TEQUILA."

"Meredith, you've had seven shots. What the hell are you trying to help?" Alex said.

"I NEED THE PAIN TO GO AWAY," She yelled, causing the whole bar to look up.

"Come on, Mere, you need to go home and get some sleep."

She didn't try to ague this time as he leaded her out into the chilly night air. She shivered as she stumbled towards the parking lot. She hadn't realized it was that cold when she had gone into the bar. He, who was walking behind her, noticed her shoulders shaking. He slipped off his jacket and placed it over her shoulders in the attempt to warm her up.

"Thank you," she mumbled through the chattering of her teeth. "Where is it?"

"In the hospital parking lot." Alex replied. "Wait here, I'll go get it."

"Okay," Meredith said back as he started to walk across the street.


"Hey," Izzie looked up as Alex walked in with Meredith in tow.

"Hey," Alex said.

"Hi Izz," Meredith said quietly and started up the stairs.

"What's with her?" Izzie whispered.

"She was at Joe's." Alex sighed and sat down. "She had seven shots."

"Damn," Izzie said. "What's wrong with her?"

"I don't know she was silent the whole way back"


Meredith sunk into the bed not bother to change. The tears that were welling up in her eyes since she entered the bar over an hour and a half ago were not rolling down her cheeks. It was a quiet cry at first, but had since then turned into sobs. Her shoulders shook as she let out short busts of air.

Alex walked down the hall as he unbuttoned his shirt. He walked past Meredith's room when a sound caused him to stop. It was a sound they had heard often before but not in a while. He listened to the sobs erupting from inside the door, before he pushed the door open. The light from the hallway fell upon Meredith's back. The dark room seemed motionless except for the bed where Meredith was now sobbing.

"Mere," the voice that came out of his mouth was just above a whisper. She must not have heard or chose to ignore it entirely. "Meredith?" He tried again. She still didn't answer. He walked to the bed and sat down on the other side. She moved a little but didn't roll over completely. "Please talk to me." He almost pleaded.

"I… I just don't know what to do with myself anymore," Meredith sobbed quietly.

"What do you mean?"

"My mom died. My fake mom died. Christina's marriage… didn't happen. Derek cheated on me…"

"Derek WHAT?"

"He cheated on me," Meredith started to sob. "I'm all alone." The anger raged through Alex's veins as he thought of him cheating on Meredith. One of his best friends. Then, he looked at Meredith. She looked so broken and his heart broke.

"You have me, Mere. You have all of us." He pulled her onto his lap. Her head fell onto his chest. She started to sob harder as he held her close. She could hear his heart beat in her ear and she felt safe. About thirty minutes later, she was asleep. Her body stopped shaking and at that moment she looked peaceful. She was still in his arms and he didn't want to put her down, but she needed to sleep and he did too. He laid her down and covered her with the blanket.

"Please don't go, Alex," She mumbled only half awake. "Stay with me."

Alex looked at Meredith for a minute. She looked so broken. He slipped of the button up shirt he had unbuttoned a while ago and laid beside her. She moved closer and he wrapped his arm protectively around her. Soon she had fallen back asleep.