5 years later…

It was a sunny day in Seattle. She looked around the park with a small smile on her face. The sky was bright blue for the first time in a week. It was springtime and beautiful out. She looked around at the staff of Seattle Grace. It was their annual hospital cook-out. Most people complained around spending time with the people they are forced to see everyday, but when it came right down to it. Everyone loved to come and just hang out or at least to eat food on the hospital's tab. Everyone was invited and most people came if they weren't working. They brought their families, so there were plenty of kids and new people.

She spread the blanket out as she waited for her husband to finish getting the food for everyone. She set the baby, who was in the car seat, down beside where she was planning on sitting.

"Hey Mer." Meredith turned to see the Richard standing there. He had retired and passed the Chief to Dr. Bailey with no hesitation. She smiled at him as he pulled her in for a hug.

"How are you doing?" She asked.

"I'm doing well. How about you guys?"

"We're fine." She said with a shrug. "Everything is just great."

"I'm glad. I'll see you around."

"Yeah, I'll see you." She smiled at him as he walked off.

"We got the food." He said handing her a plate and kissing her cheek.

"Thanks. Come on guys come and eat." Meredith called. "Madi don't torment your bother."

"Okay, Mama." Madi said. "Come on, Danny." She said in a whiny voice.

"Both of you listen to your mother." Alex said. "Come over here and eat."

"Mind if we sit." Christina said holding her stomach.

"Nope." Meredith said. "Hey Nick."

Christina had met Nicholas Smith, when he started as an attending at the hospital, a little over three years ago. They had gotten married two years later and were now expecting their first child.

"Aunt Christina," Madi said. "When is stork coming?"

"What?" Christina said in confusion.

"Mommy said you were having a baby and Jack at preschool said that his mommy said that a stork brings the baby, Silly." Madi explained.

They couldn't help but laugh.

"The stork is going to bring the baby in a month." Christina said.

"I'll go get you some food." Nick said kissing her cheek as he stood up from their blanket.

"Thanks." Christina said leaning back some.

"Hey guys." George said as he walked up with his fiancé, Kate Martin.

"Hey." Christina, Alex, and Meredith said at once.

"Mind if we put our blanket here?" Kate asked.

"Not at all." Meredith answered.

"How did you handle it Mer?" Kate asked.

"Handle what?" Meredith said taking a bite of her hamburger.

"Three pregnancies worth of morning sickness." She said putting her hand on her stomach.

"It got less and less. By Shara's pregnancy…" She said looking at the baby in the carrier. "I barely had any."

"I still don't see how you did it. Especially with work." Kate said shaking her head. Kate was a nurse at Seattle Grace on the surgical floor.

"Well, Madi was worse morning sickness. Danny wasn't too bad. And Shara was easy." She said with a shrug.

"I'm glad I'm out of that stage." Christina said with relief.

"I am too." Alex chimed in. "I am really glad you're not going to throw up on me anymore. I was always your target."

"I didn't mean too." Christina defended.

"Mommy, can we go play?" Madi asked.

"Fine." She sighed. "Don't go too far."

"We won't." Danny and Madi said at the same time. Madi had just turned five and Danny was turning four next month. Shara was only 11 months old.

"Hey everyone." Izzie's voice came from behind the group. Mark stood close behind her carrying a similar seat to the one Shara was in.

"Hey guys." They all said.

Izzie and Mark had gotten married a little over a year ago and had Ben soon after. Ben was now almost a year. In fact, Meredith and Izzie were pregnant at the same time forming a 'club' between the two.

"Hey, Babe, can you go get some food." She asked Mark since she had already sat down.

"Yeah sure thing." He stood up and head over to the table. Nick had returned and was eating with Christina.

George stood up to go get some food for himself and Kate. He looked at his friends as Mark returned and sat back down with Izzie. Ben was sitting in her lap as Izzie fed him tiny pieces of bread. Kate was sitting back some rubbing her stomach. Meredith was leaning back on Alex's chest slowly rocking the seat Shara was in. Danny and Madi were sitting close by their parents taking long drinks of kool-aid. Christina was leaning into Nick's lap throwing large amounts of pickles onto her sandwich. He smiled to himself. It was kind of ironic to him that when they started the program and knew nothing about each other they created a bond that lasted them seven years of friendship. Their kids called them their 'Aunts and Uncles.' Somewhere down the line, Meredith and Alex ended up together with three kids. Meredith had gotten through all the hurt people caused her. Alex had become the opposite of the cocky jackass 'Evil Spawn' he started their internship as. Izzie ended up with Mark with a baby. Mark had given up his manwhore ways. Izzie had gotten over Denny. Christina ended up with a great guy and was expecting a baby. She had turned 'soft' giving her a more human personality, but she was still a hardcore surgeon. And he wasn't Bambi anymore. He was getting married to a woman he loved.

He looked at all his friends… his family with a satisfied smile on his face.



I hope you have enjoyed this story. I'm considering writing a sequel. Please, let me know if you think I should.