Warning: Explicit violence. Not for the faint of heart or the ones easily offended.



Something had broken out from the darkest corners of his mind. Something big and horrible, vast and terrifying. Chaos would reign the world again if he didn't grasp the talons and force them back.

He watched with detached wonderment as his hands slashed through the flesh of another innocent human, another innocent child. Vaguely, as if through cotton, he could hear their screams and pleads for mercy. There was no turning back now. The demon had broken lose.

In his mind, he could still see the face of his lover as he tore through his stomach and sprayed blood across the walls. He could still smell the stench of human guts and taste warm blood, residues of his sin. If he closed his eyes, he could still see his shocked and frightened eyes and he could hear the almost sickening squelch as he tore his heart out to feast on it.

Vincent Valentine was gone. In his place was a demon, an abomination, a former human being driven into insanity by countless nightmares. Vincent Valentine would forever be a closed chapter, a sad memory of the horrid truth of his inner self.

His new name was Chaos, and he would coat the world in terror and reign with an iron grip of fear. None would escape his punishment, his remorse and repentance. None would ever face him… and live.


Notes: Pent up anger. Hope you semi-enjoyed.