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Sarah rested her head on Jareth's bare chest, above his heart. It was a soothing sound that reassured her he was real and not another one of her many dreams about him. She knew he wasn't asleep - his breathing pattern told her that much, but she really wasn't sure how to broach this next issue with him.

"Jareth?" she asked timidly, unsure whether she wanted him to respond or not.


"Is there any … reason that I'd get sick from spending too much time in the Underground?" she finally said, hoping she had phrased that right and wouldn't worry him too much.

Her hopes were for naught. Jareth's arm gripped her tightly to his side, "Sick? What kind of sick?" His mind was already racing through the various illnesses that mortals in the Underground contracted that the Aboveground did not contain. It was a grim picture.

"I've been feeling … out of sorts the past few days. Nauseas half the time, but I never actually … dispel anything from my body like that."

Jareth thought for a few minutes, one of his hands unconsciously stroking her arms. After he had come to a conclusion in his mind, he turned so that he was laying on top of his Sarah and began to kiss her neck.

"Jareth," she moaned her complaint half-heartedly, "This is serious."

"Yes," he smirked against her skin. "I know that. But I also know that the morning sickness will pass in time. It always does."

"Okay. … Wait - what?" Sarah pushed him back and sat up, unheeding of her nakedness as she gaped at him in shock, "Morning sickness?"

Jareth unsuccessfully tried to get close enough to his bonded so that he could resume his attack on her lovely skin. "Quite common with pregnant women, I'm told."

"Pregnant?" she replied, her arms dropping to her sides as she took in the news. While her mind was processing this information, Jareth wasn't helping her any by attacking her neck with that delicious tongue of his. "Stop it," she weakly pushed at his solid form, "I'm trying to think here."

"And I'm trying to celebrate," he teased back, settling back so that she could have room to breath and so that he could examine his handiwork (read: all those lovely red marks now covering her body that marked her as his and his alone).

She looked up at him with wide eyes. "A baby?" she whispered, a smile forming on her face.

He nodded, an answering smirk was all the answer she needed, but he voiced his reply anyway, "Actually, the prophecy mentions five babies."

Her eyes grew wider yet, if that is possible, "What prophecy? Five babies at once? Why the hell aren't you freaking out?"

Jareth sighed and started to make idle patterns on her stomach, over the area where his seed was being nourished by her body. "The prophecy that foretells the bringing of peace to the Underground, my dear. No, not five at once - you're only having one baby this time around. And I am not 'freaking out' because I've known that you're pregnant from the moment of conception. Added benefit to being the father."

That was interesting: he'd always know before she did that she was pregnant? "Is it that way with all Fae?" she asked, genuinely curious about the situation.

He nodded, "Of course, darling. It is the way Providence meant it to be … human males have just learnt to ignore the signs granted to all males."

"So I guess you don't have to argue about paternity then, eh?"

"It's never in question, my darling. Anything else?"

Her thoughts shot back to her life Above. "What happens to Toby, Irene, and Dad? Will they remember me still?"

Jareth grew thoughtful for a moment before saying, "That is up to you, Sarah. Their memories of you can be erased, along with the rest of those you've come in contact with in the Aboveground; or, their memories will be retained and you will have to decide what to tell them."

She grew silent for long moments, her hands covering her stomach in reaction to the life growing inside her womb. When she spoke, it was softly, with a far away look in her eye; "Are they safe Aboveground? If they remember me?"

"Not very, no," Jareth responded. He made her look at him as a serious tone took hold of his voice, "I have my enemies, Sarah. Not even a son of Wotan is without them."

"And if they forget?"

"Their odds of living normal, Aboveground lives increases exponentially."

"Since when did you become a statistician?"

He smirked at her, "Who do you think taught Student all those wonderful rules you have?"

She just rolled her eyes at him, "I do believe that Saga told me that you helped her explain them to Student because you have a better understanding of humans than most Fae."

He scoffed playfully before he became serious again. "You haven't answered my question."

Sarah sighed, pouting at having been caught out in her attempt to change the subject. She looked up at him through her eyelashes, her head down-turned contritely. "They'll be safer if they don't remember?" she asked, her eyes wide and trusting his response to choose her course of action for her.

Jareth nodded once, "They will. No safer than they'd be Underground, but safer than they would be knowing and staying Above."

She frowned prettily, now more than ever wishing the choice were not hers to make. With a huff of frustration she rose from the bed and pulled on a dressing gown, tying it tightly around her waist. She paced for who knew how long before turning to her lover in tears and falling into his arms.

"They need to forget," she whispered into his shoulder as she clung to him as if for dear life. It hurt her so much to know that her baby brother would never remember her - or at the most think her a dream - but it was for the best. Wasn't it?


Andvari strode through the halls after his failed attempt to convince Loki to enter into his scheme to kill his brother and the whore bearing his child. He was intent on disturbing whatever time his brother had with the woman that should have been his. Better they die together anyway.

When he reached the door to his brother's chambers, however, he was stopped by three hooded figures.

"You cannot pass," they said in unison. "In your heart lies malice and evil intent toward the Prophesied."

The Fae prince sneered at the three guards, "Who are you to stop me? I am a son of Wotan! Remove yourselves from my path!"

"We move only for those of good intentions, Wotan son. Do not attempt to fight you way through. You will not survive the battle unscathed."

He drew his magicked sword threateningly, "You will not survive the battle at all."


"Can you tell if it's a boy or a girl?" Sarah asked Jareth after she had calmed down.

Jareth cocked his head to one side, contemplating whether he should tell her or not, "I believe that is best kept as a surprise, my darling."

She screwed her face up in a pout, "I believe it's best for your love life if you tell me. How else am I supposed to decorate the nursery?"

A strangled scream came from just beyond the doorway. The lovers jumped up and raced out to the hallway only to find a sight that would stay with both until their dying day.

Dozens of servants and guards where rushing down the hall toward where the sound had come from. When they arrived, they found Sarah and Jareth (in dressing gowns) on their knees beside Andvari - lying in a crimson pool of his own blood.

None would soon forget the looks of silent, painful anguish on the faces of either the High Prince or his bonded. A son of Wotan was dead.


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