A Firefly and Star Trek Next Generation Crossover

Haven't seen any of these stories as of yet. Couldn't resist doing one. Sorry. I don't know any Mandarin words. Just imagine they are saying them anyway!!

"River?" Simon's voice seeped into her thoughts as she felt sleep melt away from her mind. She snapped her eyes open, startling her brother before he left, letting her get dressed. She pulled on a somewhat tattered blue dress and her black combat boots. She knew the Captain commentated on them jokingly with other crew members but no one else really had the guts to say anything much to her. They were afraid of her. In point of fact. But she wasn't going to let all of that worry her today. Today there would be visitors, though no one knew it yet.

"Captain Picard?" Called the shaky voice of an Ensign as Picard took in the sensor readings from the pad. They had come across an unusual anomaly that looked ready to cause problems to an empty section in space. Besides the few stray plants there wasn't much to see in this system.

"Yes Ensign?" He answered swiftly.

"I've rechecked the readings and the…. Uhhh… It's growing bigger." He stammered to find the words to call the deformed type wormhole opening its vast and disturbing mouth to them.

"Mr. Data," Data turned in his chair. "What have you found so far?"

"It is growing Sir. It appears to be consuming the light around it, similar to that of a black hole and yet it also has those characteristics of a white hole where I am getting readings of it dispersing particle matter." He twitched his head in his usual pattern and went back to his readings.

"Captain" Mr. Worf started behind them from the tactical station. "I am picking up a ship, unknown origin. It appears to be coming from the wormhole. I am detecting nine life forms."

Everyone watched eyes transfixed to the screen as a small bulky ship emerged from the spiraling mess that was the wormhole.

"Their life support is failing sir." Data stated calmly, his hands moving rapidly over his station.

"Transport them aboard immediately. Tell the Doctor to prepare for casualties."

"Aye sir"

"They were human bio signs Captain, but I have never seen a ship of that design before." Worf said as all eyes drifted back to the view screen.

"Nor have I. Data what do you think?" Picard asked the android.

"There is no know ships layout in our database Captain. Though it may have been constructed by the crew. It does not have shields, or a warp core. Nor does it appear to have any weapons. It has been very poorly constructed, though by the amount of hull integrity, I would surmise that it has been in space for no less then 2.7 years." Data summed up.

"How the hell did they get that thing flying? Let alone able to stay in space for that long?" Riker questioned, without expecting a response though Data was ready to give one.

"I am unable to detect the origin of the wormhole, though from recent events, it may be linked into a different quantum variable."

"You mean another universe." Riker asked, making sure he understood the conversation.

"Yes Sir" Data answered.

"Another universe?" Picard pondered in aware. "Riker, Data, Worf come with me."

"Captain?" Riker inquired.

"We're going to check on our guests."