The welcoming (or rather, welcome back) committee was a tiny one.

Professor Xavier was waiting in the Blackbird's hangar when they disembarked the great jet, flanked on either side by Jean and Kitty. The telepaths leaned slightly forward upon seeing Rogue, eyes flicking over her in search of injury; Kitty was more forward. As soon as the Southerner was off the steps Shadowcat ran up, holding Rogue at arms length as she appraised her; the older mutant was about to snap off a sarcastic remark when Kitty said in relief, "You're all right," and hugged her tightly.

To her own surprise, Rogue found herself hugging back and fighting to banish the wetness in her eyes before it could form tears.

When Kitty released her and faded back to Kurt's side, Rogue's eyes went to the Professor. "I'm home."

He smiled, in the way that she'd only seen a handful of times throughout her stay at the Institute; mouth curved up, eyes alight in joy. He knew. Without using his powers, without hearing the debriefing, he knew.

"We're glad to have you back," he said warmly, Jean beside him adding a beatific smile. She stepped forward, linking an arm through Rogue's still- damp one; Kitty slipped up on Rogue's other side, putting a clothed arm around the taller girl's waist. They followed, moving as smoothly as a unit as they had in their Siren days, as the Professor gave them another fatherly smile and turned toward the War Room for the debriefing.

- X -

I know it's short and it feels kinda incomplete, but it's all I could come up with. Sorry!