First off I would like to say that I am so looking forward to writing this stories, as much as you guys are to reading this. This story will tend to be on the dark side, but not that dark; at least not yet. I will also let you know that once this story gets started, it might seem like an overused plot, but I added a bunch of plot twists in there. Enjoy.

Summary: Danny Fenton is dealing with new things in life; being eighteen, prom, and his feelings for Sam, but for Danny Phantom, things are just starting to get complicated. Danny's powers are growing at such a fast rate; he is starting to loose control. His evil ghost side is starting to take control whether he's in ghost mode or not. What Danny doesn't know was Vlad implanted microbots into Danny's bloodstream to make him that way. He is becoming aragant, pushy, and rude. He is slowly loosing his friendship with everyone he knows. What makes matters worse, the microbots are killing him. His powers spike and he does something he promised that he would never do; murder. Sam witteness the crime, but can she ever see him in the same way again?

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Author's notes- Italics are either flashbacks or thoughts. You should be able to tell which is which.

The dark hair girl sulked as she exited her English class. Why did Lancer have to bring up the dance at the beginning of class? Then she had to sit though the class with girls whispering who they were going with or what color dress they would wear. She even tried to ignore Paulina's comments about her and Dash going. Ever since she heard about the dance, she decided that she wouldn't go. There was no use in it all. People would go and make fools of themselves. She inwardly sighed. Even though she wanted Danny to ask her, after three years she had begun to give up hop that he would ever know her real feelings. Tucker had changed the most out of the trio. Losing the "dumb hat" and getting contacts was the best things for his appearance. He lost a bit of his obsession with technology, but he still carried around his PDA. Danny had on the other hand barely changed at all. He had grown taller and leaner. Sam had to try and ignore the girls looking at his butt. She had changed the second most. Her hair had grown longer, and she wore less black clothing, but she still had an interest in individuality and darkness. She herself had caught several guys looking at her. Sam watched as Val rounded the corner. The two exchanged a glance and a smile. They would have stopped and talked, but there wasn't enough time. At the end of sophomore year, Tucker asked Val out, and she had said yes. It had been a year of dating, and at the beginning of the year they had let in on Danny's secret. Thankfully she had accepted him, but the three could tell that she was mad for not telling her earlier. Sam sighed, one more period before lunch, but on the brighter side she had the class with Tucker and Danny. She sat down next to Danny.

"Hey Sammy." He flashed one of his heart melting smiles. Sam in turn returned one.

"Could you two lovebirds keep the lovey-dovey stuff down today? I want to keep my lunch." Sam frowned. And then there was Paulina; which the only thing that she had changed is the number of boyfriends she had a month. She still had a crush on Phantom, the only guy she wasn't able to woo.

Danny watched as she cringed at Paulina's comment. Ever since English class, he had been pondering how to ask Sam. He knew that he wanted to go with her, but he was afraid of rejection. What if Sam said no? After all, more guys were looking at her. What wouldn't they be? After all, Sam had changed from her usual black skirt and top, she went to wearing a more variety of colors. Danny found that he couldn't stop looking at her. She was on his mind all the time. He knew that his silly crush had grown into more even if he didn't want to admit it was love just yet; it was still deep caring. He sat back and started to remember Sam's 18th birthday. Her parents insisted that they throw a party for her; so much that they didn't tell her till she demanded that they told her hours before. They had bought her a deep purple dress which was closer to black than pink ever would be. Her mother even had the stylist work on her hair. Sam protested to the fact, and that t they hadn't invited Tucker or Danny. Just to spite her parents, she had called and asked Danny to escort her down the main staircase; he naturally had agreed. Not wanting to be late, Danny had flown over early.

"Danny." She stopped out of embarrassment.

"Would you?" She turned and Danny saw the zipper was undone. He gulped as he approached it. It was just a zipper, but his hormones were kicking in telling him that he could pull the dress down and she would be half naked. One finger ran up her skin making sure the zipper didn't get caught in anything. Just the feeling of his skin on hers made her shutter.
"There." He said when the zipper was at the top.

"It needs one more thing." He whispered in her ear as he pulled a locket out of his pocket.

"Happy Birthday Sammy."

"Mr. Fenton, I hope that in the future you will pay attention instead of day dreaming about Miss Manson." Danny snapped out of the daze to realize that the class was laughing at him. He looked over to Sam who turned an interesting shade of pink.

"Sorry Mr. Lancer." Danny grumbled. The bell rang saving his life from becoming more miserable.

"Miss Manson, can I talk to you for a second?" Sam's eyebrows rose in confusion.

"Sure." She approached his desk as she gave the signal to tell Danny and Tucker to not wait for her. The two guys exited the class wanting to get a good spot in the lunch line.

"So what were you daydreaming about in class?" Tucker jabbed Danny in the ribs.

"Nothing." He sheepishly replied. They began to walk towards the exit.

"So what do you think Lancer is talking to her about?"

"Probably talking about how she shouldn't make you day dream in class." Danny glared at his best friend.

"I'm serious Tuck." His eyes flashed with annoyance.

"How am I supposed to know? Most likely about her grades declining."

"What! Why?"

"She's depressed about something."

"Could it be because of my power?" Danny said. 'She didn't seem so happy about my new power.'

"I don't know what's wrong with her. You're new power is cool."

"I'm worried about her."

"Or obsessed." Tucker jibed. Danny had tinkered with the idea, but it couldn't be possible. Even if he liked her, right now all they were friends.

"Cover me Tuck."

"What are you doing?" Tucker hissed.

"Finding what's wrong with her."

"It's a bad idea."

"Not if she is in trouble." Danny retorted.

"She'll tell us when she's ready."

"I don't want to wait that long." He ran into an empty classroom and changed. He turned intangible and stuck his head through the wall.

"Am I in trouble?"

"No Miss Manson, it just that I'm concerned about you. Your parents called and explained why you're grades are declining. It must be hard for you."

"I can't believe they called you. Everything is fine."

"Sam, your grades are slipping and I know this is apart of it. She was very close to you."

"My grades aren't down that much." Her response was as weak as it sounded.

"When is the funeral?" Mr. Lancer asked solemnly.

'Who died?' Danny's eyes narrowed in concern.

"Next Week."

"And you're sure you'll be ok?"

"Fine." That was all Danny needed to hear. He changed back to his human form outside the classroom. She walked outside and when she saw Danny, her face paled; how much had he heard?

"When were you planning on telling me?"

"Danny, how much did you hear?"

"Sam, this isn't like you to not telling us."

"So now I have no piracy anymore? Anytime you deem something important, you can invade me life?"

"I was worried about you." Sam was trying so hard not break down in front of him. "Sam, you know whenever you need someone, I'm here for you." He wrapped his arm around her waist. That was the last straw, she broke down wrapping her arms around his shoulders; burying her face in his chest. "Who died?"

"My grandma." She answered in a whisper.

"I'm sorry." This was his opportunity.

"Sam." He paused mentally regretting talking.


"Never mind." She whipped the tears from her eyes.

"Thanks Danny for making me feel better."

"Anytime." A smile grew.

"I might take you up on that sometime." She sighed as they walked away. She really thought he was going to ask her to the dace.

"So her grandma died?!"

"Not so loud Tuck, I don't want to have the whole school to know."

"No wonder she's depressed." Tucker muttered.

"I don't know what I'm going to do Tuck."

"About what?" Danny stopped at the sight of John talking to Sam. He felt his eyes go green when Sam laughed.

"Uh, Danny, your eyes." Tucker hissed. Danny struggled, but managed to get them back to normal.

"You better ask her."

"Ask her what?"

"The whole school is waiting for you to ask her." Sam's eyes locked with his causing him to pull his eyes away.

"But what if she says no?"

"If I know her like I think I do, you won't have anything to worry about."

"Hey guys." Sam interrupted their conversation.

"So what did John want?" Sam's cheeks filled with a pinkish color at Danny's question.

"He asked me to the dance."

"Are you going with him?" Tucker inquired. Danny couldn't stay around for the answer.

"I got to go." He pushed by them and ran out the school.

"What's his problem?"

"Why don't you go ask him yourself?"

"Danny wait!" She finally caught up with him at the park which he often cut through to get home. Danny however didn't stop.

"Danny, what's wrong?"

"Nothing, why don't you go hang out with your new boyfriend?" Sam rolled her eyes.

"Is that what this is about?"

"Yes, you don't know John- You haven't heard the way he talks about girls in the locker room."-

"Which is why I turned him down. John is... not my type. I don't know him, and I've heard about him fro other girls." Danny saw his chance and took the plunge.

"So what exactly is your type?"

"Why you interested?" Danny's mouth dropped slightly. Was she actually flirting with him?

"Not me… a friend." He scowled inside.


"You better not be talking about Tucker." She said only with intentions partly seriously.

"No, just a friend, He wants to ask you to the dance." Sam's eyes twinkled, if that's the way Danny wanted to play.

"Oh, and do I know this friend?" Danny shrugged his shoulders.

"He's around." He took another step towards her surprised that she was playing along.

"Why didn't he ask before?"

"I think he was scared that you would reject him."

"What if I didn't? What if I said I would love to go with him?" She smiled when she saw Danny's face light up.

"It would make him very happy."

"What time would he be picking me up? I hope he would pick my up on time." She said the last part almost as if it was an afterthought.

"He would, but sometimes ghosts like to bother him…He feels obligated to save people. If there weren't any ghost problems, he would pick you up around seven."

"I'll be waiting." She turned in the direction of her house.

"Oh Sam." She turned back for to face him.

"Don't tell Tucker, I really don't want to get teased. He'll figure it out eventually."


"Do you want me to fly you home?"

"Sure." He glanced to make sure no one was looking before picking her up bridal style and took off in the air. For the take off she found herself holding him a little tighter than normal during take off. Danny's lips tilted upward in a smug smile.

"Are you scared Sammy?" Sam glared at him. Why did he insist on calling her that?

"You know I don't like it when you take off like that. Put me down a couple houses away." Danny nodded and the rest of the fight was silent. He did as she requested.

"I can walk from here."

"Are you sure?" Sam grew bold and kissed his cheek.

"Yeah, I think I can handle it." She smiled as Danny's mouth grew agape.

"See you tomorrow." Danny's hand went to his cheek.

"Yeah, tomorrow."

"So Danny and you smoothed things out?"

"Yeah." She smiled at Tucker over the webcam.

"Did I miss you two being all lovey-dovey again?" A small blush slowly engulfed her cheeks.

"No Tucker, nothing happened. Danny and I are just friends."

"Whatever you say, whatever you say."

"I do know where you live." She growled.

"Fine, I've got to go finish getting ready."

"Bye." The screen went blank and Sam decided that it was about time that she got ready for the dance as well.

"Oh Danny, you look adorable."

'Adorable wasn't what I was going for.'

"You mother is right, you knock all the ladies off their feet especially that one girl you know, your girlfriend, that one chick that wears black all the time. What was her name….oh yeah, Sam!"

"It's not, I mean, she's not- I don't like"- All he got for his efforts were chuckles from his parents.

"We know what you mean son." He looked at his watch. Ten minutes till seven.

'I'll be late if I walk. I guess flying is my only option.'

"Have fun Danny." His mom called out the door. As soon as he was out of sigh, he transformed and took to the sky. He just hoped that Sam was as excited as he was.

Sam couldn't help but smile as she looked at her reflection. Her curls slightly fell into her face, but not so much that it blinded her. Her one strap midnight floor-length dress drowned the floor almost covering her matching shoes. She turned at the sound of a knock on her door.

"Mr. Fenton is here to pick you up."

Sam tried not to laugh at the look on Danny's face before he recovered as she descended down the stairwell.

"Your friend couldn't make it?" She said with a smirk on her lips.

"No, something came up." He retorted with a smile just as wide as Sam's.

"I guess that means I have to go with you then."

"It looks like it." He held out his arm and she slid her arm in. His smile grew when his eyes caught sight of the locket he gave her.

"Come on, let's go."

"Wait I didn't get any pictures!"

"Quick before"- The red-haired women in a pink dress entered the room. Sam cringed.

"Too late."

"Let's get a couple of just Sam on the stairway." Danny got pushed aside as her parents fond over then daughter. Sam's eyes rested on him at the side. He had certainly grown up one the years. From the awkward stage in freshman year to the present when he had total control over old powers, and yet still gaining more. Their eyes locked and she felt a rush of energy rolling through her.

'She's beautiful.' He thought to himself. He still had trouble believing that all of this. To him, it was all a dream.

"Mom, don't you want to get a couple with Danny in it too?"

"Who?" She looked over to Danny.

"Oh, right. If I must." Sam felt his hands slid around her waist. She had to hold back a laugh when she saw her mother frown. She quickly snapped a picture.

"All right, that's enough. Have fun Sam."

"I'm sorry. You know how my parents can get sometimes. And considering your past with them, and even"-

"Sam, it's fine, I'm used to getting the cold shoulder from them."

"But still you shouldn't treat you like that." He leaned over and whispered.

"You're even more attractive when you're forbidden." Sam's cheeks grew a deep shade of red, but she couldn't let Danny see her like that; so she turned her head. Why was he acting like this? The Danny she knew wouldn't flirt with her like this. Before she could saw anything, the car stopped front of the school.

"Wait." He told her. He got out and ran around to open her door.

"Danny, you really don't have to, I'm capable of opening a door."

"I want to Sam."

"It isn't necessary." She protested.

"Oh, but it is." He flashed one of his heart-melting smiles, and Sam decided that it was futile' he was going to be a complete gentleman to her tonight. Not that she minded him being that way, but when other guys did it, it felt wrong.

"Thank you."

"They out-did themselves." Danny commented. The fully decided out gym almost didn't remind them that they were at school.

"Yeah." She agreed. Music was blaring in the background.

"Do you want to dance?" The twinkle in his eyes made her want to give in.


"Please." She rolled her eyes at his stubbornness.

"Fine." He grabbed her hand and dragged her into the baring sea of mass amounts of students dancing. Almost instantly their bodies fitted together because of the crowdedness. Sam's cheeks grew hot at first, but after a couple of songs, the blush was gone, and she was dancing just as confidently as other girls. Danny was surprised, but embraced the feeling of Sam's body up against his. Sam turned her head so it was mostly facing Danny. In mid-song, somehow, Danny leaned down and his lips brushed against hers. She froze instantly as the warmth of his lips left hers.

"I have to go." Danny excused himself leaving Sam to take in what in the heck had just happened.

"Tucker." The boy seemed to ignore his friend, and continued the lip-lock with his girlfriend. "Tucker." No response. "Tucker, this is serious." He physically pulled Tuck away.

"Ok. Hurry up. What's up?" His face paled. "It's not a ghost problem is it?"

"No, I wish it was though."

"Why it looked like Sam and you were having a great time out there."

"If you weren't too busy sucking your girlfriend's face, you would have seen that we kissed."

"Really? That's great! I need to collect money from Quan."

"No, it's not great."

"Why not?"

"I think I love her Tuck."

"And why isn't the fact that you too kissed great news then?"

"Because she doesn't know how I feel."

"So? Just tell her."

"She froze in the kiss, almost like she didn't expect it, or didn't like it."

"Danny, you worry too much. I'll talk to Sam."

"Thanks, I owe you one." He walked away.

"Yea, you do. There does my evening with Val."

Sam's worried eyes scanned the crowd for Danny. He left right after their accident. They had kissed; it maybe only for a second, but during the brief moment that he wanted more.

"So Sam, I saw Danny and you having a little lip action on the dance floor." Maybe he wanted to help Danny a lot, or maybe he just enjoyed the look on Sam's paling face more.

"You saw that?"

"Of course I did, so I'm guessing you told him how you feel."

"Even if I had feelings for him"-

"Cut the crap Sam. Even if you aren't honest with yourself, at least be honest to me." She uttered something past her lips.

"What was that Sammy?"

"Call me Sammy again, and I'll take it all back."

"Alright already."

"I said, I couldn't; he ran away too quickly."

"Just." He saw Danny emerged from the crowd.

"Don't worry about it."

"Easy for you to say." She replied still not being able to see Danny.

"Trust me." Tucker slipped away sensing that Danny would want them to be alone.

"Tucker." She twirled around in search for Tucker, but came face to face with Danny instead.


"Hey." She smiled at him. Suddenly the mood lightened. A slow song came on.

"Sam…" His voice faded. Why was this so hard after all they had been through? He felt captivated by those violet eyes.

"Do you want to dance?" Sam looked at his extended hand.

"Sure." That was all that Danny needed to hear before he whisked her away to the dance floor. She leaned in.

"You know this is a couple's song right?" Danny's smile grew larger.

"Yeah, I know." His arms slid around her waist pulling her in loser. Towards the end of the song, Danny leaned down; his hot breath lingering right outside her ear.

"You're beautiful." At that moment Sam was speechless.

"What?" She pulled away.

"Danny, did you just say." She never got a chance to finish; Danny eased his lips onto hers. All their movements stopped to focus solely on their kiss. To Sam's surprise, she kissed back shipping her arms around his neck. It was understood. They both felt the same.

"Sam, I"-

"Don't ruin it." She kissed him again.

Sam let out a deep sigh she didn't know she was holding as she closed the door. The night was amazing for lack of better words. Sure they hadn't really talked about their relationship, but she was sure it would happen. Those kisses on the dance floor were definitely not fake-out-make-outs. She had felt electricity running through her. Her hand went up to her lips remembering the moment. Suddenly the bad feeling ran though the body. The same feeling ran through her body. The new feeling ran through her body. The same one she got when Danny had shown her his new power a couple of weeks ago. She simply shook it off just as she had done before. It was just her mind wanting to spoil a perfect evening. She went into the bathroom to take a nice warm shower to finish the evening.
Danny collapsed on his bed. Why did all the ghosts have to attack after he had dropped Sam off? He was partly glad that Sam wasn't there to encounter it though. The clock read 3 am. He felt his eyes grow heavy and the bed felt so good. A little blue mist came out of his mouth.

"Probably the box ghost." He muttered not bothering to move allowing sleep to claim. A figure emerged out of the Shadows. He held his hand over Danny's eyes and his hand began to glow. In his other hand he pulled out a needle.

"This won't hurt a bit."

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