I got this idea from the fanfic Ranmazoku.

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Finishing what you start.


The heat breaks around me, and I find myself once more floating in the air above Jusendo. The warmth from the enormous fireball around me scorches the air making it difficult to breathe. Not for the first time since the beginning of all of this I wonder what the hell am I doing here? Then the battle is rejoined and I am left no more time to think. The desperate midair combat, while exhilarating, is quite possible the stupidest thing I have ever had the pleasure of participating in. Hovering in the air in front of me is Saffron. His wings beat methodically to maintain his altitude, while I rely on the updraft to stay air-born.

The phoenix flits around the open area throwing fireballs and I respond as best I can. I rely on precision and energy diversion to stay in the battle, while I keep the most of my energy and power in reserve, as I'm sure my opponent is. The energy Saffron is throwing at me is monstrous and more than enough to crush even the most powerful of humans. If he has that much energy to spare, than I was in trouble...

"RANMA!" a bellow interrupts my memories. I have the smallest fraction of a second in which to look up and begin a response of 'huh' when I come face to face with a fifty-pound bludgeon attached to a long pole attached to the girl who I have to live with. SLAM!


I resist the impulse to glare at Akane, and limit myself to rubbing my head as I tenuously ask, "What did you do that for!?"

"You idiot," she snapped peevishly at me, shifting that monstrosity that she calls a mallet in her grip as though to prepare for another strike. "You were ignoring me!" she bellowed. "Now. I asked you a question and I want an answer."

It seems I might be in trouble. Personally, I'm of the opinion that her excuse for striking me was pretty pathetic, but I'm of the opinion that people shouldn't try to kill me no matter what the reason. I rack my brain for anything to say that would spare me more strikes with that mallet. Nothing presents itself. I sigh internally and asked, "What was the question again?"

I'm treated to the sight of Akane turning a brilliant shade of purple, and triple her increase in malevolent energy. The air around her turns red, and I am almost certain that the chain-link I am walking on has begun to melt. I quickly hop off of it in order to avoid the now weak metal from dumping me into the canal beside us. This had the unfortunate side effect of placing me within easy striking distance.

After I recovered from the blow to the back of the head that launched me into the building across the street, Akane took the liberty of answering my question.

"I asked," she emphasized angrily, as though it were the most important question I have ever been asked in my miserable life, "where you've been going late at night." She became even angrier after asking, no doubt imagining me cavorting and performing wanton acts of carnality with my other fiancés. For all her talk of my perversion, it seems strange that she can't even go three thoughts about me without me being engaged in something sexual. I've always found it quite disturbing.

I keep these thoughts to myself, as they are completely un-Ranma like, and much more Ran like. I instead answer, "None of your business you uncute tomboy." The malevolent energy she is secreting triples beautifully, and I bask in it even as the strike of her mallet sends me flying. A win-win situation I think to myself wryly. I get dark energy, and I get to escape that fearsomely deviant personality. Life

is good. I relax, or try to relax as best I can while soaring through the air without any means of guiding or slowing my descent. I take these peaceful moments to reflect on how I got into this situation. I don't mean flying through the air. That was an unimportant side effect of my original situation.

It had seemed like such an honor. I, Ran, an unimportant peon in the grand army of darkness being summoned before my lord, He-Who-Remembers, for a mission of the utmost importance. That mission? To infiltrate the world of the light, and begin the destruction of the barriers that held He-Who-Remember's powers in check. I was chosen mainly because my power level was so low that I could easily slip through the holes in the barrier, like a minnow escaping from a tuna net. But there was another reason I had been chosen. An important reason. I always finish what I set out to do. I was famous for it, despite my miniscule power level. I was famous for it, and I was respected for it. No matter what the conditions, what the hardships, I always finish what I start.

I reach the apex of my flight as I remember these things, and how I arrived here. I remember how I disguised myself as a child who had died alone and frightened in a pit full of cats. I remember how during my travel across Japan, I would slip out late in the night, after the human who called himself my father was in a drunk stupor. How I would range across the cities, finding the miniscule points of power that I could handle, and undid the knots that made up the barrier. I remember how...

Uh-oh. I'm approaching the ground now. There is good news/bad news waiting for me. Good news, is that I'm aiming for a patch of green among a rocky section of some park in another part of Tokyo. The bad news is that there is somebody already there.

"Get out of the way!" I bellow as I begin the final stages of my descent. The four women who are currently occupying my landing pad startle and look up. They freeze as they get a good look at me, coming fast and hard. I swear under my breath. If I land on them they could get hurt. If they get hurt, suspicion will be cast upon me. If I'm under scrutiny, I might have trouble continuing my work. I have only one solution to these problems.

Even as the women began to move I'm stretching my shirt out with my arms. As I twist my body hard to the left the air catches my impromptu parachute, and I'm diverted enough to the side to avoid landing on the bystanders. And instead land right on a pile of sharp looking rocks.



I groggily shake my head and put a hand up to it, as the other one moves under my body and pushes me up off the ground. I began to check myself for injuries even as the four women who I nearly dive bombed began to sound there voices.

"Oh my god! What happened? Are you all right?" one of them shouts, a short girl wearing dark clothing with dark hair and pale skin. I decide not to answer that one, as she was trying to help, and sarcasm would likely offend her.

"Where the hell did she come from?" another asks, a taller blond dressed as a man. She probably pulled it off really well, but I have too much experience with cross dressers to fall for them that often. Another women with aqua hair stands beside the cross-dresser, and the aqua haired one merely shakes her head, her mouth slightly agape.

I remember there being another standing with the original four, but I can't see her from my present position, namely at the end of a six foot skid mark surrounding by shattered rocks. I push myself into a sitting position, while I continue my internal inspection of both my injuries, and my surrounding. The park itself is pretty undamaged, so it stands to reason that I'm not anywhere near Nerima. That's good, a chance to catch my breath before the crazies catch up. The dark haired girl has crossed the difference and now kneels beside me, eyes alight with worry. I look past her to where she and the others had been sitting. A large square piece of cloth lays spread out over the green, and a cliché little wicker basket sits on top of it. Several sandwiches and thermoses lay on the cloth.

"Sorry about ruining your picnic," I say in a tired little voice. Nothing seems broken, and I don't feel like I have a concussion, so I should be just find. The girl squatting next to me gapes at me after I speak.

"Forget the picnic!" she says anxiously. "Are you all right? Where did you come from? How come you came out of the air?" The questions start to flow out of her, as she looks me over for bones and blood. She seems like a nice girl, but I move to cut off her questions.

"I'm fine, I'm fine," I tell her, brushing off her concern. I stand up from my slouch stiffly, rubbing my shoulders a bit. "This kind of thing happens all the time," I tell her as she looks at me. The other two women are almost gaping at me now. They must have never been to Nerima. That means they're going to ask questions. Oh boy.

"All the time?" a new voice queries. I look over my shoulder to the left and I see the fourth women who had disappeared. It was all I could do to keep it from being my turn to gape. The women was medium sized, a little shorter from the gender-bender blonde over there. She had amazing green hair and unusual red eyes. I thought for a moment they might be contacts, but upon further reflection I could see that they were naturally that color. Amazing.

"Yea," I say and put my hand behind my head to scratch nervously at my pig-tail. Time to give my trademark introduction. "I'm Ranma Saotome. Sorry about this."