-1In every generation there is a special few. In every village there is an outcast. For this story to start we must first find these few. Who have been chosen by the gods to deliver a blow to whomever made them an outcast to begin with. Teasing can only go so far. But downright assassination or attempts of it can lead to the bloody days of war.

So for now we'll watch and look for those who are to help, and destroy those who harmed them.

"DAMN FOX! Get away! You aren't welcome here!" Another rock was thrown, missing by an inch. The yellow haired boy scurried away from the eyes that filled with hatred. The five year old ran back to his little house he called "home" and hid away again. Crying silently. Too bad his cries could be heard by the Jinchuuriki of Houkou the dog demon.

The Jinchuuriki of Houkou tells his leader, the Jinchuuriki of Yamata no Orochi the snake demon. The two six year old boys silently went over looking for the cries. They soon came across a small wooden shack. Which looked as if a strong enough wind would blow it away.

You see. Both boys knew who was crying. They had come many miles looking for this small boy.

Reaching the run down shack then opened the door carefully, not wanting to break it. Inside was fairly clean. Old wooden boards hardly supported their weight and creaking under their steeps.

"Who's there?" A small voice came from behind a crate, that seemed to serve as a table. The voice was cracked and they could hear sniffling. The Jinchuuriki of Yamata no Orochi took one look at his partner and the other boy went to the door and looked out. He then walked slowly over to see who they were working with.

"I asked who was there!?" His voice was more confident but he still stayed hidden. The boy spoke up.

"Don't be afraid. We're here to help, Jinchuuriki of Kyuubi no Youko." The boy spoke calmly.

"Wait, who?" His head was now peaking over the small crate. His vibrant yellow hair was finally visible. He could see the boys who had entered his home. The one closer had black hair that was long and pulled back into a pony tail. His eyes were a piercing crimson red. Watching him. The other was standing next to the door looking outside. His short oddly colored white hair covered some of his eyes. Which were black as the night sky. They both wore long black clocks.

"Who are you?" The younger boys voice was more trusting the earlier. His eyes nearly free from tears.

"We are just like you, we are Jinchuuriki of the Bijuu. We came to help." The older boy held his hand out to him. Having no one else ever say that to him, the Jinchuuriki of Kyuubi no Youko took the others hand. That would lead to a more better life then he had now.

"Will you come with us?" The boy asked while pulling the younger boy to his feet.

"To where?" His eyes burned with curiosity.

"To the beginning of our new village. Our new home." The older boy smiled. The other smiled back and answered with eagerness.


"But first. We need one other person from your former village. I hear he's already a prodigy in his clan. I'm Naoya of the Yagami Clan. This is Akase of the Kyushu Clan." Naoya pointed at the white haired boy behind him. Who waved. The younger boy grinned.

"Cool! I'm Naruto last of the Uzumaki Clan." His smiled toned down a bit as he told them about his clan.

"Don't worry. We are the last of our Clans too. Our demons wiped out our entire clans and the last of them managed to seal the demons inside us before they died. Good thing our Clans were neighbors, or we would have never found each other." Naoya smiled at Akase who smiled shyly back.

"So who is this prodigy you've heard of. What's a prodigy?" Naruto asked scratching the back of his head. Naoya laughed a bit at him.

"A prodigy is one who shows great potential at a young age. Apparently the boy we are going to get is of the second branch of his family. But his strength and talent is greater then the children of the main house. But since he is from the second branch, no one pays enough attention to him. Since his father is also dead. He is also looked down upon because he is part of the second branch, who are never supposed to be better then the main." Naoya walked out the door. His newly found ally and his second in command followed closely behind.

"Did you find him?" A voice sounded from the bushes. Naoya looked towards the bush.

"Yes, he's defiantly the most different Jinchuuriki, compared to us." A boy with fire red hair came out. A large calabash gourd with odd markings hung on his back. A mark of love was on his forehead. He also wore a black clock

"Who are you?" Naruto asked his curiosity peaked again.

"Sabaku no Gaara, Jinchuuriki of Shukaku. You?" The younger boy smiled.

"Naruto of the Uzumaki Clan!" Garra raised an eyebrow.

"Which Jinchuuriki are you?" Naruto's face scrunched up.

"What's a Jinchuuriki anyways. You guys keep talking about it." The other three gapped at him.

"You don't know you're a Jinchuuriki of a demon?" Akase finally spoke.

"I don't even know what a Jinchuuriki is." Naruto stood in the middle of a semi circle that formed around him. The other three spoke over his head.

"This is going to be hard to explain." Naoya started off.

"We can tell him on the way to the Hyuga home." Garra spoke taking off the cork of his gourd.

"But still. We don't know how he'll handle it. I mean I nearly killed myself!" Naoya spoke.

"I'm sure he can handle it, he is older then us when we found out." Akase commented. Garra was started to concentrate really hard.

"Hey, wha'ch ya talking about?" Naruto butt in. They looked at him. Garra spoke.

"Have you ever rode on sand before?" Sand started poring out of his gourd. Naruto gave him a funny look.

"No, there's not a lot of sand here." Garra smirked.

"Well, this'll be a good experience for you then." The sand started poring around their feet. Naruto looked down seeing the sand. Which was moving on its own. Doing what any other child would do, he screamed.

"Oh boy." Akase spoke. "Garra keep your sand out of my shoes." He said while lifting his falling apart shoes from his feet.

"Isn't my fault you don't wear slippers." Garra shot back. Naoya was working on Naruto trying to calm him.

"If you two would stop bickering for one second, you could help me with Naruto you know." He was now glaring at the two boys.

"Fine, fine. Naruto, the sand wont harm you. Unless you piss of sand man here." Garra growled. Sand wrapped around Akase's leg. Naruto stopped screaming and watched the two before him.

"God I was just kidding." Akase was shacking the sand from his leg. Garra still glared at the other boy.

"Finally. Ok Garra take us away." The sand formed a half dome around the four and lifted off.

"Woo!" Naruto was laying on the ground watching the land fly past. He turned his head to look at Naoya.

"This is so cool!" Naoya smiled at him.

"Garra can control sand so this is no problem for him. All you just have to make sure not to make him mad. If you keep that in mind Garra will become like a brother." Naoya sat on the sand hoping Garra wouldn't drop him. He patted the space next to him.

"Come I'll tell you what a Jinchuuriki is." Naruto crawled over and sat next to the older boy. Unknowing to them. Two boys were glaring at Naruto in the back, who noticing each other glared at each other instead.

"A Jinchuuriki is a human who has a demon sealed in them at birth. I'm sure you've seen the spiral on your tummy right?" Naoya's red eyes were watching the village pass.

"Yea, its really weird. And sometimes if I look at it really hard, I see yellow eyes looking back at me!" Naruto turned his full attention to his new friend.

"Well, that is because you are one of the Jinchuuriki. The Jinchuuriki of Kyuubi no Youko the fox demon." Naruto stared blankly at the other boy. His eyes lost their light. Akase came over to stand beside the sitting Naoya.

"You think he's ok?"

"We can only hope." As he spoke Naruto suddenly burst up with life.

"WOW ARE YOU SERIOUS?! THAT'S SO COOL! THAT MEANS I CAN BECOME REALLY STRONG RIGHT?!" The other three boys stared blankly at him. No one had ever reacted like this before. Some tried to kill themselves. Some accepted it calmly, but still thinking as themselves monsters. But never like this. Naoya was stunted.

"Y-yes you can. Aren't you sad your village did this to you? Do you hate yourself for harboring a monster?" Naruto looked back at them. His eyes burning with happiness.

"Sad? Hate? Why should I? They gave me a great gift right?" Naoya pulled himself together.

"Well, like I told myself before. Everyone acts different. But you Naruto are the most different of the Jinchuuriki. But didn't you wonder why the village hated you?" Naruto blinked.

"Yea. I do. Can you tell me?" His eyes looked hopeful.

"Well, we all went though it. Its because we hold the tailed beast inside of our bodies. Also if we die so will the demons. So we all had many assassination attempts on our lives. Garra's the luckiest of us all. His sand guards him without him having to even try." Naruto's eyes widened.

"Wow really? You guys must have gone through a lot." Garra spoke up looking out of the half dome. Slowing the sand as he spoke.

"We're here." Naoya stood.

"Good. We'll continue later. We first need to get the prodigy of the Hyuga Clan. Naruto stay here. We need to leave as fast as possible after we get him. The village will be an uproar when they find out your both gone. Garra." He took one look at the other. Garra then went over to stand next to the younger boy. Who was still thinking hard to process what he had been told.

"Akase." Naoya looked at his friend and they both vanished into the shadows.