Mizu: "Eeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr."

Sasuke: "Get on with it."

Mizusighs: "Alright, alright. As you all know. I don't own Naruto or any of the characters from the show. But I do own Naoya and Akase cuz, I made them. And their MINE.

Naoya: "Why do you portray me as a weak and helpless YokaiKage?"

Mizu-Laughs-: "Ah, well that's because you're the Uke!"

Naoya: "But I'm the YokaiKage!"

Mizu: "Ignore him. I also wanted to say something here:


Naoya- 17(which is a bit odd since most Spirits are usually the oldest of the craft)

Akase- 18

Garra- 16(much to his annoyance)

Yugito- 18

Haku- 16

Neji- 15

Kimimaro- 17

Sasuke- 14

Naruto- 13

Shikamaru- 14

Others will be announced later.


::"Which one, which one…":: I was talking to myself letting my others hear by opening our bond.

::"Which what Naoya?":: Akase asked me, his voice plain but a hint of curiousness hidden in it. He was following behind me, like I asked when I left. I had left Garra and Kimimaro to watch the two Konoha nin. Garra seemed upset though. I wonder why?

::"I have to choose a Genin to fight Sasuke remember? I don't know who to choose. I know all of our Genin are highly trained tough. Its just, I don't want Naruto to be too disappointed when his newly found other is beaten by a kid.":: I could hear some of my others laughing. Even Kimimaro was chuckling.

::"But Naoya. You could always choose one of our Genin. You would know that they would be trained enough.":: Yugito butt in.

::"Take Sousuke I'm sure he's ready.":: Haku was saying. Haku had three Genin under his wing. Sousuke, Osuzu, and Rikiei. They were all orphans. Till we found them. Sousuke was training to be a Hunter nin like Haku. So he knew a little on the human body. He might be strong enough. Ok, so I lied. We had more then five Genin ready. But we only had a few compared to other villages. I just didn't want to let them know how many students passed. They wouldn't think we are a very strong village, but that works out for us. But I'll tell you more about that later.

::"Hotaru would be a better choice. He's been in training longer then Sousuke.":: It was Neji who spoke this time. Neji also had three Genin he was training as well. Hotaru, Sasaki, and Taiyo. Only Sasaki out of the three had a mother. His father had died in a war. Most of the children they found were either abandoned, hopelessly lost, or had their family killed. By war or famine. Hotaru and Taiyo stayed in a section of our home. Along with Haku's Genin. Sasaki stays with his mother in the village. Hotaru only knew water jutsu like Neji. He could be a possibility.

::"Please like any of them would stand a chance against Shinsuke.":: Akase was starting to brag again. His Genin, Shinsuke, was the top of the class. He was also a holder of an interesting kekkei genkai. His team mates were Shiren, a rare girl in our village, and Okuru who only had his mother left after a war.

::"Now, now guys, and girl. I'm sure all of our Genin are strong enough. I'll have to watch them once to see who I want to pick. Neji, Haku, Akase, and Kimimaro. Have your Genin wait for me at the sand hollow. Make sure to go back to your posts after you've dropped them off. Tell them to wait until I come.":: A series of "understood" came to me. Kimimaro had three students as well. His students were Yukimaru, Seizou, and Yagi. They were all orphans found by him while searching a war field for survivors.

The others didn't have Genin. There weren't enough children in the village for them. Instead they let the kids choose what they wanted to pursue and then taught them that way. Like Yagi and Shiren who were being taught separately by Yugito in the art of the medic nin.

'Which run should I go though.' I was going to test them. To see which one I could use against Sasuke. They were all good I knew that. But which one was the best I wondered.

I hid in the trees as I watched as my others brought their Genin over. I could see that Shinsuke and Hotaru had started arguing. Something about the color orange. Their team members stood behind them eyes averted from each other. Yukimaru, Seizou, and Yagi stood under a tree watching the others fight.

Those three were always so quite. Haku's team was sitting by a river that crossed next to the sand hollow. The sand hollow was a training place for beginners. The ground was also soft so they wouldn't be hurt to much if they fell. I checked for my needles. They were in my back pocket…

'Ok ready kids?' I threw a fountain of needles at them. I watched as Haku's team quickly dogged them and made for the trees. Neji's team stood their ground and used kunai to hit the needles away. Kimimaro's team was running towards the trees with Yukimaru hitting the needles away.

'Someone's watching.' I could feel their presence. They wouldn't matter. If they attacked the kids, well I'm here. Only Neji's team were out there now. The others had gone into hiding. Hotaru stood in the front they had formed a triangle. Kimimaro's team were coming on me fast. I took out a mask, it was one of my favorites. A snake mask. I placed it on and ran out to Neji's team. Sasaki spotted me first and threw kunai at me.

'Wrong ones kid.' I threw a needle that intercepted it and ran till I was at Hotaru's face.

"Boo." I spoke and the three jumped back. Someone threw needles at my back. I laughed spinning around quickly and hit it away. Sousuke still needed a lot more training. Shinsuke led his team out.

"Who are you? What are you doing in Hidden Demons?" He asked. I had changed my clothes earlier. So now I was wearing a loose black and white flowered kimono. Not the best thing to fight in. But it sure looked cool.

"Wouldn't you like to know kid." I smirked under my mask. The six little ones there glared at me.

"Our village leader is coming. You'd better leave before we take care of you." Hotaru spoke this time. I turned to face him.

"Wonderful." I started doing hand seals. They all took a step back. While Hotaru changed his mind and started running at me with a kunai in hand.

"Kagemane no Jutsu." My shadow moved and bound with Hotaru's. Stopping him in his tracks.

"What is this?" He couldn't move. I took a kunai from my pouch on my left leg, Hotaru's hand followed my own. Mimicking it.

"What did you do to him?" It was Yukimaru's turn now. Kimimaro's team came out from the bushes. I smiled under my mask.

"Oh nothing. Just a little something." I suddenly ran at Osuzu. While still trapped in my shadow Hotaru followed only drawing his kunai at Sousuke. I attacked slowly, not wanting to hurt them.

"A hint. Even if you do knock him out. My jutus will keep going on. You cant break it." Osuzu's eyes narrowed as I cut his shirt. Hotaru's eyes were open with fear as he attacked his village member.

"Don't close your eyes. You might hurt yourself." I laughed at Hotaru. I could see the others were trying to figure out what to do. I stopped and jumped back. Hotaru following suit. I took the jutsu off and he fell to the ground. Yagi came running up to check him. I spoke.

"Oh, come on you guys! Your not supposed to just stand there! You have to act quickly! Your enemies wont wait for you to think and plan your actions!" I yelled at them and pulled my mask off. They all gasped and then smiled and ran over.

A course of shocked Naoya-sama's came from the kids.

"Yes, its me." Most smiled brightly at me. Some others just smiled softly.

"Now, tell me why you guys were just standing there doing nothing?" I scolded shaking my finger at them. Two looked at the ground.

"Naoya-sama. Can you tell us what jutsu that was?" Sasaki asked. I smiled at him.

"Its something I picked up a while ago. Kagemane no Jutsu. Its used to stop enemies in their tracks. It can also be used to control others bodies. It uses your shadow to trap your opponents." I explained their eyes were wide with curiosity.

"But now's not the time for learning. Today I came here for a more special reason." They all stood in their teams. I looked them over once.

"I have to choose one of you to battle the Konoha's nin." Their eyes brightened up.

"Neji is going to fight their Jonin, Kakashi. The copy ninja. The one I choose out of you is going to fight their Genin, Sasuke. The last of the Uchiha Clan." Yes, I knew his history. His only brother Itachi had single handily killed his entire clan leaving only little Sasuke left. Poor boy. I almost went to get him but Akase and Garra stopped me saying something about work. I'll have to tell them I told you so since Sasuke turned out to be Little Foxes other.

"So who are you going to choose?" Hotaru was limping over. Yagi was helping him stand. Guess my jutsu took more out of him then I thought. I went over and picked him up bridal style and placed him under a tree.

"I don't know yet. That's why I'm here." I placed my hand over his head. My hand glowed green. Yea, I was healing him. Giving him strength more like it.

"But first, everyone come close." The all formed a small circle around me and little Hotaru. I made sure the person that was hiding couldn't hear us before I spoke. I whispered to them.

"The Genin who finds the person that's hiding in the forest watching us right now gets to do it." I smiled lightly. They all jumped at the thought that someone they didn't know was watching them.

'Kids are so cute.' The all stood ready for my challenge even Hotaru managed to stand with the strength I had given him. I held up my hand.

'Kakashi has no idea what he just got himself into.' I thought to myself, snickering in my head.

"Ready? Set, GO!" I shouted and the twelve Genin vanished into thin air, smoke filling where they had once been. That was something not a lot of Genin could do. But that's what make our village a hell of a lot better then the others. I chuckled, I could just feel Kakashi's surprise. I jumped into the tress to watch their progress, placing my mask back on.

The first one to even catch Kakashi's presence was Sousuke. He was training to be a Hunter nin after all. He started heading in the right direction. But veered sharply to the left for some reason. There. Osuzu stood where he stopped. They talked quietly for a second and both vanished again. Haku's team really work good together as a team. Maybe I can convince the others to make Hunter nins work together as teams.

The next to get closer to Kakashi was Hotaru. He was going quite fast jumping from tree to tree. Kakashi had made sure to leave some kind of evidence that he was there. Like broken leaves and foot prints in the mud. I guess he wanted to play as well. But as Hotaru got close, he suddenly stopped and his eyes glazed over. He then starting attacking invisible enemies.


Smart. But little did he know that Hotaru's team mate, Sasaki, is one of the best identifiers of Genjutsu… Sasaki loved Genjutsu as soon as he figured out how to do it. He was also the quickest to figure it out. By the time he was doing it most of the other Genin was always getting caught in them. His favorite pray was Taiyo though. His own team mate. Taiyo was getting better as well at it. Though he goes more to water jutsu like Hotaru. Not as good though. But he's quite good at getting things out of people. He can also detect a lie on the spot. I once saw him and Hotaru fighting because Hotaru had said that he had found a fox cub and was going to raise it. After a long debate(with me hiding in a tree watching) Hotaru finally gave in a said that he was lying. Taiyo is quite skilled I had to say. Neji and I discussed about making him apart of the ANBU Torture and Interrogation Force, later, when he got older. Neji is the current head of that department.

Sasaki is the last member of his family. His village had been destroyed in a battle between the Mist village and Sand. He was originally from Mist. We found him near death on the snowy streets there. It was a good thing we found him though, I think that he and Taiyo are bonded. The bond is faint but its still there.

Oh, look there. Shinsuke was doing hand signals in a tree close by. After a number of fast signals a puff of smoke and Shinsuke stood in his Honshu form. A bushy red tail was wagging from behind him and red black tipped ears were pointing upwards on his head. Honshu is his family blood line Kekkei genkai. His family was once the biggest in a Fire nation village. There was a battle held in the town and most of the main and branch members were killed. He and his little brother survived, he was the main house to-be head. So he is very highly trained. But since his brother is young he still isn't training yet. He stays with Haku in his room, I would guess the kid was about five or six. Haku has a thing for kids. Handles them really well. Yugito likes to tease him and call him a mother. But back to Shinsuke. We took him in when we found him and his brother wandering the ruins of his home. Which had been destroyed in the battle. But more on him later. Right now he's getting close to Kakashi…

Shinsuke managed to find a trail and was jumping in the right direction. I also saw in the shadows behind him Okuru. Shinsuke probably knew he was there and was letting him tag along. Okuru was using a kekkei genkai like Shinsuke. His originated from the Nara Konoha village Clan. Apparently his grandmother was in the clan but left her village and clan when she fell in love with a nin from Kemurigakure. The kekkei genkai of his grandfather adapted the use of shadows. His grandfathers kekkei genkai was called Kakureta kemuri(hidden smoke). Which allows the user to hide in the smoke, not even other kekkei genkais could break though it. It also has the ability to hide one's chakra signature. But when we found out he had those to abilities we helped him transform them into a completely new kekkei genkai. Which he renamed Kakureta Kage, which means hidden shadow. The ability allows now to hide not only in smoke, he is now able to slip into shadows and hide there; almost like how Haku uses his ice mirrors to go in and out at will. He's still developing it but I think he would be a wonderful spy one day.

But back to the hunt. Shinsuke was getting quite close. I saw Kakashi leaning lazily on a tree about three meters from where Shinsuke was coming from. Reading an orange covered book. As soon I saw it I made a mental note to warn Kaskashi about Yugito's hate of Icha Icha Paradise. She had caught Shinsuke with a copy he had found it hidden in a book at the library and was bringing it for Neji to look at. Yugito had seen him right before he walked into Neji's room and exploded. The poor boy wasn't seen for three days after that and came home looking like he had been run over by all nine tailed-beasts.

I saw a needle wiz past Kakashi's head and almost hit him. In the direction the needle came from stood Haku's entire team, Sousuke, Osuzu, and Rikiei. Shinsuke was right behind them jumping toward the small group with Okuru right behind him. I could sense the other teams closing in close too. All coming from different directions.

I jumped down next to Kakashi who was gapping at the three in amazement.

"Impressed? I have to say Haku's team is considerably good at tracking. Little Sousuke here is training to be a Hunter nin at the moment." He turned to me his one eye was filled with astonishment still. He cooled off as soon as the other genin came. Hotaru and the rest of his team were covered in cuts for some reason. But as soon as Shiren came into the clearing she ran to all the teams and preceded to clean up everything herself until Yagi showed up and started helping as well.

I had to really say I was impressed with Haku's teams improvements. I didn't even detect them though out the entire test. Yet there they stood resting like Haku would, hands kept carefully next to their hidden stashes of needles and kunin. Keeping a wary eye on Kakashi and seeming ready to attack him if necessary. Sousuke was the leader of their team stood a step in front of them. I really think he's a talented. Along with the rest of his team. I'm not quite sure since it will take a few more years to tell. Haku thinks he's a Spirit. He might be right since he always seems to be leading his team and even others. Osuzu is quite the silent one. I've only heard him speak a handful of times, and that's saying something since I've known him since he was five. I found him wandering a village in Suna with Rikiei. Turned out the two were once part of the village I had lived in and survived the attack of my Jinchuuriki.

Someone had taken them in after the attack and raised them till they were both age five and then was murdered by a bandit. I was just glad that the bandit didn't kidnap them.

Child slavery was quite brutal now days. I had to buy Kimimaro's entire team from them. They were all very troubled children when we first got a hold of them. Took three years to finally convinced them that we wouldn't sell them or hurt them. We(me, Kimimaro, Garra, Akase, and Neji) had to restrain Haku and Yugito from killing the people that we had bought them from. Trust me those two can be as scary as the tailed beasts if they wanted to be. Well, Yugito already has a tailed beast in her. You should have seen those bastards run.

"Hello???" Kakashi hadn't moved. He was just standing there. Some jonin, spacing out like that. As I said his name he seemed to snap inside and looked at me.

"You have a very smart batch here." I grinned at him and looked back at my genin.

"Ok. I've decided who's going to fight little Uchiha." They stood with anticipation. I rose my hand and pointed at Sousuke. His little mouth fell open in shook. So did everyone else. I just waved my hand at them.

"I was going to choose Hotaru since little Sasuke is a Fire talent. But I changed my mind. Sasuke is going to have a hard time since Sousuke is the best at finding weak points. Now, Hatake-san. Tell us where our matches will be held." The Jonin looked at me his only eye looking a bit curious now.

"Our village. The Hokage has prepared everything for your stay. He also informed me that you are able to bring a team of ninja for your protection and if you wish we have our Chunin Exams coming up. He has invited whatever Genin you have ready for the Exams to participate." Chunin exams… I saw the Genin's faces brighten. They did do really well on this test. Finding a Jonin is a hard thing to do even if said Jonin left clues to where he was. But still I'll have to council their sensei's first.

"Hmm, I might consider it. I'll meet up with the council and we'll discuss wither you guys are ready or not." Hope burned in their eyes and the Jonin smiled, or at least it looked like he was under the mask.

"I'll send a message to the Hokage to let him know you are coming." I nodded leading back towards the sand hollow. Talking over my shoulder.

"Thank you, I'll meet with my council now." I turned looking at the Genin. "You all have the rest of the day off to train. Make sure you practice your Housenka no Jutsus. I want them to be perfected before we leave." I could practically see Hatake's surprise at the jutsu I expected my Genin to learn in a few days.

"Oh, and make sure to pratice over the lake this time. I don't want the forest losing anymore trees. I've already have two complaints from the kitsune and tanukis." A chorus of "Yes, Naoya-sama" meet my ears before I vanished leaving the surprised Kakashi and my ever so faithful students.

() () () () Translations () () () ()

Katon, Housenka no Jutsu- Fire Element, Phoenix Fire Technique

Kitsune- Fox

Tanuki- raccoon dog(Garra's Jinchuuriki, Shukaku, is a tanuki)