Ruled over by the Pharaoh. He was called 'Pharaoh' by the Greeks, but his own people called him 'The living Horus', 'High Priest of Every Temple', and the most interesting in my opinion, 'The Lord of the Two Lands'.

This very remarkable country was believed to be divided into two very different sections. These sections were known as 'The Black Lands' and 'The Red Lands'. The earth that touched the great Nile river grew very fertile. This was the only place in Egypt where the people could really live and flourish. This was called 'The Black Lands'. On the east side of the Nile, and basically everywhere else in Egypt was 'The Red Lands', these lands were Barren Wastelands. The Desert, Ruled over by the God of Chaos and Destruction, Seth, he whom controlled the Desert.

The Red Lands' harsh environment protected Egypt from invasion many, many times. Rich with gold, precious gems, and resourceful, hardworking citizens, Egypt was a prize many rival states lusted after. And at this particular moment, it was the country Libya that sought after Egypt's bounty.

But the countrys' harsh Red lands would not give up without a fight. It protected its people for many years, resulting in the deaths of many Libian soilders who were unable to cross it's fiery desert. After many failed attempts at an invasion, the Egyptian people believed they were safe, often thanking Seth, the God who controlled the Desert, and the Living Horus; Their embodiement of a God on earth.

Little did they know, Dartz, the head of the Libian force, had a much greater goal in mind. He was determined to seize Egypt for himself; he would soil the Nile, burn their fertile lands, rape their women, and drive the Gods themselves from the land in which they ruled supreme. He was a patient man, and was willing to wait for the right moment to strike.

The time came when they ruler of Sudan died and was replaced by him incompetent son. The son, who can grown fat and lazu from living a spoiled life in his palace knew nothing of the dangers his neglect to his borders would bring. So, Dartz and his men were able to slip past the boundrys of Sudan and sneak along the Nile. They charged into Egypt's border through the Black lands, taking it's people unaware...

Solomon, Egypts' finest General burst through the palace doors. "I must speak with the Pharaoh!" He barked, brushing past the flimsy string of palace guards that attempted to stop him. He whirled towards them, his dark blue cloak flaring about him in anger. "

Get to your posts you blasted cream puffs!" He roared, glaring at the youths. His look was scary enough to disperse the small crowd faster then one could say 'The Shadow Realm' leaving the old general to himself.

He crossed his arms, feeling a bit smug. "These old bones still got it in them!"

"Yes they do."

Solomon turned in surprise, "Ah Seto m'boy, How are you?" He didn't have time for pleasentries, but knowing the High Priest, it would be unwise not to be semi-polite towards him.

The tall priest turned his blue eyes towards the elder's violet gaze. "Well enough." His liips pressed into a hard line. "I suppose there's some reason you woke up half the palace at this hour and scared off all the guards."

The General, who didn't care enough for the time, shot a look out the window. The sky was indeed black, proving the Goddess Nut had swallowed Ra the sun god for the day. "I apologize." He reploed, a note of impatience coloring his tone, "But I really need to speak with his Highness."

Seto quirked an eyebrow. "So I heard." He remarked coldly. His tan finger rubbed the point of his millenium rod absently. "Unfortunatly, the Pharaoh is preoccupied with other matters and will return at midday."

"And what is so important that requires his presence?!" The old man demanded in annoyance.

The high priest didn't answer at first, opting instead to twirl his Millenium Rod between his broad hands. His lips tugged at the corner, curving up into a ghost of a smile as though remembering a funny joke.

"He getting ready for the battle of his life."

Atemu moved as silently as he could against the granite floor of the palace. His crimson eyes searched for an escape route; they soon found one at the far end of the hallway. He crouched behind a jar just as he hear voices echoing behind him." I think he went that way!"

"Don't let him get away!"

He fought back a small chuckle, reasoning that he could celebrate once he escaped the fate the pharaoh had brought down on him. Speaking of escaping, the young prince was only a few feet from freedom.


The teenager mentally cringed as the familiar figure made his way towards him.

"Hello Father." Atemu muttered, straightening up. Crimson me crimson, their only realy distinguishing feature that showed their relation to each other. The Pharaoh stood tall, his fists balled at his waist. His skin a darkened tan, close to a milk chocolate. Golden bands cuffed his wrists and neck, a dusted gold sundisk adorned his head, on his forehead the eye of Horus glared down at Atemu from a crown. An upside down pyramid hung on his chest gleaming also with the eye of Horus.

Atemu wasn't nearly as tall, but he had a cool aura about him that shone with confidence; this gave him an extra four inches. His tan wasn't quite as dark as his fathers, it was a bronzed verison of the sun. He wore plain cotton Egyptian styled pants and two gold arm-bands. His black spikey hair was tipped with burgandy tints, oddly his blond bangs shot upward like lightning bolts, giving him a wild and exotic appearence.

"My son." The pharaoh began sternly. "You were supposed to be getting ready to meet you suitor; she will be here at any moment."

The prince crossed his arms and stared back at his father with defience. "I don't like her father." He pleaded, "You know I don't find women attractive. I've never liked any of the suitors you've set up for me."

"This is the last suitor, "Akunamukanon sighed and placed a hand on his sons shoulder, "You haven't even met her yet. You never know, you might end up liking her."

Atemu believed that was unlikely, but his father's grip on his shoulder tightened, destroying any chance of escape. He sighed and let himself be taken away.

"Make me proud Atemu."

He sighed, before replying softly, "I'll try father..."

The servents who had been in charge of getting Atemu ready almost had a heart attack when they saw their prince covered head to toe in soot, dirt, sand, dust, and other unpleasent things. In a whirlwind of colors and vibrance worthy only of a person tripped up on acid, Atemu was re-dressed, cleaned, and ready to be married off.

He scowled as a servent with an unsteady hand kept poking him in the eye with a thin brush she was using to try and apply a dark ink under his crimson orb. His highness made her nervous with the sour look on his face. When she was finished, she bowed and quickly made her exit.

Another servent came in with a wine red cape. She fastened it with gold and fitted it on his shoulders; at this point the prince was now weighed down with so much gold, he prayed to Ra that he wouldn't fall into the Nile and drown.

As was expected, the young prince was bored completely to death by his suitor. Her name was Princess Anzu from the small island of Cyprus, and just as he was, she was weighed down in just as much gold as he was. She, however didn't seem to be affected by the unbearable weight. (That led him to believe she wore a lot of gold all the time...). The princess didn't seem interested in speaking to him, and whenever he tried to engage her in a conversation she would respond with one worded answers.

Anzu of Cyprus had an odd shimmering cloth hung about her shoulders, gold incrusted in almost every square inch of it. Creamy robes hung from one shoulder, tied around her waist with a long sash that matched the one at her shoulders. Sapphires were woven through her hair and adorned on her neck and fingers. Her blue eyes were heavily painted with the same royal black paint that Atemu's fiery ones were, although she seemed to personally add a gold lining around the eyelid. The train of her skirt was made purely of peacock feathers, all sorts of colors, most likely from many different countries. The prince admired the finery of the work, but noted that it was perfect for the princess to done; the overstuffed whore of a peacock.

So Atemu took to ignoring her as well, opting instead to gaze out at the moon and stars. The night was the most beautiful he had seen in a while. He was aching to rip the gilded chains from his body and ride out in the sands of Egypt with his duel monster, Gazelle the Mythical Beast.

Maybe she had seen the expression of pure longing on the prince's face, for Anzu had become very irate. "Your highness, I'd hate to intrude on your thoughts." She began sweetly, "But am I boring you?"

Atemu was so surpised she had looked at him long enough to notice, he blurted out the first thing that came to his mind. "Actually, yes. You are."

There was a dangerous silence.

Anzu stared at him in utter shock, no one had ever dared to be that rude to her before. They had all just simply gazed at her beauty and were content with that. This arrogant prince found her boring? So boring that he'd rather stare outside at the stupid moon then at her? The idea was absolutly ludicacrous to her.

"E-excuse me your highness." She stammered, "Wh-what did you just say?"

"Uh..." Atemu realized his mistake seconds after he made it. Apparently Princess Anzu was even more vain then he thought, she wasn't used to anything less then her usual treatement of adoration. Glancing at her pretty face, he could already see the fury blazing behind cold blue eyes. He knew her type of monarchy, She would go to war with anyone who irritated her in the slightest. Normally, Atemu wouldn't be concerned; Cyprus was a tiny nation with a small armed force. However if Libya sensed a weakness in Egypts alliances in the Mediterranean, they were sure to take advantage of the nation; make it into a base and that much closer to Cairo, the kingdom, and his people.

"You misunderstand me Princess!" He amended quickly, thinking fast. "I simply bored of sitting here, I only wish I could show you more of the kingdom, it's very beautiful." He gestured vaguely out the window he had been looking out earlier.

When his son exited the room, Pharaoh Akunamukanon had a hopeful smile on his face, but on seeing his son's dejected face, it automatically evaporated.

"What happened Atemu?" He asked resting a hand on his son's head, the ebony and red strands poking through his fingers. His son looked up at him, "That was my last suitor," He said softly, "And she threw the palace at me." he replied as he movied out of his father's reach and down the corridor by himself. The pharaoh sighed, what was he going to do with that boy?

But first there was the matter of the

Atemu was out by the stables, brushing the silken hind of Gazelle. He buried his face into it's long mane, "I bet I look a real sight." He muttered. Pulling off the gold that had weighed him down before, he threw it in a saddle bag to bring up to the palace later. He removed his shirt that had golden decorations woven in the fabric, using it to wipe the ceremonial makeup off his face. He tossed it to the side and turned to lead Gazelle to the water trough.

Like the princess, he caught sight of his reflection, yet unlike her, he wasn't pleased with what he saw.

Narrowed crimson eyes stared back at him in the black water. The orbs turned to rest on his tanned back. There, starting from his shoulders and ending at his waist, there were the hieroglyphics that depicted him as the next heir to the throne.

"I know what that says." The prince murmered, running a hand over his bare shoulder. He suddenly was aching for the shirt he had just discarded. "But does that really tell me who I am?" he murmmered, gazing at the messaged forever etched on his skin. "Who and what does that make me?"

He thought back to the princess' words, Was he really worth nothing? He couldn't even court a female correctly, now that he thought about it, it probably didn't take much to please the princess. All he needed to do was compliement her every five seconds.

He turned his crimson gaze towards the moon, praying to the gods that he would find out who he was soon enough.

The young prince was making his way back to his bed chamber when he heard the voices around the corner. He could just walk out and go to his room, but then he was sure he wouldn't have the chance to eavesdrop. He crouched down in his shadowed corner and peered around the corner.

Her frowned when he stared at the odd crowd, His father, His cousin Seto, and The General were huddled together and speaking swiftly.

"Your majesty," A quick bow made by Solomon, "I hate to interupt you at such an hour, but this is urgant news."

"What is is General?"

"The Libians have invaded Egypt sire."

Seto jumped in, "But how could the cross through the Red lands?"

"They didn't" The general replied, "They came from Sundan, and through our black lands that touch their border."

"From the nile?" The pharaoh gasped.

"Yes, my sources tell me Dartz has already reached Aswan.We must prevent them from reaching Cairo at all costs," The general muttered, "He will attack you sire."

Atemu could tell his father was shaking his head in disapproval. "If that is so, he must be stopped at the Valley of the Kings, I don't want him to destroy anymore cites, cut him off before he gets to Luxor."

"But your majesty, what if he attacks you at Cairo, who will protect you and the prince?" Seto's voice tryed to reason with him."There will be unstability in the land if there is no ruler in Egypt."

"There will be no land if Dartz destroys my people." Akunamukanon replied cooly, "They are the top priority. Call up new recruits, we shall stop him before there is more destruction."

"Yes sire."

With that Atemu sensed the conversation was drawing to a close, and as silently as he could, he crept away.

Seto was like a heat seaking missile. He of all people was aware of his cousin eavesdropping on the conversation they were having, and now he was off to find Atemu before the younger teenager did something stupid. Like run off to war. The high priest turned into the palace garden where the prince was sitting on one of the limestone benches, deep in though. He had a deck of cards with him that he was absently shuffling. Seto noticed it was the deck he gave him for his last birthday; Atemu was particularly attached to this deck since it was fashioned after the shadow monsters that they used for higher duels.

Quite deftly Atemu shuffled the cards, pausing only for a moment before his hand flicked out, sending the top card spiraling into a headress resting at the far palace wall.

"Nice shot." Seto remarked cooly, moving to the princes' side. "You aim is as impeccable as always."

The trie-haired boy smirked in response. He knew how much his aim irritated his cousin. "It's all in the wrist Seto."

"Maybe for you," He retorted, "You've never missed a shot in all your life." And it was true, the young prince had never missed. In fact, he was believed to have the best aim in all of Egypt. Atemu snorted, "Oh cry me a Nile mister High Priest Seto."

He stood up and turned his dark gaze towards the elder teen, "I'm assuming there's a reason you came looking for me with an expression of murder on your face." He prompted, easily seeing through his cousin's attempt at small talk.

Grateful, Seto jumped right in, "Yes. I suppose you've had all the evasion you can take for one day."

Atemu rewarded him with a sour smile. "How kind of you to notice."

The high priest ignored him, taking to rubbing the blade of his milennium rod, "I suppose you managed to catch a good portion of our conversation before you went ahead to your room."

The soon-to-be pharaoh flinched, So Seto had caught him. He hadn't counted on that, even though he should have seen it coming a mile away. "You would be supposing correctly then." He responded, defience sounding through his sentence.

His cousin's eyes narrowed, "And would I also be 'supposing' correctly if I mentioned I believed you were foolish enough to run off to the closest training camp and take part of the battle?"

Atemu shifted his weight onto one of his sandaled feet, "Yes."

Azure eyes narrowed even further to slits, anger emanating from every pore of his body. "So you are foolish enough to get yourself killed, the one and only heir to the throne of Egypt?"

"I don't intend to get myself killed" The prince retorted, crimson eyes mirroring blue. "I fight to protect my country and my family."

"That is what the commoners are for" The high priest protested, "Your only duty is to protect yourself and your father! Have you forgotten where your place is?!"

Atemu glared deeply at his rival, "No I haven't, have you?" he growled. "Do you gladly give up the people of Egypt to save your own hind, coward?" He accused.

Seto remained silent, glaring at his masochistic relative.

"I believe I can make a difference." He continued, gathering his cards and beginning to move inside. "I believe you can as well."

This snapped the High Priest out of whatever stupor the prince had put him in. "Ridiculous! What good could two people do? I don't believe much!"

A crimson eye turned to him, almost lazily. "Man can believe the impossible, but man can never believe the improbable." He replied, "Now if you excuse me. I will be returning to my bed chambers to prepare. I implore you not to mention anything to my father about this." 2

And so the future Pharaoh left his High priest alone in the garden; Torn between his two duties. The first one to his leader, the second one to his heart. No matter how frozen it had become, there still remained his undying loyality to his friends, brother, and family. He made to leave, confused beyond belief, when something gave way under his foot. Glancing down, the teenager saw a card his friend had forgotten: The Magician of Faith.

The woman dressed in scarlet robes seemed to mock him, Faith? Did he even know what that was anymore?

He knew the sun would rise soon, Nut, the goddess of night would soon give birth to Ran, the sun god, but he knew by then the prince would be gone.

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