Yugi paused, unable to describe the surging emotions which coursed through him. A bloody hand was buried in his hair; he felt dizzy, torn between two conflicting emotions. His obedience to the scary-Jou whose words held a solid note of foreshadowing, or should he forsake the warning to run up and help Atemu.

The ledge Atemu teetered on wasn't very high from the ground. The palace roof was layered, one stone ledge on top of another. While Atemu wasn't high off the ground, it wasn't exactly low. If he should fall, he would certainly break something... or a lot of things.

He risked a sideways glance at Jounichi. There were no hues of red in the warm brown eyes, but Yugi couldn't help but feel a slight shiver run down his spine. Jou's personality had been altered so drastically, it was hard to believe that the warning had actually happened. The only thing that helped Yugi believe the warning to be true was the calculating gaze Seto had kept trained on Jounichi.

Yugi's grandfather used to tell him stories of his services to the pharaoh. He never knew exactly what the elderly man did aside from his duties as general, but he would always come home with fantastic tales for him. Yugi always believed the legends to be simple stories of pleasure, made up by his grandfather for Yugi's entertainment.

One story spoke of a simple peasant whom came to the palace intending to kill the pharaoh and his four year old son. Solomon and the other high priests stopped the peasant before he could perform his insane plot, and using a few magical items, they had banished the evil from the man's heart. The evil had come forward in the shape of Apep, the supreme god of evil and chaos. The priests and pharaoh struggled long and hard against the god, calling upon the power of the gods to come to their aid. Ra and his defenders came down and raged against Apep. The good gods eventually won, warning the pharaoh and priests to be cautious when dealings with those possessed. Solomon told Yugi that a red eyed god had turned to him, jackal face all, and winked.

How surprising was it that memories long gone bubbled to the surface now? And at what a time! The red gleam in Jou's eyes had been very close to what his grandfather had described to Yugi. The god's cautious words made the captain pause. Would Jou hurt him? He banished the thought immediately. In order to possess someone, they had to have had similar purposes already. Yugi was sure the god that had possessed Jounichi was looking out for his best interests. Even if he was pretty damn rude.

So distracted was Yugi, his attention jerked back towards the fight only when Malik cursed wildly. "Move it Atemu!" Violet eyes dilated in fear, What the hell did he miss?

Dartz had Atemu at sword point. His two golden eyes shimmered with delight. His lips moved, words catching in the wind making it unable for the group to understand what he was saying. Atemu answered him, holding something higher in his hand. The objects golden glint was the only noticeable detail they could make out from such a distance. It seemed to amuse Dartz, for he laughed mockingly and plunged the sword forward. Yugi's blood drained from his face. He couldn't force himself to look away.

A strange thing happened in the following three seconds. One, Dartz held a sword; two, Dartz didn't hold the sword anymore; three, the sword was in Dartz's chest.

The villain which had plagued them crumpled in a puddle of his own blood; Atemu standing victoriously over his dead body. The millennium puzzle dangled from his tan hand, a grim line of justice drawn across the prince's face. He stood there for a moment, seeming to sway against the winds.

"Atemu!" Yugi gasped. The prince's body, worn from the battle and grievious wounds tottered, and fell off the palace roof.

Yugi ran forward, reaching the spot where his dark-half would fall –just before he collided with the ground. Atemu had collapsed on top of Yugi, crushing them both together. The prince blinked, seeming to pull his thoughts together. He looked down and with a start; he recognized the small figure he was pressed against. "Oh! Yugi!" Atemu righted himself, finding that he was in a rather compromising position with Yugi. "I'm sorry-!" He trailed off, his thoughts coming to a screeching halt.

Atemu was gazing at Yugi –or more specifically, his eyes. They were alive with color, expressive gems that shone an even deeper shade of violet as Ra slowly began to rise in the sky. Crystalline tears welled in the captains eyes, stunning Atemu into silence. "Did I hurt you?" The prince asked quietly. Even though he said it, he already knew that wasn't the cause of his love's tears.

One of the droplets escaped his light's eye, trailing a small rivulet down to the point of his chin. Atemu leaned down and placed a gentle kiss on Yugi's eyelid. The captain wasn't going to put up with an unsatisfying kiss like that. Eagerly, he wrapped his lithe arms around Atemu's neck and captures his lips in a passionate kiss. All of Yugi's troubling emotions spun in the loving gesture, and Atemu responded with one of his own.

When they broke away both gasped for breathe. Yugi rested his forehead against Atemu's and panted in uneven bursts of air. "Don't. Ever. Do. That. Again." He managed to grind out. Atemu didn't have to ask what Yugi was talking about, he already knew. He wrapped his arms around Yugi and bowed his head. "I won't leave you, not ever again." Atemu vowed.

The group of friends was so awed and happy about this reunion, they didn't notice with Malik slipped away.

He was happy. Happier than he had ever been in the last few months, but Malik couldn't lie to himself. He knew he could be happier if he was in Mariku's arms. He tried to deny it when he slipped away from the celebrating group, but now when he was alone and forced to cope with what he had given up, the truth hit him with an incredible force which almost knocked him off his feet.

He cursed his selfishness, cursed it to hell and back. Egypt was safe, Atemu would now ascend to the throne with Yugi by his side, his best friends from Kul Elna were alive, and Mariku would most likely gain a position as palace guard. He should be happy. He shouldn't want more. He didn't deserve any more.

But he couldn't help it. Malik fought against the burning that threatened to spill from his eyes. He wanted to be with Mariku, he needed it. He couldn't have him though. He wasn't worth it; not after what Dartz and his men had done to him. It was just too much to take in one night.


Atemu helped Yugi clamber to his feet, his eyes moving over the familiar faces he hadn't seen in a while. Standing before him was Seto, Jounichi, Bakura, Ryou, and even Mariku –a palace guard he liked to play tricks on. A smile wormed on his face, wondering if Mariku had any connection to Malik. Atemu glanced around for the sandy haired boy; he meant to thank him for all his help. Malik was no where in sight. Atemu frowned. "Hey, has anyone seen another teenager? He has tan skin and lavender eyes. He sort of looks like Mariku." He stated.

The group swiveled their heads, looking for Malik. "That's strange" Ryou said softly, "He was just here a minute ago."

Mariku frowned, "Malik-pretty?" He hissed in shock, "Where did Malik-pretty go?" The ex-palace guard pivoted on his heel, insane lavender eyes searching wildly for his lighter half. Finding that his 'Malik-pretty' had deserted the group, Mariku turned towards the group almost helplessly. "Where's pretty?" A tinge of hurt colored his eyes, "Why would pretty leave Mariku?"

Atemu frowned. That was a good question, and he was sure that if he had been in a better state of mind, he'd be able to give Mariku an intelligent answer. At the moment however, the only thing that could come to his mind was the vague conversation he had with Atemu before they departed. "They did bad things to me, and after they were done breaking me, I was sold into prostitution. End of story."

Now that he thought about it, Atemu thought the reason was pretty obvious, complete brain activity or not. But that meant... A surge of pain ricocheted through the tri-colored boy's head, and Atemu felt his knees buckle. He was completely drained.

"He left" Atemu managed to gasp before he collapsed, "Because of what Dartz did to him." This caught the attention of Mariku and company fairly quickly. Malik's look-a-like kneeled down beside the prince's slumping form, seriousness and alarm drawn on his face.

"What do you mean?" Bakura demanded. Mariku shot the prince a knowing look and shook his head sadly.

Atemu shook his head, unwilling to say more than was needed, "Just go find him." He wheezed, "Because if you don't find him now, I doubt you'll find him again in the near future." Mariku didn't need any more incentive than that. With a speedy farewell, he ran off, leaving the group even more confused than they already were.

Mariku's retreating back was the last thing Atemu saw before he passed out.


Malik was almost near the edge of the palace. Just a few more yards and he'd be free. And out of Mariku's life. Malik felt terrible leaving the group without so much as a goodbye, but he knew if he stayed near Mariku any longer, he wouldn't leave him. It was impossible. Despite the ex-palace guards' insane and often stupid behavior, Mariku was really quite intelligent. Malik wouldn't be able to live with himself if Mariku had found out what he had been forced to do. He just wanted to escape out of Mariku's life forever.

Funny how those plans never work out.

One of the most futile tasks in Egypt was the attempt of escaping a palace guard. Unless you were the crown prince, the task was next to impossible. A soft, pliant kiss was pressed on Malik's perspiring temple before he even knew what was happening. Gentle arms wrapped themselves around his wait in an unyielding gesture. Mariku had caught up to him already.

Alarmed, Malik struggled against the familiar grip.

"Malik-pretty!" His captor murmured ruefully, "Why did Malik-pretty leave his Mariku?"

A pang of guilt struck Malik and he ceased his struggles. Mariku ran his lips over Malik's face and kissed his bruised mouth. "Mariku already knows." He said softly, "Mariku always knew." He pulled the stunned Malik to his chest and knelt down to the floor.

Malik had enough, sense left in him to blink at Mariku, "How?" He whispered, weaving his tan fingers through Malik's corn silk hair, "Mariku won't let you get away from him again..."


When Atemu came around he found himself lying in his bed. His friends were murmuring in low tones at the foot of his bed, trying not to wake him. He groaned and sat up.

Mariku still hadn't returned.

Atemu swiveled his head to get a better look at the group. Yugi was lying on the foot of the bed, Dartz's sword settled on his lap, "Glad to see you back among the living." Amethyst eyes smiled at him. Atemu grinned in return, "It's good to be back."

Seto scowled and ducked his head under the canopy of Atemu's bead, "I'm not sure if I ought to kill you..."

A new voice called from the doorway, "Please don't, it took forever to pry him from the hands of Osiris."

Horace and Seth entered the room, only using the doorway for humane reasons. "Hey Atemu" Horace greeted cheerfully, a sullen Seth in tow, "Or should I say 'Pharaoh'?" Atemu glared.

"I hope you don't find me rude, but what the hell are you guys doing here?" He snapped. Truthfully, Atemu wasn't sure he wanted to be Pharaoh just yet, it was just too soon. His father hadn't even been dead for a week, and already the title of kingship was thrust upon Atemu.

Horace clicked his beak and pushed Seth forward, "He needs to apologize." The red eyed jackal snarled and crossed his arms stubbornly, "What for?! I was helping them out!"

"Possessing a mortal, being rude to the mortal's friends, and then leaving aforementioned mortal with a killer headache... Apologize." Horace ordered, a hint of a threat coloring the command.

Grimly, Seth looked at the stunned Jounichi and growled an apology. It was truly a day to mark on the calendar. And for the rag-tag group of friends, it was a world defining moment, since they had never seen a god before. A confused Jounichi quirked his head and shot Seto a questioning look. He honestly had no idea why he was being apologized to.

"Now that we have irritating detail out of the way," Seth smirked and pushed Horace forward, "Your turn." The sky god flushed red and ducked his head in shame. "I'm sorry."

Atemu quirked an eyebrow, "For what?" The last time Atemu had checked, Horace had saved his soul from a premature death, brought him news of his father's death, and brought him back to Cairo in record timing. All in all, Atemu had to apologize to him.

Seth's ruby eyes gleamed, "You better lie back down kid; fireworks are going to fly."

Not knowing what fireworks were but sure that it was pretty bad if the word 'fire' was in it. Atemu propped himself up with a curled fist tucked under his chin, he gestured for the gods to continue.

"This is hard for me to say," Horace admitted, "I don't really know where to begin..."

"Then don't," Seth muttered, "Let Faith explain."

Horace frowned and rubbed his head. It was clear to Atemu that Horace wanted to explain things to the new king. He just struggled to voice words he knew would impact everyone in the room greatly. Despite everything, the corner of Atemu's lip curled into a smile.

"Go on Horace," He said kindly, "I'd rather hear it from you than someone I don't know."

Gratified at Atemu's words, Horace clicked his beak. He looked through one golden eye and smiled in his bird-like way. He glanced at Seth and the god of Chaos nodded. The both morphed into their human forms and Horace took a piece of cloth from the robe that appeared and wrapped it around his head, covering his bad eye. Seth, red-haired and red-eyed shifted, uncomfortably when he noticed the precautions Horace took to avoid hurting his already sensitive eye.

"Ra has risen in the sky already." He said dryly. Seth looked pointedly at Horace, "Go on." He snapped, "Let's get this over with Mr. Courtesy."

Horace nodded; raising an eyebrow to the sharp tone Seth used. He paused and glanced at Atemu apologetically. "You never killed Dartz."

The eyebrows of everyone in the group shot to their hairlines. "Excuse me" Bakura said rudely, "But we saw Dartz get impaled with his sword, fall over, writhe in pain, and die." Red eyes looked up thoughtfully, "Which was cool." He added. Ryou stared at Bakura, shaking his mane of light hair and looking back at the two gods like that was normal.

"The Dartz you fought was really a ghost of his former self, no more than a shell of a long-dead ruler." Horace began, eyeing the group carefully. When he was sure they weren't going to interrupt him, he continued. His steady voice enraptured his audience.

"Dartz has lived since the dawn of mankind; he was a ruler of a land that had long since fallen into civil war. His people forced him out of his own country and Dartz was forced to go into hiding. Unfortunately, the damage Dartz had done as king was irreversible, and the land fell into a sad state of disrepair that forced the citizens to abandon their homes.

"Dartz, angry and vengeful, could not take his fall from power so easily. For months, hidden in a cave and feeding off of the dead bodies of rats, his hateful nature festered and grew; finally attracting to him the root of all evil: Apep. Apep, as was in his two-faced nature, offered Dartz a deal he could not refuse: long life and a rise of power in return for half of Dartz's soul.

"Now Dartz did not believe in Egypt's gods, therefore he knew nothing of an after-life, nor the power of ones' soul. He did not know that to enter the afterlife, you had to be in possession of your soul." Horace looked pointedly at Atemu, "You of all people know that while you are Limbo, you are only a soul, and that is what must pass the scales of Ma'at."

"Luckily for Dartz, he still had half a soul; therefore he would still be allowed to pass onto the afterlife. Ammit would not be able to live in a partial being," Horace's lips curved into a mocking smile, "It was only half a soul Apep wanted, that bastard must've known it would be tough for us to get rid of him otherwise."

"Now sacrificing half of his soul, Dartz did not gain immortality, but an extended 'life.' He has lived longer than any mortal, and therefore he had extensive knowledge of the brutalities of war.

"Over and over again, he took countries by storm; each was unable to defend against his attacks. He seemed unstoppable, until one day, his lord liege, Apep, was killed by the gods. It was an almost impossible feat, one that could have only been done by another god. Dartz was at a loss as to what to do. His empire collapsed, and once again he was forced to change his name and go to Libya to hide.

"Over a period of years, Dartz laid in wait. He was pleased to find that his extended life had not been effected by Apep's death. He ventured into the kingdom of Libya and seduced the princess that dwelled there. He quickly rose in ranks and eventually married the princess. He plotted her father's untimely death, since the princess believed herself to be happily in love, she was unaware that he plotted her death as well.

"He ruled the country of Libya after the girl's death, settling on the throne as the country's ruler. He soon set his malicious eyes on Egypt, a country that was flourishing. He quickly fabricated a reason to go to war with the country and set men to invade. For a long time, the Red Lands kept Egypt safe, but the barrier of sand Seth created would not keep Dartz at bay for long. The Lady of Faith knew this, so she split herself into two entities, Faith and Destiny to keep track of two boys who might stand a chance of ridding the world of Dartz once and for all.

"As the two sisters of time, Faith had to gift the son of the Pharaoh with the endowment of Darkness, taking away any light and innocence he might have possessed and instead bestowing it upon his soul mate of Light. The power of Light and Dark, although powerful separately would be no match against Dartz's vast knowledge. Faith knew the two boys would have to meet.

"Aknaunkanon was king, and unable to raise Atemu as he pleased; therefore Atemu's mother would have had to raise the child on her own. In some ways that might have counteracted against the gift of Darkness in Atemu, changing his destiny altogether, if his mother had survived, she would have no doubt raised Atemu with the most tender love, he would have been unable to harbor a single dark thought. Atemu's mother held his destiny, to take it back, her death was ordered.

"For a while Faith's plan seemed to work out fine. Every god except Hapi and me knew about the plan, and even I was being watched for a while. A snag was only hit when Atemu died. The avalanche in the Valley of the Kings was never supposed to happen, and we were powerless to stop it.

"Faith quickly revised her plan, understanding that the circumstances had changed greatly in a matter of seconds. Her two entities, Faith and Destiny quickly traveled down to Limbo to revive Atemu's heart. The Lady of Faith was surprised by the conviction Atemu held for Yugi, and she was once again proven that she could not control the actions of Atemu entirely.

"He chose to remember the captain; a choice Faith feared might have serious repercussions. She was afraid Yugi would die in the final battle if the two soul mates remembered each other, upsetting the balance of Light and Dark. It would have most likely have happened if Atemu hadn't thought quickly.

"She revived Dartz's soul, acting as though she was his ally. Her intention was for him to sacrifice the last part of his soul if he was pushed into a corner. He took the bait, and pushed the last part of his humanity into the millennium puzzle to gain full 'immortality'. What Dartz didn't know, was that only gods can be fully immortal, and even then, we can still be killed by one another." Horace touched his gauged out eye.

"What Dartz gained by sacrificing his soul was a sham of immortality. No mortal weapon would be able to kill Dartz, and in theory, he would live forever. Atemu was only able to kill him by adding the smallest amount of shadow magic left in the millennium key into Dartz's blade, impaling him, and banishing his soulless body into a world of nothingness. That made it impossible for Dartz ever to come back to life or be reincarnated." Horace glanced at Atemu and Yugi.

"That's why Aknaunkanon HAD to die, so Dartz would have something to sacrifice his soul to." He fixed a soft yellow eye on Yugi, "And that's why Solomon HAD to die, so Atemu would have something to kill Dartz with."

The room was stunned into silence, and having completed their task, Horace and Seth left.

Seconds later, Mariku and Malik entered the quiet room.

"So," Mariku looked around the chamber in morbid curiosity, "What did we miss?"


It had been a month since the Dartz fiasco. Atemu was just now getting used to sitting down without having to wince. And being pharaoh.

"Your highness, the water supply is low in Thebes and near the border of Sudan, the peasants complain that the prices are too high, and an order of rice that was meant for a peasant was accidentally given to a Lord of a neighboring country"

Atemu rubbed his temples to push back a forming migraine and looked at Seto. "How are the repairs going in Aswan and Kul Elna?" He asked tiredly.

Seto glanced down at the roll of papyrus stretched in front of him. "They're going very slowly," Blue met crimson, "It will take a while for the damage Dartz created to be undone." Atemu sighed heavily, "I thought as much." He said glumly.

For a long time Seto and Atemu stood in silence, each unwilling to break the few quiet moments they had. Atemu shot Seto a sly look.

"How about...-?"


"Come on..."

"No, we are not putting off our duties."

Atemu blinked his eyes in mock hurt, "Please Seto?" He pleaded, "Egypt can manage itself for a day" adding slyly, he mumbled, "And you know you want to see Jounichi..."

Seto flushed a dark shade of chocolate and busied himself with checking an invisible smudge on his scroll.

Smelling victory, Atemu pressed on, "And imagine the quality time you two could have..." Hint, hint. Nudge, nudge. Stabby, stabby.

Seto took the bait apprehensively, "Only if we work all day tomorrow..."

Eagerly, Atemu agreed to the high priest's terms. He could always come up with some reason to squirm out of his duties again tomorrow. Without waiting for Seto to add another condition to the pact, the pharaoh fled the throne room, searching for a certain star-headed general.

Seto sighed. He might not have wanted to show it, but he was eager to spend some alone time with his puppy. They still hadn't worked out their...differences...


When the high priest finally met up with Jounichi, he found the puppy pouring over old library records. Bakura and Ryou were busy snogging in a darkened corner of the old record room.

"What are you doing?" Seto asked, catching the blond unaware.

Jounichi spun on his heel, Seto's arrival taking him by surprise. "I was bored!" He said defensively. His honey brown eyes darted back and forth. Impulsively, Seto reached a hand outward and ruffled Jou's unruly mop of straw colored hair.

Shocked, Jounichi pulled away from Seto's hand as though electrified; and Seto, finally comprehending what he just did, snatched his hand back like it had been burned.

The two stared at each other in a tense, awkward silence, both unable to voice the thoughts that begged to be spoken.

The silence stretched into minutes, and soon Seto thought it would be best for him to spend his day off in the gardens, or in his room, away from his puppy; since the blond obviously didn't want to be around him. Before he turned to leave, Jounichi's voice interrupted him.

"Hey," He started. Seto looked at him questioningly.

"I still haven't gotten you back for dat kiss y'know." He snorted

Seto looked confused before the memory came back to him. His mouth formed an open 'O,' and the high priest thought with some embarrassment, that Jounichi was probably going to punch him.

He wasn't wrong.

The punch came to his lower jaw, and Seto's chin snapped upward with the force of the blow. Luckily Seto had been expecting the hit, but it still didn't stop his lip from bleeding from when he bit down.

The punch didn't hurt, not as bad as the silent rejection did. Slightly ashamed, Seto turned around again to leave. He vowed wordlessly that he would never acknowledge the blond again, since obviously, Jounichi wanted nothing to do with him.

This time he was wrong.

He was once again stopped by the blond. Not by his fist or a cruel rejection, but by something far better; a kiss.

The soft lips moved against his, licking the blood away from Seto's torn mouth. A feral grin worked its way across Jounichi's mouth, and he wrapped his arms around a stunned high priest. "Pay back's a bitch. You're stuck with me now."

Pulling himself together in record speed, Seto returned the embrace. "I think I can live with that." He whispered. The high priest once again bent his lips down and captured Jounichi's mouth in a possessive kiss...

...which was interrupted by a wolf-whistle and a loud, 'Get your OWN goddamn room!' from Bakura.


Yugi and Atemu found themselves in the garden seconds after the pharaoh had departed from the throne room; they now were nothing more than a tangle of limbs that were happily wrestling on the carefully positioned stone walkway.

Yugi managed to squirm onto of Atemu, pinning him underneath his slight body. Surprisingly enough, Atemu made no effort to get out from underneath the much smaller teenager. Once both of their laughter had died away, Atemu gazed seriously at the one he knew to be his soul mate.

"Yugi," He said softly, gently sitting up and positioning Yugi on his lap. He placed a smooth line of kisses leading from Yugi's neck to his jaw. Atemu's lips hovered above Yugi's; his breathe lightly fanning over the teenager's face.

Amethyst eyes slide shut and Yugi bathed in Atemu's presence. He had trouble convincing himself that Atemu was still here. But there he was, sitting behind Yugi with his arms wrapped around the ex-captain's shoulders; those desirable lips floating just out of his reach... He tried to close the distance between them, but only resulted in knocking his forehead against Atemu's.

Atemu obviously wanted to talk, and he wasn't going to give Yugi what he wanted until he voiced his concerns. Wincing slightly, Yugi opened his eyes to glare mildly at Atemu. "Yes?"

The pharaoh smiled with considerable amusement; Yugi's fervor was obviously a constant source of entertainment, but when Atemu realized what he was about to ask of the Light, he steeled himself for rejection. "What now?" He asked quietly.

If Yugi was confused by the question, he didn't show it. Instead he frowned regretfully. He knew what Atemu was going to bring up, and truthfully, he had been going to bring the topic up himself. "You want to know how long I'll be staying in the palace." He stated nonchalantly, a tinge of bitterness that did not pass undetected. Although he had been expecting the new pharaoh to bring up the subject of Yugi's extended stay in the palace, the general did not want to intrude on Atemu's hospitality any longer than was necessary.

Atemu's dark eyebrows shot to his hairline. He clearly didn't expect Yugi to breach the subject. Silently, he nodded. A shadow crossed Yugi's face but disappeared as quickly as it came. "Don't worry" He assured Atemu cheerfully, "I'll be out of your hair soon enough!"

The new pharaoh frowned at these words. Atemu reached a hand out and cupped one of Yugi's pale cheeks. Crimson eyes searched Yugi's face carefully, looking for a sign of any pain hidden in the lilac orbs he had come to love. "But what if I don't want you to leave?" He asked softly.

There Atemu saw a change in Yugi's demeanor. In the open gems, Atemu spotted a flash of complete shock strike in Yugi's eyes, and for a moment, Atemu felt that he could see into Yugi's mind. He saw all the insecurity Yugi felt, and his huge fear of abandonment. He desperately wanted to stay beside Atemu forever and he returned the feeling in full. "I want to you stay here in the palace with me..." He whispered, looking straight into Yugi's soft pools of lavender. "Stay by my side and rule Egypt with me."

Dumbfounded, Yugi couldn't help the tears that welled in his eyes. "Why?" He breathed, unable to understand just what Atemu was trying to say.

Atemu explained it in the best way he knew how; by pressing his lips first on Yugi's forehead, than his nose, and finally his lips. "I love you" He muttered, drawing away. And then, like a wild animal, inside his chest his heart seared with a mad desire, and he whispered another breathless 'I love you' before capturing Yugi's lips in a scorching kiss.

When they drew away again, Atemu looked deeply in Yugi's lidded eyes. "Will you say yes?"

"Yes... I'll stay with you forever..."

Seto insisted upon Jounichi's stay at the palace and Atemu gladly agreed, grateful for any excuse to neglect his duties and play for a little while. They too married, and their arguments are feared and infamous throughout the land of Egypt.

Bakura and Ryou moved into a comfortable house in Cairo, where they (Bakura) entertain (terrorizes) the children and guards.

Mariku was reinstated as a palace guard and never lets Malik out of his sight (which pisses him off). Their arguments are almost as infamous as Seto and Jounichi's.

And although Atemu was young when he took his place as Pharaoh, he and Yugi managed to lift Egypt from the turmoil Dartz had created. They lived long, and were occasionally visited by Horace (with a disgruntled Seth in tow).

All and all, this war of hearts had been won, and Egypt was at peace.



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