I would like to thank my two reviewers for taking the trouble of telling me what was wrong with my story. To be honest I really didn't put that much effort on these (please do have in mind that English is not my first language, so not putting "much effort on it" means horrible orthographic errors :P) I was bored, never thought someone would actually read it. But if you are, here are the first two chapters written correctly (I hope). I promise I will do better on the next chapters 

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Polgara is all arendish, Silk is the head of the mafia, Barak wont stop crying about his broken nail and Hettar is the king of the Horse Rebellion.

It was a wonderful sunny day. Belgarath sighed again and took his beloved in a fierce hug. She smiled and moan in comfort, half asleep half awake, as her husband scratched her human ears absently. The sun enter warmly trough the window of the tower and down the big bed they share, warming them even more.

The old man sighed again, wishing to stay like that forever.

A furious pounding on the door startle him and the desperate and broken cried that followed them shacked her wife awake completely.

- Belgarath! Oh, Belgarath!.-

Both of them stared at each other for a moment. And then they run to the window with fear clear on their faces.

Durnick was down there, howling the Sorcerer's name again with that terrible desperation. He was half naked, his nose and eyes red for the constant crying.

Fearing something has happened to her daughter, Belgarath run to the stairs, followed by Poledra.

What happened? Where is Polgara? Where is my daughter??- Belgarath howled in the smith's face, trying to shake him out of his hysteria.

She…she kicked me out!!.- Durnick said, hugging Belgarath, crying out loudly.- She kicked me out!!-

Once they were in the kitchen, Poledra sat next to Durnick. Belgarath, at first, had laughed unceremoniously at the news.

Now, what have you done?.-

Nothing!! We were sleeping and she stirred and the next thing I knew, I was out of the house, running for my life with a barking and howling wolf with a white lock hair behind me!! Look! She has bitten me.- The smith turn around to show them a huge hole on his pants.

Belgarath looked at him with a sly smile on his face.

Are we sure we were just sleeping?.-

YES!- Durnick yelled turning all red.

Poledra finally stand up, a stern look on her face.

I will go and check on her, to see whatever possessed her to such a violent act. No innocent has to be expulse from the pack.

Two hours latter Poledra return. She was pale, her eyes wide.

One thinks that one's daughter has gotten rabies.- She announced.