"Oh, mine god

"Oh, mine god!" Exclaimed the sardioness side of the galaxy

"Now what?" a bitch-sounding section of the galaxy growled "Another stupid star is playing 'roll roll lets see where I explode?' again?"

"I…I think I lost one of mine shoes when we turn into a galaxy"

"A shoe? But thou are…or were…a stone!"

"A stone shoe, Zandramas, a stone shoe. Why do thee humans believe thou are so unique!? We use shoes too, for thy information"

"Thou didn't even have feet!"

"Even without feet I would have been able to kick thy ass"

"Ha! Yeah, right. Then why did I had to do all the work while thou just stayed there, glowing like an idiot!"

"Oh, for all the good thy job made us! Look at me! I'm a stupid galaxy!"

"A part of a galaxy! And take thy stars out of mine part!"

"Thou are so childish and still Torak was more a Child of Dark than thou hast ever managed to be"

Zandramas gasped

"I was never good for thee. Thou hast always wanted more and more and more…Thou are the most selfish stone I have ever met!"

"I'm the best stone thou will ever gonna met, ungrateful wench!"

Zandramas sobbed and threw a comet into one of his stars.


Back on earth-or wherever it is:

"Nemo! Nemo!" There was a clown fish swimming frantically in circles in the middle of the ocean.

"Here I am dad" said a thinner clown fish with hair below its frontal fins and a badly shaved beard. "When are you going to start treating me like an adult fish?"

"Hey, look what I found!" a blue fish of unfocused yes exclaimed, appearing out of nowhere. It had a little glowing stone of reddish color.

"What is it?" asked Nemo

"I think it's a stone shoe!"

"A who?"

The blue fish opened her fish mouth to answer when a huge barracuda passed by and eat them all up.

It couldn't go much further before a seagull came plunging from the sky and snapped it out of the water to swallow it.

The seagull's flight was interrupted suddenly when a sea hawk come crashing down on it. It took it inland between its deathly claws.

The hawk landed on a branch tree and look around intently with its fierce eyes…when a flock of sparrows flown from out of the trees and fell all over it, devouring the flesh out of the bones in a matter of minutes.

"I tell you, the one who come out with the idea of us posing as seed-eaters was a genius!" said one of them excitedly. Then he interrupted his monologue and stared at a glowing thingy in the rib cage of the dead hawk." Wow"

The sparrow jumped in between the ribs, snarling to other which was near. It answered with a growl but retreated. Then he took the little stone, all bemused by its beauty. Looking around furtively he took flight to his nest. Safe in between his unborn eggs he caressed the stone shoe.

"My precious…my preccioussss" he hissed, wild-eyed "With this stone shoe in my talons I shall conquer the world! UAJAJAJJAJAJAJAJA"

A group of other sparrows landed on the perch.

"Thou shall never prevail!" said one of them. It was the father of the flock, its long white beard inspired respect among The Sparrows. "Take the orb!"

All the sparrows attacked.

"Screw you!" The evil sparrow howled enraged and brought the stone shoe down on his perch. It broke and the explosions send them all flying in different directions.

The others gathered as soon as they recovered, but the evil sparrow was never found. All there was left of him were burned up feathers. And some crap down the standing piece of the branch tree.

"Damn…now what do we do?" asked the white bearded sparrow. The others shrugged

"Hey, look another hawk!"

They all flew to the hawk.