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Shipping: Max/Alec

Rating: M- violence, strong language, sexual situations

Genre: Romance/Drama/angst

Summary: After a dark encounter with Logan, Max turns to Alec for help and understands the true meaning of love.

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Prologue: Running to Someplace Safe

She couldn't move. Couldn't scream. Hell she couldn't even beat the living crap out of him. He had her pinned to the bed, and was taking every bit of her dignity from her. Every thrust in her sensitive heated core made Max want to scream out in pain and agony. Every grunt he made caused her to want to puke her dinner up. Whatever he put in her drink was working very well, and she knew that he finally got her.

His every movement, every touch, every time he violated her, she closed her eyes and prayed that someone will come barging in to save her from this torture. But when she opened her eyes, she saw nobody but her and the man raping her. Tears rolled down her cheek softly and she began to sob quietly.

He looked up when he heard her sobs. "What's with the tears, Max? Aren't you enjoying this as much as I am?" He asked bitterly. Max looked at him angrily with hate in her dulling eyes. He growled quietly under his breath, and grabbed her face. "Look at me with respect when I'm talking to you, Max." She looked up at him terrified. He leaned down and kissed her roughly. Max bit down on his lip hard. "OW!! You stupid bitch!!" He punched her face, and watched as more tears slipped down her face. "You're gonna pay for that, Maxie. I'm gonna make you wish you never sleep with another man again…" He thrust harder in her. Max let out a small scream as she felt the pain rip through her.

'Somebody help me…please…'

Max kept running as the memory of what the man she used to love did to her played over and over in her mind. He violated her and made her feel like a used toy. She could still feel the pain between her legs. Max didn't bother using her bike because she could barely sit down as it was. How could he do this to her? Didn't he love her too much to hurt her like this? Max didn't want the answers right now. In fact all she wanted was to find someplace safe, and away from the man who wounded her pride.

Max wished again and again that the torture would be over. When he finally exited her, Max began planning her escape. The drug was beginning to wear off and she knew it would be over soon. He rolled on to his side, and kept kneading Max's sore breast. She winced at the pain, and let another tear roll down her cheek. He smiled, and kissed her gently. "I'm sorry it ended up this way, Max. It could've been different if we were still together. It would have been less painful for the both of us." He kissed her gently but a little more roughly. Max didn't kiss back, but he didn't care. After he broke the kiss, he stuck his finger in her heated core one last time. He saw her wince at the pain. He laughed bitterly, and licked her off his fingers. "Not bad, Max…not bad at all. Better get some sleep. We'll be continuing this tomorrow." He turned away from her and fell asleep.

Max sat up slowly, and looked at his sleeping form. She had to make her move if she wanted to live another day. If she didn't, he'd give her hell and begin beating her again into an even weaker state than she was already in. She grabbed what was left of her cloths and slipped them on. She slipped her boots on as she grabbed her cell phone and pager. She walked over to the window and quietly slipped out. She winced at her every move because her body hurt from the damage done by her former lover. She climbed down the tall building, and reached the bottom, then, she began to run…

Max knew at that point she needed to find someone, anyone who would protect her from his wrath. More tears slipped down her bruised cheeks. The pain between her thighs had become unbearable. She didn't stop though. She didn't want to stop until she reached her destination.

She saw the familiar building as she grew closer. She barely could make a smile as she realize how close she was to being safe and protected. She was almost out of breath and almost dehydrated.

Max ran inside the old building, and slipped past by the elevators. She just kept running. If she stopped, he wouldn't be too far behind. Running up the stairs, Max could feel that she was beginning to relax. It wouldn't be long until she reached the door to safety. Once she got to the floor, she ran down the hall and saw the room she was looking for. She banged on the door in hopes help would be there. Then, she heard a click.

He woke up when he heard banging on his door. He pulled some pants on and headed to his door. When he got close enough, he smelled blood and tears. He unlocked the locks on his door, and opened it slowly. What he saw shocked him terribly. "Max? What are you doing here?"

She didn't say a word but ran right into his arms. She felt his embrace and relaxed even more against him. Tears began to flood her, as she sobbed furiously into his chest.

He didn't need to say anything else. He just held her in his arms, and let her cry. Something told him that whatever happened to Max wasn't good at all. He saw the bruises and cuts on her. 'Oh Max, what happened to you?'

She slowly stopped crying and looked up at him. She could sense what he was thinking. She looked into his soft green eyes, and smiled sadly at him. "Max, why are you here?" He asked softly. He gently laid his hand on her cheek.

Max felt him place his hand on her bruised cheek. She leaned in his hand gently, and looked back into his gentle eyes. "Alec, help me…"

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