Of Wizards, Akuma, and Exorcists

Fifity: And the Cycle Continues...

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"Trust Dumbledore," Allen pressed, and from how his voice seemed to echo, he only had time for a few more words. He wanted to say so much more, but his mind could not settle on just one. Finally, just as he thought he himself would disappear, the office was gulped up by darkness - or was he gulped in? - and he only managed to say, "Good-bye, Harry Potter."

"There you are, Harry, I knew they'd drag you into it somehow," Hermione Granger said chipperly, looking over at Harry from her copy of the Sunday Prophet.

Harry grinned at her from the end of Ron's bed. They were in the hospital wing, listening to Hermione read the front page of the paper. He, Ginny, Neville, and Luna Lovegood were visiting their bedridden comrades .

Allen and the other Exorcists had all but disappeared off the face of Earth. When the white haired boy had vanished from Dumbledore's office, Harry had promptly demanded answers from Dumbledore about his whereabouts, but what he had received was a blank stare.

"He's 'the Boy Who Lived' again now, isn't he?" Ron asked, helping himself to a Chocolate Frog. "Not such a show-off maniac anymore, eh? Although I'd say he's lost it somewhat over the past few hours... something about an earl and a white haired kid."

"Oh, he asked you too?" Ginny piped up from Hermione's bed. "He asked me too. I've never heard of a Lenalee Lee who looks like Cho Chang, but Harry insisted she and I used to hang out together all the time--"

Harry tuned out the others as they went into a rather in-depth discussion about his sanity. He did not understand why nobody remembered the people from the Black Order, why he was the only one who had any recollection whatsoever about the Exorcists. Fingering the silver button he received from Allen, Harry wondered if that had anything to do with it.

- - - -

Where... am I?

Such a familiar place, flashes of color, time passing me by, chaotic noises.

Allen Walker let himself relax as he felt himself passing through the flow of time. He vaguely wondered where Lavi and the others went, if they had already reached Home before him.

I'll be seeing them all again.

His eyes drifted shut, and exhaustion took over him. He'll soon be able to see everyone from the Order again, eat Jeryy's delicious food, and then sleep in his room. He would be home.

With his family.

Back in his world.

And he would return to the war agains teh Millennium Earl.

His thoughts suddently drifted to the peaceful days spent with Harry Potter and his friends. He knew he would miss them.

But he would someday bring such days to his world, too.

Mana, I will keep moving on, no matter what, to see that peace engraved into our world...

Allen felt himself twist in the void of time, and knew that his body had found its destination. He tilted, accelerated, and everything went black, he couldn't see anything even if he opened his eyes--

He landed with a crash, and voices erupted all around him.

"Bloody hell!"

"What was that--?"

"It's a kid."

"Where did he come from?"

"Is he...dead?"

Allen groaned and opened his eyes. He could feel the ground beneath him rattling rhythmically, like a train. He wondered why it was doing so, and raised his face slowly.

Four faces stared at him blankly. Four boys. Eerily familiar faces.

"Hey, mate, you all right?" the boy closest to him asked, and when Allen turned to look at him, he nearly screamed.

The boy who was holding out his hand had a mess of jet black hair. His glasses hung on his nose, and his impish smile was something Allen had gotten so used to seeing. But something was off, like the color of his eyes, the strangely bare forehead.

But Allen still couldn't believe it, and as he took the hand, he said, half afraid, half excited. "Harry... is that you?"

The boy blinked, and then laughed. "Harry? Who's that?" he asked cheerfully, helping Allen into the seat next to him. "I haven't seen you before, where'd you come from?"

"I--" Allen stuttered. If this wasn't Harry, then who was he?

"Before that, tell us this: What's your name?" said the boy sitting across from him. His dark hair hung down gracefully around his handsome face. Allen felt another chill of nostalgia run down his spine.

"Allen," he said uncertainly. "Allen Walker."

"Nice name," the first boy said. "That over there is Sirius," he added, pointing to his friend. As Allen froze in shock, he pointed to the other two in the compartment with them. "Over there, Remus and Peter. And me..."

Allen turned to face the boy stiffly, watching as the boyish face broke out in another familiar grin

"I'm James. James Potter."

And this marks the end of Wizards, Akuma, and Exorcists.

Yes, there will be a sequel, yes, it will have to do with Allen now being stuck in Harry's dad's time. Please look forward to it, but keep in mind that it wil not be any quick update.

Thank you to all of you who have stuck by this immensly long story, which took me nearly two years to complete. I hope you all enjoyed the interaction between the Exorcists and the wizards and witches, and I hope you were able to enjoy my version of what would have happened if the Black Order got mixed up with the Order of the Phoenix.

Apologies to fans of Exorcists other than Allen, Lavi, and Lenalee, for not giving them much show time. Hopefully they'll appear more in any other stories I may or may not write.

Ciao for now, readers, and thank you so much for reading!